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France Just Made Spanking Illegal

Jan 06, 2017 / TODAY

Parents throughout France now need to think twice before spanking children who misbehave.


New Peanut Allergy Guidance: Most Kids Should Try Peanuts

Jan 05, 2017 / NBC News

New peanut allergy guidelines: Even high-risk kids high risk should try them, experts say.


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Clever (and Doable) Creations for Kids' Lunchboxes

Aug 25, 2015

TODAY's "Hack to School" series continues with Justin Chapple, host of Food & Wine's "Mad Genius Tips," who has easy ideas to put more fun in your kids' lunch - including a-peeling messages you can put on their bananas and ready-to-go yogurt parfait.

Hack to School: Getting Your Kids Back into a Routine

Aug 24, 2015

As children head back to school, TODAY is here to smooth the way with a new series called Hack to School. Kicking it off is Meredith Sinclair of, who shows TODAY's Willie Geist and guest cohost Jane Krakowski some fun ways to get your kids back into a school routine.

As Students Go Back to School, Shortage of Teachers Causes Concern

Aug 22, 2015

It's that time of the year again when thousands of kids across the country prepare to end their summer break and head back to school. But will there be enough teachers to educate them?

4 Ways to Improve Your Child's Bedtime Routine

Aug 21, 2015

Have you seen the meme that says: "I want a do-over for all the sleep I didn't get as a kid"? Weary parents crave sleep, but for kids, every night can be a line drawn in the sand that they don't willingly cross.

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