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France Just Made Spanking Illegal

Jan 06, 2017 / TODAY

Parents throughout France now need to think twice before spanking children who misbehave.


New Peanut Allergy Guidance: Most Kids Should Try Peanuts

Jan 05, 2017 / NBC News

New peanut allergy guidelines: Even high-risk kids high risk should try them, experts say.


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Class of 2015: A Roundup of Our Favorite Commencement Speeches

May 29, 2015

In a salute to the graduates embarking on the next chapter of their lives, here are some of the best pieces of advice handed to the class of 2015.

Teen Drivers a Risk to Everyone on the Road

May 27, 2015

Motor vehicle crashes have long been one of the primary causes of death and injuries among teen drivers. But a new study by AAA finds that young motorists are also a danger to everyone else on the road.

Is This Normal? What To Do About Nose-Picking...And When To Worry

May 26, 2015

Some kids seem like they're digging for gold 24-7 — no matter how many times you tell them to get their finger out of their nose, you turn around and they're at it again. Home… school… church… is this really normal? And how can you get them to stop?

Paralyzed College Student Chris Norton Walks Across Stage at Graduation

May 26, 2015

An Iowa college student left paralyzed after a sports injury during his freshman year thought he had little chance of ever regaining movement below his neck. Still, 23-year-old Chris Norton set a seemingly impossible goal: to walk across the stage at his graduation.

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