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France Just Made Spanking Illegal

Jan 06, 2017 / TODAY

Parents throughout France now need to think twice before spanking children who misbehave.


New Peanut Allergy Guidance: Most Kids Should Try Peanuts

Jan 05, 2017 / NBC News

New peanut allergy guidelines: Even high-risk kids high risk should try them, experts say.


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Boo! 5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Kids

Oct 21, 2014

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shows off a few creative ideas to get your kids into the Halloween spirit, including arts and crafts, DIY treats and fun with bubbles.

Mom Offers Free Dance Classes to Special-Needs Kids

Oct 21, 2014

The TODAY series “Hope to It” spotlights North Carolina mom Brenda Miller, who opened DanceAbilities Academy, a studio with free classes for children with special needs.

Are Mom and Dad Responsible for Kids’ Facebook Posts?

Oct 20, 2014

The TODAY Show anchors discuss a court ruling that appears to set a legal precedent about parental responsibility for a child’s online actions after a boy posted a fake Facebook profile to bully a classmate.

New Tech Targets Drivers Who Pass School Buses

Oct 20, 2014

Motorists illegally pass stopped school buses more than 70,000 times a day, endangering the lives of children. Now police are using new technology to catch the lawbreakers.

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