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France Just Made Spanking Illegal

Jan 06, 2017 / TODAY

Parents throughout France now need to think twice before spanking children who misbehave.


New Peanut Allergy Guidance: Most Kids Should Try Peanuts

Jan 05, 2017 / NBC News

New peanut allergy guidelines: Even high-risk kids high risk should try them, experts say.


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Why One Dad Wants to Ban Play Dates

Jul 28, 2014

The play date has become as much a part of childhood as homework and sleepovers. But one dad says the play date is ruining kids and the basic concept of play.

Does Race Matter When Disciplining a Child in School?

Jul 28, 2014

Tunette Powell joins Tamron Hall to discuss her children’s multiple suspensions from pre-school for their bad behavior and whether race was a factor in their punishments.

Getting the Best College for Your Money

Jul 28, 2014

Author of, “The Best Colleges for Your Money” in Money Magazine, Donna Rosato, discusses what universities will give you the best “bang for your buck.”

7 Things that Should be on Every Dad's Summer Bucket List

Jul 25, 2014

Summer is going fast, but we've still got time to enjoy it. I asked fellow dads for their favorite summer moments, and they helped illustrate this handy guide to warm weather parenting. Here's what we think every dad should do with his kids this summer.

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