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Measles Outbreak in Minnesota Caused by Vaccine Skeptics

May 09, 2017 / NBC News

Doubts about vaccines helped fuel Minnesota's biggest outbreak of measles in decades.


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Young Love & Understanding Middle School Relationships

May 01, 2017 / Michelle Icard, Middle School Author, Speaker, and Educator

Dating in middle school is mostly about asking, “Am I the type of person someone could like?”


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Mindfulness Meditation May Help Students Combat High Levels of Stress, Depression

May 16, 2017

When Rob Stephens, a 22-year-old senior, walks into the Mindfulness Room at Carnegie Mellon University, he leaves his homework and stress at the door.

Final Summer Before College Applications? There’s Still Time to Stand Out

May 15, 2017

This two-step process will help your child accomplish something meaningful and impressive over the summer.

Best Friends Forever… (or Until We Go Off to College?)

May 08, 2017

Changing friendships is just one of many transitions that high school graduates will face; and for many it’s the toughest part of all.

8 things I wish I'd known about the college admissions waiting game

Mar 15, 2017

How to keep your cool while you wait.

Professor hopes his quickie calculator will show low-income students they can afford a selective college

Feb 09, 2017

Make it easier to estimate real costs, and more students may take a chance on elite colleges.

Partnership for Student Success

Feb 06, 2017

The school counselor of the year shares how to best utilize your student’s school counselor.

Partnership for Student Success

Feb 06, 2017

The school counselor of the year shares how to best utilize your student’s school counselor.

How My Mentors Impacted My Life

Jan 23, 2017

From West Baltimore to a master’s degree, how mentors made an impact for first generation college graduate Verlando Brown.

Conquering the Confusing Common App: These Tips Will Help

Dec 12, 2016

The questions that come up while filling out The Common Application can be confusing, but we've compiled a list of tips to help.

Will Changes to the Common App Help Students Chase the American Dream?

Dec 12, 2016

Elijah Corbin Irving, the son of a single mother in Boston, was perplexed when he tried to fill out his online college application.

A Hostile System? How Colleges are Responding to Campus Sexual Assaults

Oct 12, 2016

As college students cope with concerns about grades and fitting in, they are also confronting one of the most painful issues playing out on their campuses every day — sexual assault.

‘Academic doping’ on the rise: Number of students abusing ADHD drugs increasing

Oct 10, 2016

NBC’s Ronan Farrow digs into a growing problem on campuses nationwide: In the high-pressure world of academic achievement, there is one "fix" students are turning to at an alarming rate to get ahead that some call "academic doping," and experts say it has a very real - and largely ignored - dark side.

Adding Caring to Your Kid’s College Application

Aug 12, 2016

We chatted with Harvard’s Richard Weissbourd about why the college admissions process is changing and colleges are looking for good citizens over accomplishments.

How to Make Sure Your Kid Goes to the Right College

Jun 06, 2016

Harvard educator says don't get caught up in prestigious universities.

Elite Summer Programs Are Great, But Not Necessary for College Applications

May 05, 2016

With summer around the corner, high school students are deciding what to do once school is out — and many are looking for a way to get a leg up in the college application process over the break. One option many consider: academic and enrichment summer programs at college campuses across the country.

Malia Obama to Attend Harvard University After Gap Year

May 02, 2016

President Obama's oldest daughter is going to Harvard after a gap year. Malia Obama will attend Harvard University in the fall of 2017, the president and first lady said in a statement on Sunday.

Meet Kelly Hyles, Who Was Accepted to All 8 Ivy League Schools After Moving from Guyana

Apr 24, 2016

When Kelly Hyles was accepted to Cornell, she was in disbelief. Little did she know it was just the beginning. Kelly not only got into one college, she was accepted to 21.

From Orphans to Freshmen: Boys From Mozambique Head to Brigham Young University

Apr 20, 2016

Forced to live in a Mozambique orphanage after AIDS killed their parents, two boys found each other a world away and are now taking another big step together.

Watch Al Roker Surprise Student with College Acceptance

Mar 30, 2016

On the TODAY plaza, Al Roker surprises a high school student with the happy news that she's been accepted to Gettysburg College.

Watch Al Roker Surprise Student with College Acceptance

Mar 30, 2016

On the TODAY plaza, Al Roker surprises a high school student with the happy news that she's been accepted to Gettysburg College.

Big Changes On the Way For the SATs

Jan 23, 2016

NBC's Anne Thompson looks at the changes taking place with the SATs.

Big Changes to the SAT: What You Need to Know

Jan 22, 2016

Beginning in March, big changes are coming to the dreaded SAT, including a new structure and a revised scoring system. Rob Franek, publisher of the Princeton Review's "Cracking the New SAT," visits TODAY to explain what parents need to know.

Big Changes to the SAT: What You Need to Know

Jan 22, 2016

Beginning in March, big changes are coming to the dreaded SAT, including a new structure and a revised scoring system. Rob Franek, publisher of the Princeton Review's "Cracking the New SAT," visits TODAY to explain what parents need to know.

Major Changes Proposed for the College Admissions Process

Jan 20, 2016

A new report released Wednesday and endorsed by more than 80 colleges and universities nationwide is recommending some stunning changes in the application process, including possibly making standardized testing optional or lessening its importance.

See Which Colleges Malia Obama is Considering Attending

Nov 30, 2015

It's the time of year when millions of high school students and their families begin navigating the difficult college decision-making process. America's first family is no exception, as President Obama's daughter Malia prepares to head to campus - but which one will it be?

Graduates of Liberal Arts Colleges Earn Less, Report Says

Nov 04, 2015

The Wall Street Journal reports that students who attend top liberal arts colleges do not earn as much as those who go to leading research universities, at least early in their careers.

Redesigned SAT Test: 'No More Mysteries,' in Line with Common Core

Oct 29, 2015

A newly revamped SAT test debuting in a few months promises "no more mysteries" and is aimed at better reflecting what students have learned in high school, more in line with Common Core.

New Site Allows High School Freshmen to Start College Application

Oct 09, 2015

A new online portal is enabling high school students to get started on their college applications when they're as young as 14 years old.

3 Smartphone Apps That Can Help Keep Your Kids Safe

Sep 22, 2015

Last year, University of Virginia student Hannah Graham was murdered. Now three new smartphone apps are available for free download to help prevent such tragedies.

Princeton Review Says The No. 1 College Is…

Aug 04, 2015

On Tuesday the Princeton Review issued the 2016 edition of its ranking of the top schools in America in a wide variety of categories. Rob Franek, senior vice president and publisher at The Princeton Review, reveals the results on TODAY.

Why Millennials Face Lower Lifetime Earnings

Aug 04, 2015

The most educated generation in history is on track to becoming less prosperous than its predecessors, according to Morning Joe economic analyst Steve Rattner. Rattner joins Morning Joe with charts to discuss.

You'll Survive Dropping Your Kid Off at College! Tips From Parents

Aug 04, 2015

Dropping your teen off for the first year of college can be the most stressful, emotional and illuminating experience of your life.

Some Universities Are Saying Goodbye To The SAT

Jul 28, 2015

Students applying to George Washington University are no longer required to take the SATs, and other schools are following suit. The TODAY anchors say they would shed no tears for the much-maligned standardized test, and TODAY viewers seem to agree.

College Savings 101: What's a 529?

Jul 08, 2015

For parents and students looking to save for college, a 529 plan is one option. NBC's Jean Chatzky explains the benefits.

The Call For Affordable Education

Jul 08, 2015

Earlier this year, President Obama called for college education to be more affordable. Today, two democratic lawmakers introduced a bill to make his plan for free community college a reality. It would help states waive tuition fees.

Match Made on Facebook: More College Freshmen Choose Their Own Roommates

Jun 26, 2015

College-bound students across the country are putting themselves out there. They're not looking for love; they're picking who they're going to room with during their freshman year in an increasingly popular process known as roommate self-selection.

Paying for College: What You Need to do Now Before Your Teen Starts College in the Fall

Jun 22, 2015

While dealing with sadness of sending a child off to college, parents may find it hard to help their student focus on the tasks they need to complete before they leave for campus in the fall. We've compiled a list of important items to talk about with your child about before they start college.

Why You Can't Get Off the Hook for Your Kid's Student Loan

Jun 19, 2015

A new report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) finds that 90 percent of the private student loan borrowers who asked to have their co-signer released from the loan had that request rejected.

Why You Can't Get Off the Hook for Your Kid's Student Loan

Jun 19, 2015

A new report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) finds that 90 percent of the private student loan borrowers who asked to have their co-signer released from the loan had that request rejected.

SAT Won't Score Two Sections After Misprint

Jun 16, 2015

After a misprint in textbooks cut short the time some students were given to finish, the College Board, which administers the SAT, announced that two sections of the test won't be scored, and students can ask to retake the test for free.

What's the Best Way to Save for College?

Jun 15, 2015

When it comes to saving for college, there are many options. But these three account types could maximize your funds.

From Teen Mom to Class Valedictorian

Jun 07, 2015

High school senior Trameka Pope discusses her journey, going from homeless to graduating at the top of her class.

Crowded at the Top: High Schools Claim Multiple Valedictorians

Jun 05, 2015

The title is typically reserved for a school's top student, so why do some of this year's graduating classes have dozens of them?

Class of 2015: A Roundup of Our Favorite Commencement Speeches

May 29, 2015

In a salute to the graduates embarking on the next chapter of their lives, here are some of the best pieces of advice handed to the class of 2015.

Paralyzed College Student Chris Norton Walks Across Stage at Graduation

May 26, 2015

An Iowa college student left paralyzed after a sports injury during his freshman year thought he had little chance of ever regaining movement below his neck. Still, 23-year-old Chris Norton set a seemingly impossible goal: to walk across the stage at his graduation.

Student Turns Down All Eight Ivy League Schools

May 18, 2015

Ronald Nelson was accepted to all eight U.S. Ivy League schools, and he chose to attend none of them in favor of the University of Alabama. Nelson joins Morning Joe to discuss why.

University of Florida Admits 3,000 Students (Sort Of)

May 05, 2015

The students were told they'd only be admitted if they spent their first year taking online classes. (They weren't told about the stipulation before applying.)

College Students Turn To Crowdfunding to Pay High Tuition Costs

May 01, 2015

More than 100,000 cash strapped students across the U.S. crowdfunded their education costs in 2014, raising millions of dollars in relief.

New York Teen Harold Ekeh Gets Accepted to All Eight Ivy League Schools

Apr 07, 2015

A New York high school senior has a big decision to make - he was accepted into not one, but all eight Ivy League schools. A remarkable feat for anyone, but especially for 17-year-old Harold Ekeh, whose parents moved to the U.S. from Nigeria when he was eight.

Is It the End of College As We Know It?

Mar 31, 2015

New tools are revolutionizing the way we learn, introducing a new way to attend college at a fraction of the cost. Kevin Carey, author of, “The End of College: Creating the Future of Learning and the University of Everywhere,” joins the panel to explain.

How Bad is the Student Debt Crush?

Mar 27, 2015

It's a trillion dollar problem that's causing many potential students to opt out of college altogether.

College Admissions Inspire Angst

Mar 22, 2015

Frank Bruni, columnist for The New York Times and author of "Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be", joins Alex Witt to discuss the immense pressure students face to get accepted to the Ivy League and other elite schools.

College Expands Access to Low-Income Students

Mar 12, 2015

University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann joins Morning Joe to discuss how the school is becoming more accessible for lower-income students.

Would You Want Your Child to Join a Frat or Sorority?

Mar 11, 2015

After University of Oklahoma fraternity members were allegedly captured on video leading a racist chant, people on social media weigh in on fraternity and sorority life. Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

3 Things You Must Teach Your Kids Before College

Mar 10, 2015

In the latest edition of Parental Guidance, Willie Geist and Megan Colarossi go over some helpful kitchen tips to teach your teens before they head off to college.

Making an Affordable College Choice

Mar 02, 2015

Understanding how financial aid works and what your family will be responsible for paying is key to finding an affordable college choice for your teen.

Is It OK To Recruit 10-Year-Olds for College Sports?

Feb 27, 2015

After LeBron James expressed concern about the college basketball recruiters who are already wooing his 10-year-old son, debate has opened up over how young is too young to recruit kids.

How Young is Too Young for Colleges to Recruit Future Athletes?

Feb 26, 2015

Schools have been in hot pursuit of LeBron James Jr. and have even offered scholarships. There’s just one problem: He’s only 10 years old. And his dad says pursuing a kid that young should be a violation.

University of Kentucky Has 113 Sets of Twins

Feb 17, 2015

A professor explains that there’s been a 76 percent increase in the birth rate of twins in the U.S. since 1980 – and quite a few of them have chosen to attend college in Lexington.

Controversial New App Tracks College Students

Feb 09, 2015

Class 120, the brainchild of Jeffrey Whorley, uses GPS signals to track student’s locations, and will send their parents a message if they aren’t in class. Some experts argue that the app could undermine students’ ability to motivate themselves.

Obama Proposes Free Community College for 2 Years

Jan 09, 2015

In a Facebook video shot aboard Air Force One, the president said he would like to see the first two years of community college be free for anyone willing to work for it.

Johns Hopkins Mistakenly Sends Acceptance Letters

Dec 17, 2014

The TODAY anchors chat about the university sending out acceptance letters to dozens of students whom they’d already rejected, saying it was “human error.”

Make College Costs Manageable for the Entire Family

Dec 08, 2014

Applying to college can be as daunting for parents as it is for 12th graders–only for different reasons. While students focus on finding a place with the programs and activities they like, as parents we worry about whether we can afford college. We don’t want to let our children down, but we also must live within our family’s budget. Not to worry. There are things we can all do to make college costs manageable.

Here’s What to Include on Your College Application

Nov 07, 2014

College admissions professionals Ashley Pallie and Christoph Guttentag, along with Katherine Cohen from Ivywise, discuss the qualities of a great admissions essay and why it’s important for students to come across as authentic.

Why this Couple Won’t Pay for Kids’ College

Nov 05, 2014

In their new book, “Guerrilla Parenting,” California couple David and Jill argue that their children should figure out a way to pay for college on their own.

13-Year-Old Basketball Star Recruited by College

Nov 03, 2014

A highly coveted Texas girl is making headlines for her decision to commit to a college. She’s accepted an offer to play for the University of Texas.

‘Helicopter Parents’ Now Hover Over Campus

Sep 04, 2014

Constant communication with “helicopter parents” – moms and dads who hover over their kids, even when they’re away from home – may have a negative effect on college students who need to learn to live on their own.

College Upgraded?

Aug 15, 2014

The Atlantic’s Graeme Wood talks about the magazine’s cover story – “Is college doomed?” Wood also shares details about the Minerva project.

Guiding Our Children Through School Transitions: Off To College

Aug 14, 2014

Where did the last four years go? I think that’s the question that every parent of a high school senior asks him/herself at the beginning of that last school year. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking forward to having your child move out and on to college by the end of the school year.

The Myth of the 'Freshman 15': How to Survive the College Diet

Aug 12, 2014

Lucky Charms for every meal? A whole pizza at 3 a.m.? Five energy drinks a day? Ramen noodles for breakfast? Yep, that’s right: the freshman diet.

Which College has the Most Beautiful Campus?

Aug 05, 2014

Rob Franek of The Princeton Review presents the publication’s latest list of the best colleges in America.

Getting the Best College for Your Money

Jul 28, 2014

Author of, “The Best Colleges for Your Money” in Money Magazine, Donna Rosato, discusses what universities will give you the best “bang for your buck.”

More College Graduates are Moving Back Home

Jun 23, 2014

Matthew Segal, a millennial and co-founder of, and Jen Hartstein, a family psychologist, join TODAY to discuss the growing number of college graduates moving back in with their parents. They’re being called the “boomerang generation.”

Undercover Investigation: 'Stranger Danger' Applies to College Kids, Too

Apr 01, 2014

Last year, 72 young adults aged 18 to 25 were reported abducted by strangers. Surprisingly, it's teenagers, not little kids, who are abducted most often by strangers. And some of those teens are in college.

SAT is Getting a Big Makeover

Mar 05, 2014

The College Board has announced the first major changes to the SAT in nine years, hoping to level the playing field among those taking the exam.

Fewer High School Grads Mean Easier College Admissions

Nov 26, 2013

A demographic decline in the ranks of high school graduates means that college admission may get easier.

Application Angst: Teens' Social Media Can Hurt College Chances

Nov 25, 2013

Colleges are increasingly searching for applicants' names on the Internet as part of their review.

Eboni Boykin: Once homeless, now thrives in Ivy League

Oct 07, 2013

Eboni Boykin's youth consisted of a variety of homeless shelters, and one constant goal: an Ivy League education.

Kids Under Pressure: How School Has Gotten Too Competitive

Sep 24, 2013

Parent Karl Taro Greenfeld shares his concerns about children spending too much time completing homework assignments, and expresses his belief that teachers should assign less.

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