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Measles Outbreak in Minnesota Caused by Vaccine Skeptics

May 09, 2017 / NBC News

Doubts about vaccines helped fuel Minnesota's biggest outbreak of measles in decades.


Blog Post

Young Love & Understanding Middle School Relationships

May 01, 2017 / Michelle Icard, Middle School Author, Speaker, and Educator

Dating in middle school is mostly about asking, “Am I the type of person someone could like?”


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16-year-old boy dies after arrhythmia from caffeine overdose

May 16, 2017

The over-consumption of caffeinated drinks can be dangerous.

Sidewalk Safety: Wear Those Helmets!

May 11, 2017

Nearly 50 children are rushed to the ER every hour.

Would your child know how to call 911 in an emergency?

May 08, 2017

This experiment will surprise you.

‘Smart Light Sports’ Helps Children With Special Needs Get in the Rink

May 04, 2017

Kids can have fun while keeping their focus.

Sexual Assault by Fellow Students: 17,000 Reports in 4 Years, AP Investigation Finds

May 01, 2017

Chaz and his parents decided to speak publicly in hopes of helping others.

‘Marry My Husband’ writer’s daughter opens up about her late mom’s legacy

Apr 28, 2017

Amy Krouse Rosenthal made headlines in March 2017 when she wrote a heartbreaking personal ad for her husband weeks before she died from ovarian cancer.

As Insulin Costs Skyrocket, Families Turn to Black Market

Apr 25, 2017

Over the last 20 years, the list price of Insulin has shot up more than 1,000 percent.

As Insulin Costs Skyrocket, Families Turn to Black Market

Apr 25, 2017

Over the last 20 years, the list price of Insulin has shot up more than 1,000 percent.

Meet the man offering kids free haircuts if they do their homework

Apr 25, 2017

He's making a difference with a pair of hair clippers.

Let’s make a deal: Father and daughter’s creative compromise on social media

Apr 21, 2017

No texting or social media on the way to school!

Most Millennials Are Finding It Hard to Transition Into Adulthood: Report

Apr 20, 2017

Launching into adulthood has been tricky.

Sunscreen in school: Parents push for kids to be allowed to use it

Apr 19, 2017

Just one blistering sunburn at a young age can more than double your chance of developing melanoma later in life.

Tribeca Film Festival to Screen Inmates’ Partnership With High School Students

Apr 19, 2017

Young Inmates Write Film With Help From Students On The Outside.

Texas mom’s faith is tested by her child’s transgender journey

Apr 12, 2017

One mother's journey to reconnect with her faith.

6 Ways to Talk to Kids About Alcohol

Apr 10, 2017

Research shows parents are the number one influence on their kids’ decision to drink, or not.

Four times the success: Meet the quadruplet brothers who got into Harvard and Yale

Apr 10, 2017

Harvard or Yale? That’s a dream question many parents want their child to be asked as high school seniors.

Going Dutch? What Americans can learn from how children are raised in the Netherlands

Apr 10, 2017

The Dutch parenting style has major benefits.

'Chance to Dance' lets kids with special needs shine on stage

Apr 07, 2017

Here, every child is included.

Girl paints rocks for graves vandalized at Jewish cemeteries

Apr 06, 2017

Her response is spreading hope around the world.

Dog with skin condition helps children learn to love themselves

Apr 05, 2017

Rowdy the dog has become an inspiration to kids with vitiligo.

Inspiring America: Customer Offers to Pay for Worker’s Education

Mar 31, 2017

Popeye’s employee Shajuana Mays had a dream to go to nursing school but didn’t have the money for tuition.

Mom: Do-it-yourself slime caused serious burns to my daughter's skin

Mar 29, 2017

A mom whose 11-year-old daughter suffered serious burns to her hands speaks out about the danger of an ingredient in do-it-yourself slime.

Teen girl arrested in school bomb plot after her father tips off police

Mar 28, 2017

The 18-year-old student is now getting the help she needs,

Fed up with 'pink and princess' shirts, 5-year-old girl writes letter to Gap

Mar 22, 2017

Alice Jacob, 5, is calling out a major fashion brand for its limited selection of gender-neutral clothing.

Fed up with 'pink and princess' shirts, 5-year-old girl writes letter to Gap

Mar 22, 2017

Alice Jacob, 5, is calling out a major fashion brand for its limited selection of gender-neutral clothing.

‘Handshake teacher’ Barry White Jr. teams with Harlem Globetrotter to delight kids

Mar 22, 2017

This time his students were surprised by Harlem Globetrotter Zeus McClurkin.

Transgender Student: I Have a 'Right to Use the Bathroom'

Mar 21, 2017

Transgender student breaks down national bathroom debate.

60,000 kids poisoned by medicine: Don't make this common mistake

Mar 17, 2017

Don’t be fooled by 'child-resistant packaging'.

Rapping Teacher Turns Social Studies Lessons Into Songs

Mar 16, 2017

Some teachers give wrap ups at the end of a lesson, but Edwards Middle School teacher David Yancey is giving his students "rap ups."

The one thing parents should say to their kids after a game is…

Mar 16, 2017

Parents can get caught up in when cheering on their child at a sports event.

8 things I wish I'd known about the college admissions waiting game

Mar 15, 2017

How to keep your cool while you wait.

How your bad eating habits can have a negative affect on your kids

Mar 15, 2017

These are the eating habits parents should avoid.

Hoverboard Blaze Kills 2-Year-Old, Marking First Such Fatality in U.S.

Mar 14, 2017

Hoverboards have been linked to serious injuries since 2015.

Busting the Myth That We Have to Bubble Wrap Our Kids

Mar 13, 2017

Children raised in a culture of fear? Well, that’s just asking for trouble.

This Couples’ Picky Baby Inspired Them to Start a Vietnamese Yogurt Business

Mar 10, 2017

Fred Chen and Phuong Nguyen's daughter Madeline didn't like drinking milk but they found a solution.

Inside the Crayola factory: See how the iconic crayons are made

Mar 09, 2017

We all grew up with Crayola crayons, and kids continue to enjoy them to this day!

CODeLLA Aims to Teach Latina Girls Another Vital Language: Coding

Mar 08, 2017

Multilingual people have better opportunities in the workforce, giving Latino children who are fluent in Spanish as well as English a leg up as they compete for future employment.

How to Utilize Your School Social Worker

Mar 06, 2017

To help you answer “is this normal?” and other important questions about your student.

Mom finds peace after meeting donor recipient of daughter's heart

Mar 06, 2017

As she embraced the 5-year-old girl named Peyton, Travaglio felt Melody’s heart beating strong inside of her.

Friends' plan to trick teacher with identical haircuts is the sweetest thing

Mar 03, 2017

The story of two little boys and their plan to trick their pre-K teacher is going viral for the sweetest reason.

Co-workers buy car for teen UPS employee who walks 10 miles to work

Mar 02, 2017

His co-workers pitched in for a life-changing gift.

Got slime? The trend that is wiping out glue supplies and creating tween bosses

Mar 02, 2017

Something slimy is going on in America...and it's a good thing!

Inspiring America: Principal Visits Every Student’s Home

Mar 01, 2017

Elizabeth MacWilliams, the principal of a middle school in North Carolina, has found a new way to help her students in school.

Pediatricians Warn Against Pot Use: Not Your Dad’s Marijuana

Feb 28, 2017

An influential doctors group is beefing up warnings about marijuana's potential harms for teens amid increasingly lax laws and attitudes on pot use.

5 Tips to Help Kids Build Online Digital Literacy Skills

Feb 27, 2017

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are here to stay! These literacy skills for technology will help your kids throughout their entire lives.

6 new ways to organize your kid's toys, games and artwork

Feb 27, 2017

When it comes to keeping your kid's playroom organized, sometimes you have to think outside the toy box.

Teen Suicide Attempts Fell as Same-Sex Marriage Became Legal

Feb 21, 2017

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for all U.S. teens.

Nurturing Kids Who Can Cope With Challenges

Feb 20, 2017

Try these tips to help build your kid’s coping skills.

School bus driver builds wheelchair ramp for 10-year-old girl on his route

Feb 17, 2017

Thomas Mitchell put a little extra effort into his job recently.

A 7-Year-Old Wrote to Google to Ask for a Job — Here’s the CEO’s Response

Feb 16, 2017

Don't ask, don't get, right? On that principle, this girl got one step closer to one of her dream jobs.

'She's my best mom': Single mom dresses as a guy for dads' event at son's school

Feb 15, 2017

Whitney Kittrell is committed to doing everything she can to give her two young kids a great childhood full of opportunity.

5 Ways to Help Kids Build Healthy Relationships

Feb 13, 2017

How focusing on being themselves may be the most important part.

Inspiring America: Chicago Program Helps Steer Young Men Away From Violence

Feb 10, 2017

'Becoming A Man' seeks to provide a lifeline to young male students before…

Toys ‘R’ Us Holiday Hacks Targeted Customers’ Rewards Points

Feb 08, 2017

Some Scrooge tried to pick the locks on the Toys "R" Us toy chest.

The Philadelphia Man Who Transformed a Bar Into a Youth Safe Haven

Feb 07, 2017

A hometown hero turned his late mother's dream into a reality for young people.

Local reporter is not Lester Holt, and this kid is not happy about it

Feb 06, 2017

As far as this 7-year-old boy is concerned, there is only one person who reports the news on television.

'This is a hate crime:' Bomb threats haunt JCC preschools across US

Feb 02, 2017

Parents are saying they won't let hate win.

Boy Scouts Membership Now Based on Gender Identity

Jan 31, 2017

The organization made history with their new membership policy.

Debunking the Belief That “Good Job” Is a Good Thing to Say to Kids

Jan 30, 2017

You may think this praise is good for your kid, but this child development expert thinks otherwise.

Little Girls Doubt That Women Can Be Brilliant, Study Shows

Jan 30, 2017

Can women be brilliant? Little girls are not so sure.

This father-daughter duo singing 'You've Got a Friend in Me' will melt your heart

Jan 25, 2017

Little Claire Ryann has the perfect duet partner in her father, Dave Crosby, and it shows in this video that's gone viral.

Youth Survey Finds Post-Election Spike in Bullying, Harassment

Jan 25, 2017

The 2016 presidential election had a "troubling" impact on America's youth.

Inspiring America: Using Magic to Unlock the Healing Powers of a Smile

Jan 24, 2017

Doctors and nurses are often hailed as miracle workers, but for young patients at this hospital, they’re magicians, too.

New Technology Gives Those Unable to Speak a Voice More Like Their Own

Jan 23, 2017

How a speech scientist is helping a child speak, using others' words.

Revealed at Last: Why Teens Can’t Smell Their Own Stench

Jan 23, 2017

Researchers in Denmark conducted a study that will resonate with anyone who's ever walked into the room of a teenager.

Three Boys Named Barack

Jan 19, 2017

These three boys were named after President Barack Obama.

Inspiring America: Meet the 4-Year-Old Who’s Read More Than 1,000 Books

Jan 18, 2017

Four-year-old Daliyah Arana was invited to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday at a school outside of Atlanta, where she read MLK’s famous speech.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Kid? Try $13,000 a Year

Jan 12, 2017

Here's how much it costs to raise a child these days.

Inspiring America: Stuffed Toy Doctor Puts Children at Ease Before Surgery

Jan 12, 2017

A real-life “Doc McStuffins” operates on the stuffed toys of children who are about to have surgery.

Officer helps kids say farewell to their Navy dad on first deployment

Jan 11, 2017

With his squad car's public address system, an officer helped kids say goodbye to their dad leaving...

Inspiring America: 8-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Charms Golden Globes

Jan 10, 2017

Young photographer becomes star at the Golden Globes.

The Incredible Benefits of Family Routines Around Mealtime and Bedtime

Jan 09, 2017

After the crazy holidays, these tips are more important than ever.

France Just Made Spanking Illegal

Jan 06, 2017

Parents throughout France now need to think twice before spanking children who misbehave.

Just One Hour a Day on Social Media Makes Teens Miserable

Dec 30, 2016

Social media sites help us stay connected, but for younger teens, the cost of online connectivity can be steep.

The Totally Doable New Year’s Promise—to Your Kids

Dec 26, 2016

How about a New Year’s resolution you can actually get excited about – like having fun with your kids every day?

Makeover transforms hospital into oasis of calm for parents of sick children

Dec 21, 2016

Hospital makeover provides oasis of calm for parents of sick children.

'Life-Changing': Head Start Gives Latino Migrant Children Early Education

Dec 20, 2016

The program provides children up to age five with a safe learning environment, and prepares them for the transition to public school.

Teens work together to buy new sneakers for classmate with special needs

Dec 20, 2016

It's a story of Christmas kindness, with a sweet twist.

School May Be Out For the Holidays, But Learning Is In

Dec 19, 2016

A little reminder that learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom.

See this girl's amazing reaction as her stuffed animal transforms into a real-life puppy

Dec 16, 2016

Her parents knew that her adorable stuffie called Luna was a favorite plaything, and they wanted to step up her happiness ...

'Proud dad moment': Sons stop car to shovel snow for man in wheelchair

Dec 15, 2016

This is the moment one dad realized he was raising his sons to be good people.

Fewer Teens Drink or Use Illegal Drugs Now

Dec 14, 2016

Fewer American teenagers are using illegal drugs or drinking alcohol, researchers reported Tuesday.

Meet the Parents Making Wearing Glasses Cool

Dec 13, 2016

The prospect of wearing glasses is not something most kids look forward to but these parents are making it cool.

How the Holidays Can Teach Your Kids About Consent

Dec 12, 2016

Although Aunt Shirley’s demand for a hug is coming from a place of love, forcing our children to have unwanted contact with another individual is an act of coercion.

Conquering the Confusing Common App: These Tips Will Help

Dec 12, 2016

The questions that come up while filling out The Common Application can be confusing, but we've compiled a list of tips to help.

Will Changes to the Common App Help Students Chase the American Dream?

Dec 12, 2016

Elijah Corbin Irving, the son of a single mother in Boston, was perplexed when he tried to fill out his online college application.

‘Drawings For My Grandchildren’ gives a grumpy grandpa reason to smile

Dec 09, 2016

Chan Jae Lee lost his spark and then his son and his wife teamed up to launch him on a project that would bring him back to life.

"Mom, is Santa real?" How to handle the Santa discussion with your kids

Dec 08, 2016

One mom is sharing a way to break the news about Santa to your children.

Anxiety, Irritability May be First Warning of Depression in Kids

Dec 08, 2016

An early warning sign of depression in teenagers may not be sadness, but rather anxious and even irritable behavior.

Sugary Drinks Are Impacting Latino Kids' Health, Weight

Dec 07, 2016

Parents may think it's harmless to to let toddlers and young kids drink soda or fruit juice, but it can have serious and lifelong health effects.

After 11-year-old boy's sudden death, mom warns about food allergies

Dec 06, 2016

The recent death of an 11-year-old boy is a tragic reminder that with food allergies, severe, life-threatening reactions don't always follow the familiar script: sometimes they take time to develop.

Injuries can put teen athletes on path to addiction

Dec 06, 2016

Teen athletes tell how injuries put them on the path to addiction.

Parents spend just as much time on their phones as teens, study says

Dec 06, 2016

Parents may tell their teens they use their phones too much, but a new study indicates that Mom and Dad are just as guilty.

Role Models? Parents Glued to Screens 9 Hours a Day

Dec 06, 2016

Most American parents think they are great role models for their kids, but they admit they're glued to their smart phones.

4 Big Things NBC’s “This Is Us” Got Right About Parenting

Dec 05, 2016

It’s an emotional, valuable show to binge watch with the entire family during winter break.

5 ways to digitally detox without too much stress

Dec 05, 2016

While some recommend digital detoxes that last a week or month, that's just not realistic.

What happened when 9 teens gave up their cell phones for a week

Dec 02, 2016

High school sophomores agreed to an experiment — a week without their phones. What happened next took everyone by surprise.

These 3 apps can help you monitor your teens' activities online

Dec 01, 2016

TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen and mom Fabiana Totoli look at apps designed to monitor teens' activities and keep them safe online.

Secret Life of Teens: 8 strategies to be the parent teens will actually talk to

Nov 30, 2016

NBC’s Stephanie Gosk sits down with eight Colorado teenagers for a raw, unfiltered conversation about their lives.

#ShareKindness: How Gold Star Christmas helps children of fallen soldiers

Nov 29, 2016

The American Gold Star Christmas is a generous program that helps provide holiday gifts to children whose parents lost their lives serving our country.

#ShareKindness: Twin brothers, 14, start charity site to break the age barrier

Nov 29, 2016

After being turned down as charity volunteers because they were only 14, twin brothers Max and Jake Klein decided to start a website to break the age barrier.

5 Steps to Help Your Kid Write a Better Essay

Nov 28, 2016

It starts way before the college personal essay.

Week of Giving

Nov 27, 2016

It’s been a week that keeps on giving.

One Teacher’s Pledge to Teach More Than Just Math

Nov 27, 2016

How she’s spreading kindness, and showing her students they can too, one “Blessing Bag” at a time.

3 Ways to Help High Schoolers Find Meaning in Service

Nov 26, 2016

Service looks good on a college application, but this Harvard educator explains why quality is the key.

From Selfie to Selfless: How One Teen is Changing the Digital Language of her Peers

Nov 25, 2016

Miss America’s Outstanding Teen is putting her focus on giving to others.

How to Hear “Me, Me, Me” Less and Teach Young Kids to Give

Nov 24, 2016

Often little kids know one word well: "mine."

What Thanksgiving really means to kids... in their own words

Nov 23, 2016

These adorable kids remind us what Thanksgiving should really be about.

Two Inspiring Kids Donate 11,000 Books – and They’re Not Done Yet

Nov 22, 2016

“When it comes to kids, you never want to discourage them. They are capable of doing anything.”

Why Volunteering on Thanksgiving Isn’t Enough for Your Tweens

Nov 22, 2016

There is something about the one-time visit at the holidays that feels like we’re using other people’s bad circumstances as an analgesic to our gluttony before we feast on decadent meals.

Veteran who stutters reads to his daughter every day

Nov 21, 2016

Lance Lambert, who served two tours of duty in Iraq, is facing one of his biggest fears every night: fighting through his stutter to read bedtime stories to his 6-year-old daughter, Avery.

How to make sure your kid doesn't act like a sullen jerk at family Thanksgiving

Nov 17, 2016

Think your reluctant tween can't be a happy camper when your family celebrates Thanksgiving? These expert tips might help.

Millennials at this company are bringing mom and dad to work. Here's why

Nov 14, 2016

Only 1 in 3 parents of young working men and women get what their kids do to earn their paychecks. Major companies want to change that.

Experts weigh in: How to talk to your kids about the election results

Nov 09, 2016

After a polarized and vitriolic campaign year, children might be feeling fearful and confused about what happens now. Here's how you can talk to them.

Debunking the Belief That Sitting Equals Learning

Nov 07, 2016

Is it even fair to ask young kids, who by nature’s design are the most energetic among us, to stay still for what must seem like an eternity?

What parents need to know about social media, academics, money — from a teen

Nov 07, 2016

Sometimes we need to hear it from the experts themselves--our kids!

5 signs your child is being bullied at school

Nov 04, 2016

Because kids can be reluctant to talk about bullying, a pediatrician shares signs parents can look for, and the best ways to help kids cope.

3 must-ask questions to get you through your parent-teacher conferences

Nov 02, 2016

It would be fitting if parent-teacher conferences came with a scary soundtrack, because there are a lot of parents who dread these twice-a-year meetings.

Beyond turkey hands: How to make 'grateful trees' with your family

Nov 02, 2016

Meredith Sinclair of demonstrates a new way to create holiday art using your hands and paint.

Easy, stress-free Thanksgiving crafts to keep the kids busy

Nov 02, 2016

Need something to keep your kid's hands busy while you're preparing the turkey? These will do the trick.

One Week Away: Why You Should Talk to Your Kid About the Election

Oct 31, 2016

Even if you’re sick of it by now.

Mom dresses in costume every day to teach son a lesson about being different

Oct 31, 2016

A mom’s attempt to help her son to have fun and accept himself has turned into a tradition that the entire neighborhood anticipates every year.

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio's Best Toys for Kids of Every Age

Oct 28, 2016

Each year, hundreds of new toys hit the shelves, and it can be hard for parents to determine what kids will go crazy for.

Operation Gratitude inspires kids to send Halloween candy to cheer up the troops

Oct 27, 2016

Sometimes a simple pack of Halloween candy is all it takes to put a smile on the face of a soldier thousands of miles from home.

Baby popcorn bucket and other last-minute DIY Halloween costumes for kids

Oct 27, 2016

Halloween is just around the corner, but if you haven’t come up with costumes for your kids yet, don’t worry: TODAY Parenting’s Abby Larson has do-it –yourself ideas that are quick and easy, including a walking Instagram post and an umbrella adorned with plush animals to show that it’s raining cats and dogs.

Spooky Science: How to Make This Haunted Holiday Educational

Oct 24, 2016

It doesn’t all have to be about candy and costumes.

Tannenbaums Win Goal To Be Greater Challenge, Donate $5,000 to World Food Program USA

Oct 24, 2016

“I can make a difference, one kid at a time.”

Throw a Spook-tacular Halloween Party with These Treats

Oct 20, 2016

Halloween is just around the corner and if you plan on celebrating the most ghoulish time of year with a spook-tacular party, then you've come to the right place.

Watch President's Obama's Hilarious Sasha and Malia Imitation

Oct 18, 2016

Before he became the president of the United States, he was a father to a pair of daughters, who are now teenagers.

Family T.A.L.K: Creating a Safe Space for Family Communication

Oct 17, 2016

Tough conversations are never easy to have, but creating a space for healthy communication can strengthen relationships between parents and children.

How One San Francisco Group is Spreading the Written Word for Good

Oct 16, 2016

There are dozens of bottles hidden across the city by the bay — they are filled with clues and riddles and rhymes — all part of a campaign called "Save Our Stories."

How To Be Better Role Models for Your Children

Oct 12, 2016

When children are displaying good behavior, parents are quick to take credit. But the same cannot be said for bad behavior.

Nasty Campaign Rhetoric Puts Parents and Teachers in a Tough Spot

Oct 11, 2016

The 2016 election is putting millions of parents and teachers in a tough situation — balancing just how much to let their children see and hear while also teaching them about civics and the world around them.

Should Both Parents Agree Before Getting Their Child's Hair Cut?

Oct 11, 2016

One divorced couple found themselves in a parenting dilemma when the father took their son to get his long hair cut just before picture day without consulting the boy’s mother.

Why Parents Should Stop Paying Kids to Get Good Grades in School

Oct 11, 2016

It’s that time of year again. Kids are back in school, their first report cards will be arriving soon and their parents are eager to see A’s. In fact, some are so eager that they’re offering cash incentives. What can it hurt — right?

NBC News Anchors and Correspondents Pledge to Make a Difference

Oct 10, 2016

Together we can all give back by setting a Goal to be Greater.

New Survey: Kids Feeling Effects of Volatile Election

Oct 10, 2016

65% of children said they would not want to be president when they grew up, and 41% of children responded the job would be too demanding or stressful.

Want to Empower Kids? Here’s the One Powerful Question to Ask

Oct 05, 2016

The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans’ David Johns and Andrene Jones-Castro share their experience and recommendations for caring and concerned adults everywhere.

How Much Do Your Kids Know About Civics?

Oct 03, 2016

Get your kids up-to-speed on civics just in time for the election!

5-year-old Entrepreneur Gives Back to Veterans and His Community

Sep 30, 2016

Who says young kids can’t be business leaders and social change-makers?

5-year-old Entrepreneur Gives Back to Veterans and His Community

Sep 30, 2016

Who says young kids can’t be business leaders and social change-makers?

NBC’s ‘Give’ Makes Big Impact with Small Charities

Sep 30, 2016

Celebrity ambassadors, including actors and musicians, will join TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager in her quest to improve the lives of communities across the country.

Teen Invents 'Sit With Us' App So No High Schooler Has To Eat Alone

Sep 30, 2016

The concept is simple: the app allows students to reach out to others and let them know they are welcome to join them at their tables in the school cafeteria.

'Toy Smuggler' Brings Smiles to Syria's Children

Sep 29, 2016

He is risking his life to bring joy to Syria's children.

Can ANYTHING Distract These 6-year-old Girls From Their iPads?

Sep 27, 2016

Kids are spending an average of seven hours a day staring at screens according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. To show just how absorbed in their screens kids can get, the Rossen Reports team staged a revealing hidden camera demonstration with the help of two moms.

#ToolkitTalk: Bigger Than Me: Raising Civic-Minded Kids

Sep 21, 2016

@EducationNation and Parent Toolkit teamed up with Mary Ellen Daneels (@daneels_m), Civics High School Teacher in West Chicago, and Jennifer Miller (@JenniferSMiller), Family and Educational Consultant, to chat about the importance of raising civic-minded kids. Take a look at what happened during the conversation below. Our #ToolkitTalk chats occur monthly. See what's coming up next and catch up on all of the past conversations.

OpEd: We Must Seize This Teachable Moment in Civics

Sep 19, 2016

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor stresses importance of involving kids in American democracy.

How to Spread Kindness in Your Child’s School This Year

Sep 16, 2016

Hint: it starts with you. And a smile.

How to Spread Kindness in Your Child’s School This Year

Sep 16, 2016

Hint: it starts with you. And a smile.

When My Granddaughter Asked for a Donation to Charity Instead of a Birthday Present

Sep 12, 2016

It got me thinking, is she naturally service-minded? Or was she taught? And what does that mean for other parents? Here’s what I found.

We Want to Hear from You! How Will You Make a Difference This Year?

Sep 06, 2016

Whatever you pledge to do, we know that supporting students, empowering our community and making a difference in the world is greater than just one person. #GoalToBeGreater

We Want to Hear from You! How Will You Make a Difference This Year?

Sep 06, 2016

Whatever you pledge to do, we know that supporting students, empowering our community and making a difference in the world is greater than just one person. #GoalToBeGreater

Back-To-School Apps to Help Parents Get Kids Through the Day

Sep 01, 2016

Wired’s editor-at-large Jason Tanz shares fun and helpful apps that can help get kids out the door in the morning, can assist with homework assignments, and even suggest recipes for dinner.

Inspiring 9-Year-Old Sews Bags of Much-Needed Supplies for Homeless Women

Aug 30, 2016

Nine-year-old Khloe Thompson is sewing bags for homeless women in Southern California, and through her organization “Khloe Kares.”

The Most Important Relationship to Build This School Year

Aug 29, 2016

It just could be the single most important step you take this year in helping your child learn at school.

Middle School Mania

Aug 28, 2016

A parent’s middle school survival guide.

Two Questions Your Middle Schooler Has About Puberty and Love (and How to Answer Them)

Aug 27, 2016

As much as we parents may want to wish it away, sexual desire is living large in middle school.

How Kids Really Use Social Media

Aug 26, 2016

How to prepare your tweens for the transition from playdates to smartphones while still building their social skills.

The Neurological Reason Why Your Middle Schooler Acts Like a Toddler

Aug 25, 2016

What is really going on in your tween’s brain (yes they do still have one) -- and what to do about it.

My Baby is Going to Middle School and I’m in Tears

Aug 24, 2016

NBC News anchor Kate Snow shares her hopes -- and fears -- as her youngest heads to middle school.

Motivating Middle Schoolers: A Parent’s Guide to Navigating Academics

Aug 23, 2016

Be your child’s guide…not the puppeteer.

6 Do’s and Don’ts to Prepare Kids for Middle School Frenemies

Aug 22, 2016

The middle school “social blind side” happens to all kids. How you react, and how you don’t, can make all the difference during this difficult social time.

Help Your Middle Schooler Go from Survive to Thrive

Aug 21, 2016

It may sound obvious, but upon entering middle school, your kids really need to start using their brain.

Adding Caring to Your Kid’s College Application

Aug 12, 2016

We chatted with Harvard’s Richard Weissbourd about why the college admissions process is changing and colleges are looking for good citizens over accomplishments.

How to Get Kids to Focus

Aug 08, 2016

Neurologist Judy Willis shares her tips for giving your kids an attention brain boost – without spending a dime or taking a lot of time.

'Success Kid' Saving Lives 7 Years Later

Aug 05, 2016

Everyone knows the "Success Kid" meme that went viral. Seven years later, the boy from the popular meme used his fame to help save his father's life.

Olympic-Inspired Activities For the Entire Family

Aug 03, 2016

With Rio right around the corner, Olympic fever has officially taken hold!

Gap Kids Ad Stirs Outrage

Aug 02, 2016

A back-to-school ad for Gap Kids in the United Kingdom is getting slammed online as sexist.

From Athletics to Academics: How to Use the Olympic Games to Boost Your Kid’s Vocabulary

Aug 01, 2016

Parents: you may even be unfamiliar with some of these words!

How to Teach Kids to Manage Money

Jul 25, 2016

Hint: just handing over allowance isn’t the answer.

Stop Summer Brain Drain: Keep Your Kids Active With Butterfly Gardens, More

Jul 25, 2016

From butterfly gardens to educational playing cards to high-tech pianos, toy insider mom Laurie Schacht has some fun ideas to keep your kids sharp during summer.

How to Use Summer to Build Your Kid’s Vocabulary

Jul 18, 2016

School’s out but your kid’s learning doesn’t have to stop. Here are fun ways to build their vocabulary this summer.

Who's the Parent Here?

Jul 11, 2016

How to keep your kids from turning into pint-size terrors and in turn, help them become capable adults.

Schoolkids Help Homeless Children in Shelter Feel Super with Hand-Crafted Capes

Jul 05, 2016

A group of elementary school students is making life a little easier for homeless children hundreds of miles away.

14 Ways to Make This The Best Summer Ever

Jul 04, 2016

Don’t let the endless amount of time get you down. Here’s how to make the most of the summer months.

Parents Banish Teen to Backyard Tent for Theft

Jun 30, 2016

Are a New Mexico mom and dad being too strict in punishing their teen son for theft by banishing him to a tent in the backyard?

Debunking the Belief That Earlier Is Better

Jun 27, 2016

Childhood is not a dress rehearsal for adulthood, nor is it a race.

From Orlando to Public Bathrooms: How Parents of LGBTQ Kids Can Support Them in Today’s World

Jun 20, 2016

Now, more than ever, parents are faced with conversations surrounding LGBTQ acceptance.

Orlando Massacre Reminds Us Why LGBTQ Youth Advocacy is So Important

Jun 17, 2016

“It shouldn’t be at the point of tragedy that we acknowledge that people are people,” said David Johns.

How This Chicago Charter School is Defying the Odds

Jun 13, 2016

Violent crime statistics in the South Side of Chicago are staggering, yet many who live in those neighborhoods are optimistic and determined to create a better future.

First African American LGBTQ Youth Summit Advances the Inclusion Conversation

Jun 10, 2016

African American LGBTQ youth are gathering today in Washington DC to share their experiences at the intersection of black and queer identity.

New York Dance Studio Helps Disadvantaged Studio Get Their Groove On

Jun 09, 2016

In one of the toughest New York neighborhoods, dozens of young girls are taking steps in the right direction.

Putting Kids in Harm’s Way? Using Anti-Psychotic Meds Not Approved For Kids

Jun 09, 2016

Millions of children take psychiatric drugs, often for things as routine as ADHD. But how much do doctors really know about them?

Here's How to Help Kids Adjust to a New Sibling

Jun 08, 2016

Not everyone is always happy with the news of new sibling. But there are ways to properly introduce a new member of the family without upset cries from their future big brothers and sisters.

'It's Going to Get Worse': Nearly 30 Percent of Teens Have Hearing Damage

Jun 07, 2016

Teens, with their earbuds jammed deeply into their ears, aren't listening to the message about loud music and hearing loss.

How to Make Sure Your Kid Goes to the Right College

Jun 06, 2016

Harvard educator says don't get caught up in prestigious universities.

Children of Parents with ALS Get Support, Counseling at Camp Hope Loves Company

Jun 01, 2016

These campers not only get the chance to sleep in log cabins and play outside, but also pick up strategies for coping with the stress that comes from taking care of parents or other family members ALS.

Madame President, in 2040? 11-Year-Old Explains Fight to Amend Constitution

Jun 01, 2016

Sixth grader Alena Mulhern won't be running for president until at least 2040, but she working to change the U.S. Constitution to ensure she is eligible to run.

Hidden Germs in Public Pools are Making More People Sick

May 31, 2016

TODAY's Jeff Rossen went undercover, collecting samples from public pools and sending them to a certified lab for analysis. The results were startling.

Meet the Girl Collecting #1000BlackGirlBooks for Libraries, Schools

May 31, 2016

11 year-old Marley Dias is changing the conversation about characters in children's literature.

If You Can't Say Anything Nice...Here's What To Say To Your Kids

May 30, 2016

It’s difficult to hear the phrase “Say something nice” without finishing the sentence, “or don’t say anything at all.”

North Carolina School Proposes Ban on Skinny Jeans to Combat 'Bullying'

May 26, 2016

While some say you can never be too skinny, in one North Carolina school, apparently your jeans can be.

Red Nose Day: Julia Roberts Highlights Nurse's 'Amazing' Work with Underprivileged Kids

May 26, 2016

To highlight this year's Red Nose Day, the Oscar-winning actress shined a light on the great work being done at Children First Academy in Phoenix

Red Nose Day: Julia Roberts Highlights Nurse's 'Amazing' Work with Underprivileged Kids

May 26, 2016

"It's just amazing how much they can provide in this very small space for a huge amount of children who are entitled to care and love."

Red Nose Day: Julia Roberts Highlights Nurse's 'Amazing' Work with Underprivileged Kids

May 26, 2016

To highlight this year's Red Nose Day, the Oscar-winning actress shined a light on the great work being done at Children First Academy in Phoenix

The Power of Play: Children’s Museums Offer Unique Opportunities

May 23, 2016

Children’s museums are great resources for both nurturing children’s playful learning experiences and parents’ understanding of how to support their child’s learning through play.

6-Year-Old with Autism has Weekly Reading Date at Animal Shelter

May 23, 2016

Jacob Tumalan has found a new way to practice his speaking skills: reading books to dogs at his local animal shelter.

How to Talk So Your Children Will THINK

May 16, 2016

Talking so your children will think involves patience, persistence, creativity, and good humor. But it’s worth it all in the long run, because you will have more confidence in their ability to make hard choices and decisions when you are not on the scene.

Discovery Girls Magazine Under Fire After Controversial 'Body Type' Swimsuit Spread

May 13, 2016

The publisher of a magazine that caters to pre-teen readers is apologizing for a recent swimsuit spread that many deemed inappropriate.

What Were They Thinking? Demystifying Common Core’s Math Methods

May 09, 2016

Whether or not we support the use of Common Core approaches in today’s classrooms, it is important that we as parents come to understand where these methods are coming from and what they mean.

See Students Console Teacher on Loss of Her Cat with 2 New Kittens

May 09, 2016

After they found out that the cat their teacher had owned for 16 years had died, students in Texas came up with a big surprise for her: two brand-new kittens. The heartwarming video has gone viral, Sheinelle Jones reports from TODAY’s Orange Room.

Watch TODAY Anchors Share Motherhood Stories and Get a Big Surprise

May 06, 2016

Behold the power of moms. There were so many happy tears, hugs, kisses and spontaneous exclamations of delight in the TODAY studio, that the joyous surprise reunions between the TODAY anchors and their moms temporarily took over the show.

Elite Summer Programs Are Great, But Not Necessary for College Applications

May 05, 2016

With summer around the corner, high school students are deciding what to do once school is out — and many are looking for a way to get a leg up in the college application process over the break. One option many consider: academic and enrichment summer programs at college campuses across the country.

FDA: No More E-Cigarette Sales to Minors

May 05, 2016

The Food and Drug Administration released its long-awaited plan Thursday for regulating e-cigarettes and other tobacco products — and says it will ban their sale to anyone under 18.

Sweet Advice on Raising Successful Kids, from Kathie Lee and Hoda's Moms

May 05, 2016

Kathie Lee and Hoda's mothers, Joan Epstein and Sami Kotb, obviously know plenty about raising successful kids! Joan and Sami surprise their daughters with video where they share advice for others moms on how to raise kids who will grow up to be tremendous adults.

Watch This Mom and Special Ed Teacher Sweetly Honored for Mother's Day

May 05, 2016

A beloved mom and educator couldn't stop smiling when a secret renovation, a happy reunion and some incredible gifts made it a special Teacher Appreciation Week.

Half of All Teenagers Are Addicted to Their Smartphones, Survey Finds

May 03, 2016

Half of all teens admit they are addicted to their smartphones and other mobile devices, and nearly 60 percent of parents say they think their teens are too tech-addled, according to a new survey.

This Dad is Melting Down Thousands of Crayons to Help Children in Need

May 03, 2016

Brian Ware collects thousands of used crayons, which he then melts down and reshapes into new crayons for children at local hospitals

Road to Rio: Team USA Athletes Salute Their Moms

Apr 27, 2016

Three Olympic athletes thank their moms for the time and work they've put into getting them to this point in their careers.

A Promising New Approach to Treating Children With ADHD

Apr 26, 2016

A new ADHD study focuses on treating children with behavioral therapy before medicine, and doctors say it's an approach that could change the way young children are treated.

Boy Sells Lemonade to Pay for His Own Adoption

Apr 26, 2016

Young Missouri boy sells lemonade to help pay for his own adoption. KYTV's Emily Wood reports.

Having “The Talk”: What We Say Matters

Apr 25, 2016

Spring is a perfect time for parents to talk with teens about the cycle of life. Buds are popping, trees are blooming, and parents can take their cue from nature to talk with their teens about human nature.

'My Dogs Became Dogs': 7 Ways Life Changes When You Have Kids

Apr 25, 2016

As we count down to Mother's Day and Father's Day, we're asking parents to share how life changes when you become a parent... all the ways, big and small.

Empowering Your Child Through The Library

Apr 18, 2016

Indeed, parents and librarians share common goals – that all of our young people will develop the love of reading and learning, that they will become empowered, and that they will have the confidence to let total strangers know they are experts.

Join us for “Supporting Our Students: It Takes Everyone”

Apr 11, 2016

How can parents help their children succeed? Please join us on Thursday, April 14 from 6 – 8 pm EST for a special parenting town hall where we'll talk about all aspects of student development.

Join us for “Supporting Our Students: It Takes Everyone”

Apr 11, 2016

How can parents help their children succeed? Please join us on Thursday, April 14 from 6 – 8 pm EST for a special parenting town hall where we'll talk about all aspects of student development.

5 DIY Games and Crafts for Rainy Days When You're Locked Inside

Apr 08, 2016

April showers bring a whole lot of time locked inside with the kids. Still, there's a silver lining to this cloud: Meredith Sinclair joined TODAY to share activities that are pretty much guaranteed to keep them from getting bored.

8 Things We Learned From a Sleep Expert About Putting Kids To Bed

Apr 05, 2016

Getting kids to sleep consistently and soundly can turn into a nightmare for parents.

7 Ways to Get Kids off the Couch

Apr 04, 2016

In honor of National Walking Day, we spoke with Jayne Greenberg, the Director of Physical Education and Health Literacy for the Miami-Dade County Public Schools and member of the President’s Council on Fitness, about the best ways to get kids off the couch and to get them to start moving. We’re sharing her tips with you here.

Impress Your College Admissions With An UnSelfie Digital Presence

Mar 28, 2016

In our hyper-connected, social media saturated society, many of us are so obsessed with snapping "selfies" and living a virtual life online that we're forgetting how to care for people who are right in front of us or in our community.

How This 11-Year-Old Turned Something Scary Into Something Sweet

Mar 28, 2016

She's a social entrepreneur, public speaker, philanthropist and a savvy 6th-grader from Austin, Texas whose signature venture, "Me & The Bees" lemonade — developed from her great-grandmother's 1940 recipe — is now a thriving national business.

How This 11-Year-Old Turned Something Scary Into Something Sweet

Mar 28, 2016

She's a social entrepreneur, public speaker, philanthropist and a savvy 6th-grader from Austin, Texas whose signature venture, "Me & The Bees" lemonade — developed from her great-grandmother's 1940 recipe — is now a thriving national business.

How to Deal with Pushy Parents

Mar 25, 2016

Some parents (you know who you are) get a little too competitive on the sidelines of their kids' sporting events. How can you encourage your children to do their best on the playing field without putting too much pressure on them? Amy McCready, author of "The, 'Me, Me, Me,' Epidemic," and psychologist Jennifer Hartstein have suggestions.

How to Talk to Your Children About Terrorism and Their Resulting Anxieties

Mar 22, 2016

For young children, most of whom don't yet have the experience, perspective, or self-possession to deal with traumatic news stories, such reports can yield far more extreme emotions, including sheer panic.

Hilarious Little League Sign Reminds Overbearing Parents: Relax!

Mar 21, 2016

In case any parents are under the impression that their 12-year-old son's chances of playing for the Yankees are hanging in the balance at a Little League game, a Texas league is offering a reality check.

Warning to Parents: You Need to be Involved in Your Teens' Driving

Mar 21, 2016

While many experts says that too much involvement in your teenager's life can be counterproductive, statistics show that advice doesn't apply to driving. NBC's Tom Costello reports for TODAY from a driver's ed program in Potomac, Maryland.

#ToolkitTalk: Education as Empowerment: Supporting Males of Color

Mar 16, 2016

@EducationNation and Parent Toolkit teamed up with Michael Casserly of the Council of @GreatCitySchools, the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans and @JocelynAChadwic, Vice President of the National Council of Teachers of English, to chat about the importance of empowering males of color. Take a look at what happened during the conversation below. Our #ToolkitTalk chats occur monthly. See what's coming up next and catch up on all of the past conversations.

See What Happens When Real Moms Try the TODAY Show's Advice for Raising Healthy Kids

Mar 16, 2016

Parents are bombarded with advice on how to raise healthy, happy kids, but which tips actually work in the real world of temper tantrums, sugar highs and picky eaters?

How to Raise a Successful Kid

Mar 11, 2016

It is hard work raising good responsible kids. But you also want them to be well rounded and successful. With all of the activities now a days, the pressure to be good at everything can be overwhelming. How do you strike the right balance?

Study: Parents Aren't Reading to Their Kids Enough

Mar 09, 2016

A new survey finds many parents are not reading enough to their young children. According to the group "Read Aloud 15 Minutes," fewer than half of all parents read out loud to their children each day, and only 34 percent read aloud for at least 15 minutes a day.

Father Bonds With Autistic Son Through Running

Mar 05, 2016

A father has found a simple way to bond with his autistic son by sharing some common ground.

Three Brilliant Ways to Organize All Those Legos

Mar 02, 2016

Is there anything more painful than stepping on a Lego? No. No there is not. Save yourself with these clever ideas for organizing your child's vast Lego collection from the TODAY Parenting Team.

7 Ways to Help Your Child Find Meaning While Reading

Feb 29, 2016

For children to develop true reading comprehension skills, they need to practice these skills over and over again. In honor of Read Across America Week, we reached out to University of Michigan Professor and Parent Toolkit expert Nell Duke to learn more about what parents can do to support their children’s reading comprehension skills.

7 Ways to Help Your Child Find Meaning While Reading

Feb 29, 2016

For children to develop true reading comprehension skills, they need to practice these skills over and over again. In honor of Read Across America Week, we reached out to University of Michigan Professor and Parent Toolkit expert Nell Duke to learn more about what parents can do to support their children’s reading comprehension skills.

Natalie Morales Owns Up to Her 'Worst Moment' with Her Kids

Feb 25, 2016

TODAY anchor Natalie Morales is no more perfect a parent than any of us: Getting lost can make her lose it. On TODAY's Take, Natalie made a highly public confession about a stressful car trip with her kids that turned into what she called "an expletive-ridden ride."

Leveling Up on Video Games: How Parents Can Cross the Digital Divide

Feb 22, 2016

In reality, video games are much like other forms of media—books, movies, music—in that there’s varying quality in the games themselves. It’s important for parents to be in on the decision making about the games that are in their homes.

Turtle Mail: The Kid's Toy that Lets Kids Enjoy the Excitement of US Postal Mail

Feb 18, 2016

Signed, sealed, delivered — it's your kids' mail! That's right, thanks to a new toy, Turtle Mail, digital-savvy youngsters can take a break from the iPad and TV to learn the exhilaration of getting a letter in the mail.

Should Kids Get Trophies Just for Participating?

Feb 16, 2016

If you saw a father right in front of you getting upset because his boys were given participation trophies, would you step in — or step off?

Why Gifted Children Fail and How to Prevent It

Feb 15, 2016

While a great deal of emphasis is placed on helping students with low grades improve their academic performances, those who are considered gifted are often overlooked.

If a Mom Urged her Child to Shoplift, Would You Intervene?

Feb 15, 2016

Police say a Florida mom was caught on surveillance camera coaching her young daughter to shoplift a bottle of tequila from a liquor store. If a similar scene took place in front of you, would you step in — or step off?

Healthy Ways to Keep the Sweet in Valentine’s Day

Feb 08, 2016

Valentine’s Day is coming up and parents all know what that means: sugar, sugar and more sugar. But can you keep the sweet in Valentine’s Day without excessive amounts of sugar?

5 Easy Valentine's Day Treats You Can Make With the Kids

Feb 04, 2016

Looking for a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day with the kids? These crafty ideas from TODAY Tastemaker Abby Larson are so easy, everyone can join in and create their own adorable sweet treat.

9 Ways to Teach Kids About Nutrition, Fitness, Money, Organization

Feb 04, 2016

We all want to teach our kids healthy habits — but what are the best ways to accomplish that when we're busy or exhausted?

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Potentially Dangerous Mobile Apps

Feb 04, 2016

TODAY's Erica Hill talks with Matt Lauer about five apps that are potentially dangerous for kids, and what parents need to know about them.

Snowed In? 10 Ways to Have the Perfect Snow Day With Kids

Feb 01, 2016

While a day off from school is sometimes a much needed break for busy students and overworked teachers, parents can often be at a loss with what to do with this newly found free time.

Indoor Tennis, Anyone? Family Fun When You're Snowbound

Jan 26, 2016

The snows of winter may have your kids stuck indoors and climbing up the walls. Fortunately, Amy Brightfield of Better Homes and Gardens in on TODAY with fun ideas for when the family's cooped up.

Snow Day Activities to Help Your Kids Battle Boredom as They Chill

Jan 26, 2016

In the wake of the East Coast blizzard, schools were closed Tuesday in such places as Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Meaghan Murphy of Good Housekeeping joins TODAY with strategies to help keep the kids from climbing the walls when snow keeps them at home.

A Critical Teen Relationship: Mentor

Jan 25, 2016

January is National Mentoring Month and the perfect opportunity for you to encourage a teen to become a better friend, listener and ultimately, better person.

How to Stop Helicopter Parenting and Set Your Kids Up for Success

Jan 25, 2016

Julie Lythcott-Haims, a former dean of freshman at Stanford University, joins TODAY to discuss her book "How to Raise an Adult," and how parents can help prepare their children to succeed at life without hand-holding.

Should Children be Allowed to go Sledding Alone?

Jan 25, 2016

There's a fresh blanket of snow covering much of the northeast right now, and while all of that powder has grownups grabbing their shovels, kids are reaching for their sleds and daydreaming of a downhill adventure. But is it an adventure they should have on their own?

#ToolkitTalk: From FAFSA to Financing: Financial Aid 101

Jan 20, 2016

@EducationNation and Parent Toolkit teamed up with 2016 School Counselor of the Year, @KatPastor1, the First Lady's @ReachHigher initiative and @FAFSA to chat about financing education. Take a look at what happened during the conversation below. Our #ToolkitTalk chats occur monthly. See what's coming up next and catch up on all of the past conversations.

The ABCs of Decoding Teen Text Lingo

Jan 20, 2016

The TODAY anchors bravely ventured into the world of teen texting lingo, with Savannah Guthrie quizzing the crew on terminology.

Marvel Features Max Levy, a Boy with Hemophilia, in 'Iron Man' Comic Book

Jan 19, 2016

When Marvel caught wind of "Iron Max," a boy who needed a disk inserted into his chest, they made him a superhero star.

Is Your School Doing Enough? Experts Weigh in on the Role of Schools in Parent Engagement

Jan 18, 2016

Are you satisfied with your level of involvement in your child’s education? It’s important for schools to acknowledge that every parent, no matter their background or life circumstances, brings unique strengths and perspectives to the table.

Want Kids to Listen More, Fidget Less? Try More Recess... This School Did

Jan 18, 2016

Four times a day, the doors of Eagle Mountain Elementary in Fort Worth, Texas, fling open to let bouncy, bubbly, excited kindergartners and first-graders pounce onto the playground.

Why We’re Playing More This Year (and Why It’s So Hard To Do)

Jan 11, 2016

In her own words, Weekend TODAY Show anchor Erica Hill shares the reason she resolved to play more with her two sons and why it’s harder than she thought it would be.

It's Freezing, But Boys Just Want to Wear Shorts! Should You Let Them?

Jan 06, 2016

Whether it's a balmy 80 degrees or a frigid 5, some boys insist on wearing shorts.

E-Cigarette Ads Target Millions of Kids, CDC Says

Jan 05, 2016

E-cigarette makers are pouring tens of millions of dollars into advertising their wares — and teenagers are getting the message loud and clear, federal health officials reported Tuesday.

Process Over Outcome: Goal-Setting with Your Children

Jan 04, 2016

Regardless of their age, it’s important for children to realize that good things don’t happen by accident. We do better and we get better through intention and effort.

See This Little Girl's Adorable Attempt to Get More Winter Break

Jan 04, 2016

A little girl named Cara resorted to subterfuge in attempt to get an extra week of winter vacation, presenting her parents with a fake notice from school that she said was "found in the mailbox."

Why is Dad Grumpy? Survey Finds the Top Things that Lead to Cranky Fathers

Jan 04, 2016

According to a survey, the top things that make dads grumpy include being treated like an ATM and always getting socks for presents. But No. 1 is… people leaving the lights on.

TODAY Parenting Team Shares Parenting Resolutions for 2016

Dec 30, 2015

Savannah Guthrie speaks to parent educator Betsy Brown who shares tips that will help you stick to your resolutions once the new year begins.

Host a Kid-Friendly New Year's Eve with a Popcorn Bar, Crafts & More

Dec 29, 2015

New Year's Eve fun can be a family affair. Kimberly Schlegel Whitman of Southern Living magazine and some young helpers demonstrate fun activities, child-appropriate treats and "mocktails" to ring in 2016.

“We Learn So Much About Our Kids”: Q&A with NBC News’ Kate Snow

Dec 28, 2015

As we head into 2016 and the season of New Year’s resolutions, we caught up with NBC News and MSNBC anchor Kate Snow for an update on her progress on her #SchoolYrResolution, and the advice that she’d share with you.

How to Host a Fun Sleepover Party for Your Kids

Dec 28, 2015

TODAY Parenting Team contributor Amanda Mushro and some adorable young assistants are throwing a slumber party in the TODAY studio, offering fun ways to keep the kids busy (if not sleeping) during sleepover dates while they're off from school for the holidays.

Second Chances - Teaching Children About Forgiveness

Dec 21, 2015

Forgiveness and rebirth are a shared theme this time of year across many cultures. Use the holiday season to teach your child forgiveness.

4 Ways to Keep Bored Kids Busy During the Holidays

Dec 21, 2015

Angie Goff, contributor for the TODAY Parenting team as well as an anchor at NBC Washington, has creative ways parents can keep their kids from climbing the walls during the holiday break from school.

Why You Shouldn't Let Your Kids Win at Games

Dec 21, 2015

Experts say that when you play games with kids who are at least 4 years old, you should not let them win, because losing helps them learn the importance of recovering after failure. But you shouldn't clobber them, because you do want them to feel success is possible.

Bean Bag Chairs Recalled - Again - After Two Children Die

Dec 17, 2015

The recall involves more than 2 million bean bag chairs made by Ace Bayou, sold between 1995 and 2013. Two children have died, suffocating on the foam beads inside.

Reality Gap Redux

Dec 16, 2015

When it comes to behabior, there is a significatn gap between reality and what parents think their teenagers are doing. Does this “reality gap” have consequences? It sure does.

Social Skills for the Holidays

Dec 14, 2015

Instead of simply assuming that kids will just pick up the ability to converse along the way, parents need to be intentional and teach children this vital skill.

Car Seat Alert: Could Wearing a Winter Coat Endanger Your Child?

Dec 14, 2015

It's a mistake any parent can easily make in winter: putting your child in a car seat bundled up in their winter coat. And it could be deadly.

Jenna Bush Hager Fights for Safer School Buses

Dec 12, 2015

Jenna Bush Hager, contributing correspondent for NBC’s “Today Show,” talks to Alex Witt about her efforts to make school buses safer and more environmentally friendly.

85 Presents Each?! How Much Under the Tree is Too Much for Kids?

Dec 11, 2015

With Christmas on its way, many parents want to make their children happy, but when it comes to gifts, how much is too much? TODAY's Hota Kotb looks at a viral photo from one mom who has 85 presents for each of her kids, and experts weigh in on how to keep the season bright amid all of the focus on gifts.

Keeping the HAPPY in the Holidays

Dec 07, 2015

It’s the “most wonderful time of the year” – right? It can be. But in between the “ho, ho, ho’s” and the “happy new year’s” there can be a whole lot of stress for adults and kiddos. How can we make the most of the time we have with family and friends and keep things more ‘merry’ than ‘miserable’?

Keeping the HAPPY in the Holidays

Dec 07, 2015

It’s the “most wonderful time of the year” – right? It can be. But in between the “ho, ho, ho’s” and the “happy new year’s” there can be a whole lot of stress for adults and kiddos. How can we make the most of the time we have with family and friends and keep things more ‘merry’ than ‘miserable’?

How to Talk to Your Kids About Shootings and Terror

Dec 04, 2015

In the wake of mass shootings and other highly-publicized incidents of violence many schools have lockdown drills regularly, and now parents face a dilemma: how to talk to children about what's going on.

These Little Kids Explaining What Kindness Means Will Melt Your Heart

Dec 03, 2015

It's the Season of Kindness! Take these kids' tips on kind acts you can do for others, and what kindness really means.

VTech Cyber-Hack Targets Photos of 6.4 Million Children

Dec 02, 2015

A cyber-attack on popular digital toy maker VTech has exposed the data, photos and videos of millions of children. NBC's Erica Hill reports for TODAY.

How to Teach Kids the Gift of Giving During the Holidays

Dec 01, 2015

Janice Kaplan, author of "The Gratitude Diaries," talks to Savannah Guthrie about ways you can encourage your children to embrace the spirit of giving during the holiday season.

Kids Living with Dogs Less Likely to Suffer Anxiety

Nov 30, 2015

Researchers found that children who grow up with a dog are less likely to suffer from childhood anxiety. They say companionship with a pet can alleviate separation anxiety and strengthen attachment.

Which Toys Should Make Your Holiday Shopping List?

Nov 24, 2015

Continuing TODAY's month-long Hassle-Free Holiday series, Stephanie Oppenheim of joins Savannah Guthrie to review more of the top toys on retail shelves this holiday season, as voted by families across the country.

Promoting a Spirit of Gratefulness in Kids - A Tale of Two Letters

Nov 23, 2015

Gratitude is a way of both thinking and feeling. It can be cultivated if we simply spend time talking about what we appreciate in our lives and why we appreciate it.

These Toys Should Make Your Holiday Shopping List

Nov 23, 2015

Kicking off TODAY's Hassle-Free Holiday, a month-long series, Stephanie Oppenheim of joins Savannah Guthrie to review some of the top toys on retail shelves this holiday season, including Playskool Play All Day Elmo and Wonderball Fun House.

80 Percent of Parents Say it's OK to Put Monitoring Apps on Kids' Phones

Nov 20, 2015

Is it OK to secretly install apps on your kids' phones that show you what they're up to or lock their phones until they answer your text? In a new survey, 80 percent of parents said yes.

Q&A with José Díaz Balart: Fostering a Bilingual Household

Nov 16, 2015

We recently caught up with José Díaz Balart to see why he chose the #SchoolYrResolution he did, the challenges he faces and what advice he offers to other parents trying to raise their own bilingual children.

Spaghetti-No! SpaghettiOs Recalled Due to Potential Choking Hazard

Nov 13, 2015

Campbell soup is recalling more than 350,000 cans of SpaghettiOs due to a potential choking hazard. Small pieces of red plastic from the can lining have been found in a small number of cans.

What's Behind the Staggering Jump in Autism Diagnoses?

Nov 13, 2015

A new report shows that 1 in every 45 kids in the U.S. has autism. The new numbers come after the autism spectrum was widened to include a wider range of autism cases.

Kid's Drinking Cups Recalled for Choking Risk

Nov 11, 2015

Roughly 130,000 Bueno kids' straw tumblers that were sold at Target and other stores are being recalled. If a child chews on the drinking straw, small pieces can break off and get swallowed or inhaled.

New Research: To Stay Alive in a Deadly Fire, Close Your Door

Nov 11, 2015

In a new installment of NBC Investigates, Scott Friedman of NBC affiliate KXAS in Dallas-Fort Worth reports that more than half of all fire deaths in U.S. homes happen at night. Now, he says, new research shows that simply closing your door can dramatically increase your chances of survival.

Tips for Traveling with the Kids (Without Losing Your Mind)

Nov 11, 2015

As the holiday season approaches, you and your family may have some travel planned, which can always be stressful. But fear not: To help you keep your sanity, TODAY calls in "Travel Mom" Emily Kaufman to give us her ABCs of holiday travel.

No More Heading: US Soccer Out with New Guidelines for Youth Soccer

Nov 10, 2015

The days of kids 10 years old or younger heading the ball in a soccer game or practice are over. The U.S. Soccer Federation has issued new guidelines either banning or limiting players heading the ball depending on their age.

Plate Priority: 5 Tips for Family Meals You'll Actually Have

Nov 09, 2015

I think most parents know that family meals are a good thing. Research has supported the benefits of eating together as a family for many years. The physical, social, and psychological benefits are only increasing in value as the pace of our lives is quickening, and time spent truly engaged with our kids is progressively limited.

How Teens are Hiding Photos, More with 'Ghost Apps' — and What To Do About It

Nov 09, 2015

The sexting scandal that hit a Colorado high school has many wondering how parents could not have known what was going on, and how to keep their own kids from getting involved in sending explicit photos by text.

The Things Your Kids Will Remember About You Are…

Nov 09, 2015

TIME Magazine has compiled a list of the things your kids will always remember about you, including the times you made them feel safe and gave them your undivided attention.

Researchers: Added Benefits When Dads Read Bedtime Stories to Kids

Nov 06, 2015

Harvard researchers found that kids who are read to by their dads have better-developed language skills than those who are read to only by moms. They say fathers use more abstract and complex language.

Puppet, Twister, Super Soaker join the Toy Hall of Fame

Nov 06, 2015

2015's National Toy Hall of Fame inductees have been announced: the classic puppet, along with the game Twister and the ever-popular Super Soaker.

Pediatricians Warn: Limit Children's Exposure to Cellphones

Nov 05, 2015

A growing number of prominent doctors and scientists are raising warning flags over the amount of cellphone radiation children are being exposed to.

Pediatricians Warn: Limit Children's Exposure to Cellphones

Nov 05, 2015

A growing number of prominent doctors and scientists are raising warning flags over the amount of cellphone radiation children are being exposed to.

Baton Rouge Man Makes Awesome Bikes For Special Needs Kids

Nov 04, 2015

For kids with special needs riding a bike isn't always an option, but one man has found a way in his spare time to help them enjoy this rite of passage, too.

Will and Kate's New Cause: The Battle Against Cyberbullying

Nov 04, 2015

Now that they're the parents of two young children, Prince William and Duchess Kate have decided to take on a new mission: They want to sit down with social media giants like Facebook and Twitter to talk about what can be done to curb cyberbullying.

Kids Spend More Time on Digital Devices than with Parents or Teachers

Nov 03, 2015

A landmark new report is revealing how much time children are actually spending on their digital devices, and the numbers are troubling. Kids spend more time with their digital devices than with their parents or teachers.

Parents Giving 'the Talk,' Counting Calories: Do They Really Work?

Nov 03, 2015

The TODAY anchors play a new game called "Does It Work?" where they weigh in on whether giving kids the "birds and bees" talk makes them more responsible, and experts concur that it is an effective tactic.

Social Media Star Takes a Stand Against Living Life Online

Nov 03, 2015

After announcing that she "was miserable" living life online, one social media star changed her profile saying "social media is not real life" and is encouraging teens to unplug.

Educating the Whole Child: Physical Activity and Academic Performance

Nov 02, 2015

Promoting physical activity can be a daunting task for some parents. But research suggests that getting your child moving at an early age is extremely important, not only for preventing childhood obesity, but for academic performance.

Doctors to Parents: Limit Kids' Exposure to Smartphone Radiation

Nov 02, 2015

A growing number of experts are warning parents to limit the time their children spend on smartphones. They say FCC safety guidelines about smartphone radiation are out of date.

Needles Found in Halloween Candy Under Investigation

Nov 02, 2015

Investigators in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are trying to figure out who put needles in candy bars handed out to trick-or-treaters. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

The Sex Talk Works, Even if it Makes You Cringe

Nov 02, 2015

Parents, have that sex talk with your kids. It works. Researchers who looked at all the studies that have been done on having "that talk" with kids found that it really can influence teen behavior for the better.

Girl's Halloween Costumes Promoting Gender Bias

Oct 28, 2015

Gender stereotypes are perpetuated early and often, even in seemingly-innocent Halloween costume aisles. Whether it is sexualizing young girl’s costumes or strictly defining what boys should wear and what girls should wear, experts agree that this early labeling can be limiting.

Why Forcing Kids to Say 'I'm Sorry' May be Sending the Wrong Message

Oct 28, 2015

We've all been there: The little one makes a mess or causes a problem, and it's up to you as the parent to remind them to apologize for their wrongdoing. But sorry to be the bearer of bad news: It's not the right way to go, according to one expert.

Want to Prevent Bullying? Start with Kindness

Oct 26, 2015

If we want to prevent bullying, we must do more than teach our kids to be upstanders and not to be bullies. We must start by teaching them to be kind, especially to those different from them in background and character, and to help build caring, inclusive communities.

Study Suggests Autism Is Being Overdiagnosed

Oct 26, 2015

Autism may be overdiagnosed in as many as 9 percent of children, U.S. government researchers reported Friday.

How to Get the Kids to Sleep: Tips and Techniques

Oct 22, 2015

It's important for kids to get a good night's sleep, but getting them through the night is a lot easier said than done. Dr. Carol Ash, the director of sleep medicine at Meridian Health offers tips.

Meet Julia: 'Sesame Street's' First Character With Autism

Oct 22, 2015

She's part of a new online program aimed at giving kids with autism a character they can relate to and helping others understand what it means to be like 'Julia.'

Quality vs. Quantity: Talking to Promote Your Child’s Language Development

Oct 19, 2015

Talking with our children (rather than at our children) and keeping the conversations going and growing will ensure that children enter kindergarten with the strong oral language skills they need to succeed in school.

Why Bike Riding is Being Prescribed for Kids Diagnosed with ADHD

Oct 19, 2015

Nearly six million children in the United States have been diagnosed as having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. Many parents worry about the medications often prescribed to help the kids, what they might not know is that, help may be as close as their garage.

DIY Halloween: Make an Octopus Costume out of an Umbrella

Oct 14, 2015

Stephanie Sisco of Real Simple shares easy DIY tips for Halloween costumes your kids will love.

Treats and Tricks for Halloween

Oct 14, 2015

Jenna Helwig of Parents magazine visits TODAY with fun ideas for a Halloween party for kids.

Have a Teen Girl? Compulsive Texting Could Be Hurting Her Grades

Oct 13, 2015

Some teen girls become addicted to texting, a habit that can seriously hurt their grades, according to a new study.

Color Coding, Bubble Notes and Other Hacks for Busy Parents

Oct 09, 2015

Kristen Chase of Cool Mom Picks is a mother of four, so she knows plenty about the challenges of parenting. She shows Willie Geist and Tamron Hall some hacks to make the job a little easier.

Screen Time for Kids: New Guidelines Issued

Oct 07, 2015

New advice for parents about how much screen time kids should be allowed to have has been issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The new guidelines reflect the realities of the digital age, reports TODAY's Sheinelle Jones.

Guiding Our Children: A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Oct 05, 2015

In honor of Mental Illness Awareness week, we wanted to talk to Parent Toolkit expert and school counselor Dr. Shari Sevier about how parents can support their children on a topic that is often hard to talk about. She shares with us her personal story and words of wisdom.

Teens Flirt Online But Find Romance Offline: Pew

Oct 01, 2015

Teenagers are savvy Internet and social media users, and regularly chat and flirt online, but very few make romantic connections that way, according to a survey by Pew Internet.

Showing Children Diversity in 'Nina's World'

Sep 30, 2015

Michele Lepe, executive producer, discusses Sprout’s newest original children series, “Nina’s World,” an animated series about an imaginative six-year-old, her plush toy, Star, and her abuelita, voiced by Oscar, Emmy Tony and Grammy award-winner Rita Moreno.

'It's the Perfect Storm': Toppling TV Sets are Injuring More Kids, Study Finds

Sep 29, 2015

More children are being severely injured by toppling TV sets and most of those accidents could have been prevented, a new study suggests.

6 Ways You Can Reduce Your Middle Schooler’s Stress

Sep 28, 2015

Who among us doesn’t still have the occasional back-to-school nightmare? If you, the parent are stressed, just imagine how those anxious feelings affect your child. By modeling and building your own EQ, you’ll be teaching your tween this skills as well.

Mom Takes Party City to Task Over 'Sexualized' Costumes for Little Girls

Sep 28, 2015

Halloween is just a month away, and parents are already searching for the perfect costumes for their little ones. But when Lin Kramer recently browsed a selection of toddler costumes for her 3-year-old daughter, the problem wasn't which one to choose — it was the choices themselves.

Washington School Tries, Fails to Ban Playing Tag at Recess

Sep 28, 2015

In recent years, schools have been on the banning bandwagon. Outlawed in various places around the country: dodgeball, hugging and makeup. But when one Washington state school tried laying down the law on the game of tag on the playground, parents drew a line in the sand.

Simplify Your Life This Fall: Best Apps and Gadgets to Get Organized, Save Time

Sep 24, 2015

It's the first week of autumn, which marks back-to-school and back-to-reality after the lazy summer season. But fall doesn't have to be frenetic! These apps, gadgets and services can help save time and hassle, making the season feel like a summer breeze.

3 Smartphone Apps That Can Help Keep Your Kids Safe

Sep 22, 2015

Last year, University of Virginia student Hannah Graham was murdered. Now three new smartphone apps are available for free download to help prevent such tragedies.

Creating Harmony: How Music Can Support Social Emotional Development

Sep 21, 2015

Making music with your child can be so much fun for both of you, whether you’re singing along to the radio in the car, jamming on plastic bowl “drums,” or dancing to songs on your iPod. The simple and enjoyable act of making music with your child naturally fosters important social and emotional skills, such as self-regulation, self-confidence, leadership skills, social skills, and socio-emotional intelligence.

How Young is Too Young to Leave Kids Home Alone?

Sep 18, 2015

It's a question every parent struggles with eventually: At what age is it appropriate to leave a child home alone? If you ask different parents, you're likely to get different answers.

Target Recalling Thousands of Water Bottles

Sep 18, 2015

Thousands of water bottles sold exclusively at Target are being recalled because the inner plastic straw can break. There have been seven reports of children spitting out plastic fragments while using the water bottles, no injuries have yet been reported.

Cool or Creepy? New High-Tech Barbie Can Have Conversations with Kids

Sep 17, 2015

A new version of Barbie that is Wi-fi connected has the ability to talk with children.

Experts Urge Parents to have 'Screen-Free' Dinners

Sep 17, 2015

A British children's expert says children pick up "technology obsession" from their parents and it can affect their mental health. He suggests parents not check their phones in front of their kids, have "screen-free" dinners, and limit a child to no more than two hours of screen time a day.

To Raise 'Unentitled' Kids, Expect More From Them

Sep 17, 2015

Parenting expert Amy McCready, author of "The Me, Me, Me Epidemic," visits TODAY with concrete suggestions on how not to spoil your kids, including "giving up on giving in," shutting down the parental "ATM machine" in favor of a set weekly allowance, and encouraging gratitude rituals and random acts of kindness.

Why You Should Let Your Kids Make a Mess of Their Chores

Sep 16, 2015

A new article says that you should let your kids mess up their household chores at an early age, because that's how they learn to become competent and confident. TODAY's Carson Daly says his 3-year-old daughter dumps her leftovers into the garbage - plate and all.

Who’s in Charge: You or Your Child’s Behavior?

Sep 14, 2015

As a parent you’re always on your toes watching, listening and assessing your children’s needs. You anticipate their needs but also their wants, desires, dislikes and happiness.It can be hard to look at your children’s faces and not cave in. However, here are a couple of ways that you and your children can benefit from having a set of rules in place.

'Umbrella Dad' Wins the Internet

Sep 14, 2015

A photo of a dad completely soaked during a downpour because he is using his umbrella to shield his young son from the rain has taken the Internet by (rain)storm.

Teaching Financial Literacy to Children: 5 Best Money Apps for Kids

Sep 14, 2015

By understanding key concepts like having financial goals, saving and living within a budget, kids can make good decisions today and continue making them in the future. Try these apps to help teach your child financial literacy skills.

Family-Friendly Apps for a Busy Household

Sep 11, 2015

Digital lifestyle expert Randi Zuckerberg shares her favorite mobile apps that everyone in the family will enjoy, including a to-do list app that makes collaboration easy and an app that tracks after-school appointments and activities.

Get Organized for Back-to-School with Ease!

Sep 11, 2015

TODAY Parenting contributor Angie Goff joins Carson and Hoda to chat about tips for helping the kids stay organized at home. From creating a homework station to a supply turntable to an art drop box, Goff's tricks are so easy they'll make staying organized a breeze plus the kids will love them.

Rossen Reports: Why Don't Most School Buses Have Seat Belts?

Sep 10, 2015

With millions of children getting on school buses, NBC's national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen takes a look at why most school buses don't have seat belts, and just how dangerous that can get.

Rossen Reports: 'Dangerous Drivers' Flying Past Kids in School Zones

Sep 09, 2015

Every day an average of 44 kids are hit while walking, many while on their way to school. NBC's national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen takes a look at drivers blowing past the speed limit and putting kids at risk.

Terrible 12's? What Are a Child's Best and Worst Ages?

Sep 08, 2015

TODAY's Willie Geist, Tamron Hall and Natalie Morales talk about a new survey that tries to rank the best age for kids, with parents saying the worst ages are between 10 and 12, while the most beloved childhood age is 5 years old.

Make Your Kids Life Easier with Latest Back-to-School Gear

Sep 07, 2015

Author Steve Greenberg shows Kathie Lee and Hoda nine great gadgets that will simplify your children's school day and your morning routine.

5 DIY Outdoor Games to Play with Your Kids

Sep 04, 2015

Abby Larson from Style Me Pretty explains how you can easily create some fun outdoor games your kids can enjoy this Labor Day weekend.

School's Social Media Monitoring Draws Criticism, Privacy Concerns

Sep 03, 2015

A controversial new program that allows school administrators to monitor students' social media accounts has some parents arguing that the program is a violation of privacy.

School Dress Codes Spark Wardrobe Wars: How to Handle It with Your Kids

Sep 01, 2015

With school back in session for much of the country, the end of summer brings the beginning of dress codes and disagreements.

Have the 'Booze Talk' By Age 9, Pediatricians' Group Advises

Aug 31, 2015

Parents and doctors need to take the lead in talking to kids about drinking, and they need to do it before children try their first sip, the main pediatricians' group says.

Life Hack Time! Back-to-School Hacks Bring Peace of Mind

Aug 29, 2015

TODAY's Dylan Dreyer is in the Orange Room with a few great tips to make back-to-school headache free.

Back-to-School Sanity Savers: Hairstyles, Nighttime Prep, Lunches

Aug 28, 2015

The TODAY Parenting Team teams up to help you get the kids back to school with less stress. Experts demonstrate how to do easy but attractive hairstyles, prepare clothes and backpacks the night before school, and make quick but nutritious lunches.

How to Create a Successful Study Space at Home

Aug 27, 2015

For some families, school is already starting. For others, kids are savoring the last few weeks of summer. Wherever you are in gearing up for the new school year, we are here to help.

Back-to-School Hacks to Keep Your Kids Organized

Aug 26, 2015

TODAY's Hack to School series continues with some help from Evette Rios of Latina magazine, who demonstrates some clever ideas to maximize locker storage and turn a shower caddy into a school supply organizer.

Dad Tests Son's Manners with Terrible Birthday Present

Aug 26, 2015

Gratitude and good manners don't come naturally to everyone, so one father decided to see if his toddler required some teaching where those attributes are concerned. To find out, dad Jeff Simmons wrapped up a less-than-exciting birthday gift for his little boy.

Freezable Lunch Bag, $4 Backpack : Must-Have Back-to-School Products

Aug 26, 2015

Lori Bergamotto of Good Housekeeping joins Savannah Guthrie to showcase products parents will want to know about as their kids head back to school, including the latest in bento boxes, backpacks, apps and locker accessories.

Clever (and Doable) Creations for Kids' Lunchboxes

Aug 25, 2015

TODAY's "Hack to School" series continues with Justin Chapple, host of Food & Wine's "Mad Genius Tips," who has easy ideas to put more fun in your kids' lunch - including a-peeling messages you can put on their bananas and ready-to-go yogurt parfait.

Right Foot Forward: Equipping Kids with Social Confidence This School Year

Aug 24, 2015

It’s back-to-school time and you’re likely in full swing ensuring your child’s reading list has been completed, a new outfit or uniform is laid out and the first day book bag is packed. But, are your children prepared with the vital social skills to kick the year off on the right foot?

Hack to School: Getting Your Kids Back into a Routine

Aug 24, 2015

As children head back to school, TODAY is here to smooth the way with a new series called Hack to School. Kicking it off is Meredith Sinclair of, who shows TODAY's Willie Geist and guest cohost Jane Krakowski some fun ways to get your kids back into a school routine.

5-Minute Back-to-School Fashion Ideas for Kids

Aug 20, 2015

TODAY's Natalie Morales and guest host John Cena go back to school and get some fun fashion ideas from style expert Jene Luciani.

Back-to-School Essentials for Kids of Every Age

Aug 18, 2015

Amy Goodman of is in Studio 1A to show the TODAY anchors some essential (and fun) supplies to pick up as the kids head back to school, including a Minions backpacks a Star Wars RD-D2 insulated lunch bag, and personalized spiral notebooks.

Bigger Families are Better, Researchers Find

Aug 18, 2015

Children from families with four or more kids scored higher in self-esteem, resilience and social support in a five-year study in Australia.

My Book Will Put Your Kids to Sleep in Minutes, Says Psychologist

Aug 18, 2015

"The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep," a children's book by a Swedish psychologist, promises to put children to sleep within minutes using specially designed words and sentence structure, and it's quickly become a best-seller. But does it really work?

The Undeniable Link between Rescuing and Responsibility – What Parents Need to Know This School Year

Aug 17, 2015

As parents we really want to help. But too often we’re the ones getting in the way of all of those things by “helping” too much.

Steelers Linebacker James Harrison Won't Let His Kids Have Participation Trophies

Aug 17, 2015

These days trophies, ribbons and other accolades aren't just for winners. Simply showing up can be enough to earn an honor — for some kids. But that trend doesn't extend James Harrison's household.

Social Experiment: If A Child Went Wild In Public, Would You Step In Or Step Off?

Aug 10, 2015

If you were in a restaurant and a similar scene was happening next to your table, would you step in — or step off? Rossen Reports hired actors and set up hidden cameras at the Fine Grind in Little Falls, New Jersey, to conduct an intriguing social experiment.

How Cell Phones Are Affecting Families — And What To Do About It

Aug 06, 2015

There's often a focus on how to get our kids off their phones and back into the great outdoors. But what about parents?

This Is The Most Effective Way To Discipline Kids, According To Science

Aug 06, 2015

Getting small kids to behave can be a delicate science for parents. Some worry about being too harsh; others are left exasperated by children who seem out of control. Many try to avoid yelling or spanking, and even time-outs are seen as too strict in some parenting circles.

'Rewards of Hard Work': Teens Are Making More Cash With Summer Jobs, Survey Finds

Aug 05, 2015

According to a recent survey by American Express Spending & Saving Tracker, 36 percent of teens aged 13 to 17 who earn their primary income over the summer — a 19 percent increase over last year.

You'll Survive Dropping Your Kid Off at College! Tips From Parents

Aug 04, 2015

Dropping your teen off for the first year of college can be the most stressful, emotional and illuminating experience of your life.

Resolve to be Involved: The Benefits of School Year’s Resolutions

Aug 03, 2015

Join our School Year’s Resolution pledge! It's a great start for parents who want to be more actively engaged with their child’s academic and overall success.

Facebook in the Classroom? Some Schools Embracing Social Media

Aug 02, 2015

The halls at most schools are still empty, but teachers are already preparing for a new year and some new social-media policies.

Why Children Bully Parents And How To Regain Control

Jul 28, 2015

More parents are finding themselves on the receiving end of aggressive behavior from their own children that goes beyond normal childhood outbursts. TODAY special correspondent Jenna Bush Hager talks to Sean Grover, author of the new book "When Kids Call the Shots," as well as to a mother and daughter who have experienced the problem.

A Brain-Owner’s Manual: How To Boost Your Child’s Brain Power

Jul 27, 2015

The human brain is incredible! As the control center for your brain it is in charge of how you respond to your feelings and experiences. Explaining how the brain works is important for children who believe that they are "not smart" and that nothing they do can change that. The realization that they can literally change their brains and build their intelligence, skills, and emotional self-management is extremely powerful.

5 Stress-Free Activities For Easy Summer Fun

Jul 24, 2015

It's July: You're all hot, the kids are bored, and all the brilliant summer-fun ideas you stockpiled back in May or June have melted away like the last traces of snow in Boston.

How Parents Embarrass Their Kids: Smooches, Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It

Jul 23, 2015

A theme park in Britain asked 2,000 parents what they did to embarrass their kids. The top offenders: trying to use youthful slang, displaying affection in public, and… dancing!

Parental Guidance: How To Battle Sibling Rivalry

Jul 23, 2015

In this episode of Parental Guidance, Willie Geist and Megan Colarossi share tips for dealing with sibling rivalry.

Never Ice A Burn: What You Need To Know For Summer Skin Woes

Jul 22, 2015

Summer is an amazing time to enjoy the warm weather, grilling up burgers, swimming in the pool or simply enjoying carefree days outside. But our skin sure can take a bit of a beating.

Texas Boy Genius Jaxon Cota Just Trying to Be a Kid

Jul 22, 2015

Jaxon Cota, of McKinney, Texas, has an IQ score of 148, was admitted to MENSA at age 9, and does high school level math for entertainment when he gets bored during the long days of summer.

From Lyme to Dehydration: 5 Summer Symptoms to Never Ignore

Jul 21, 2015

Summer is a great time to get outside and go camping and jogging, but there are warning signs and symptoms of Lyme disease that you should know to look out for. NBC medical contributor Dr. Natalie Azar shares important facts about Lyme disease with Willie Geist and Natalie Morales.

What Is All This STEM Stuff?

Jul 20, 2015

These days, you can’t turn around without hearing something about STEM. Schools are adding STEM courses and STEM summer camps are popping up across the country. But what is all this STEM stuff anyway?

Are Firstborns Smarter? New Study Debunks Beliefs About Birth Order

Jul 20, 2015

New research is debunking the popular belief that birth order is major factor in personality development, showing that while firstborns do have higher IQs, the margin is extremely slight.

President Obama: Ok To Put Technology Aside When It Comes To Kids

Jul 20, 2015

During a news conference, President Obama revealed that cellphones are banned from the Obama family dinner table, and his comments are striking a chord across the country. NBC's Sheinelle Jones reports, and psychologist Jennifer Hartstein offers tips to help your family strike the right balance.

Consumer Reports: Laundry Pods Shouldn't Be In Homes With Kids

Jul 17, 2015

Consumer Reports is now warning that laundry detergent pods should never be used in homes where young children live or visit. Calls to poison centers about children and laundry pods have increased over the past several years.

Is Social Media Causing 'Likes Anxiety' For Teens?

Jul 17, 2015

Experts say social media can sometimes cause "likes anxiety" among teens, based on how many people like or don't like a post.

Too Much TV Time For Toddlers Linked To Risk Of Being Bullied, Study Suggests

Jul 17, 2015

Toddlers who spend a lot of time in front of a TV may be at greater risk of being bullied later in life, a new study suggests.

Parental Guidance: How To Survive a Trip To The Beach With Kids In Tow

Jul 16, 2015

Surf's up! It's summertime, and that means logging a lot of time at the beach. There's nothing quite like the sound of ocean waves crashing, the smell of a crackling bonfire, and the yelps from kids as their parents apply sunscreen.

When Is It OK To Inspect Your Kids' Social Media?

Jul 16, 2015

Al Roker, Natalie Morales, Willie Geist and Ellie Kemper talk over topics of the day, including a parent who asked when kids are old enough to have "private" conversations on social media. Al says "as long as I'm paying," his kids' social media should be an open book; Natalie feels minors are entitled to some privacy, within reasonable limits.

Parents May Have A Favorite Child, And Not Even Know It

Jul 15, 2015

A new study looks at whether oldest siblings have elevated status in families, and finds that many parents tend to think that their firstborn is their smartest child.

5 Parenting Styles That Cause Entitlement in Kids — And How to Change Them

Jul 14, 2015

The seeds of entitlement are sown over the years in a million little parenting decisions — all made in the name of love. Sometimes a few tweaks in parenting style can make all the difference

Birds And Bees Talk Got Your Family Buzzing? The 'Puberty Lady' Is Here To Help

Jul 14, 2015

Sitting down to talk to your children about the birds and the bees can be tough. But registered nurse Julie Metzger is helping shape the conversation between preteens and adults, and make that lesson slightly less awkward for everyone.

Cut Back Your Child's Screen Time By Cutting Back Your Own First

Jul 14, 2015

The lure of the screen — TV, computer, phone — is hard to ignore. But if parents are finding it hard to pull their child away from that glowing, often interactive, device, researchers have a way to fix things fast: turn off your own screens first.

Is Too Much Tech Hurting Kids' Developmental Growth?

Jul 14, 2015

For many kids, the digital world is more compelling than what's outside their window, but psychologists worry too much screen time comes at a cost.

At What Age Should A Kid Get Their Own Cellphone?

Jul 13, 2015

The TODAY anchors discuss a survey in which parents weigh in on the appropriate ages for children to join Facebook, get their own cellphone and other grown-up things.

Miserably Hilarious Letters From Sleepaway Camp

Jul 08, 2015

Camp can be a trying time for kids, but the lost art of letter-writing lets them tell their parents just how much fun they are - or aren't - having.

Understanding The Complexity Of A Mother-Daughter Relationship

Jul 08, 2015

Dr. Janet Taylor, along with mother and daughter duo Cordelia and Olivia Bowe, chat with Hoda and guest co-host Jenna Bush Hager about the special bond mothers and daughters share and the reasons that those relationships are often tested during the teenage years.

10 Strategies to Apply (And Keep) Sunscreen On Your Kids

Jul 07, 2015

Parents know the power of sunscreen and remember to slather on and repeat. Kids? Not so much.

More Than a Movie: The Parenting Opportunity of “Inside Out”

Jul 06, 2015

If you haven’t heard already, there’s a new Pixar movie out called “Inside Out.” The movie offers ample opportunity to discuss with our kids the role of emotions in our lives.

Do Your Kids Belong To The Boomerang Generation?

Jul 04, 2015

A new study found that a third of Boomers provide financial support to someone, 17 percent are specifically supporting adult children, otherwise known as the "Boomerang generation." TODAY's Erica Hill chats with CNBC's personal finance correspondent Sharon Epperson about how parents can deal with this potentially delicate situation.

Some Tips And Tricks For Summer Safety

Jul 03, 2015

Jimmy Minardi, founder of Minardi Training, joins Kathie Lee and Hoda to present tips on how to stay safe this summer.

How to Keep Your Children Safe During Swim Season

Jul 01, 2015

According to the CDC, children ages 1 to 4 are at the highest risk for accidental drowning. Monique and Bill Tischer share the tragic story of how their daughter, Violet, drowned, and digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong offers water safety resources.

Keep Kids' Toys Tidy With These Organizing Solutions

Jul 01, 2015

If you're tired of stepping on your kids' games and toys, Leslie Segrete of "The Money Pit" radio show on Sirius XM has you covered. She shows Willie Geist and Ellie Kemper cunning solutions to organize those playthings.

What Does Cookie Monster Have To Do with iPhone's Siri? Just Ask Her This Question

Jul 01, 2015

Usually when you ask Siri a question she's very helpful. But when answering a simple math problem, she's got quite the response!

More Child Poisonings Prompt New Liquid Laundry Pod Warning

Jun 23, 2015

For any family with children under age six, it may be time to invest in cabinet locks. A new report from Safe Kids Worldwide warned that the number of children accessing liquid laundry packets has caused more than 3,700 calls to the U.S. Poison Center through April of this year.

Paying for College: What You Need to do Now Before Your Teen Starts College in the Fall

Jun 22, 2015

While dealing with sadness of sending a child off to college, parents may find it hard to help their student focus on the tasks they need to complete before they leave for campus in the fall. We've compiled a list of important items to talk about with your child about before they start college.

The Superpower of Dads

Jun 19, 2015

In an ideal world, every child would grow up with a Dad or an adult male caregiver, who is an example of how to learn, love, grow, and give back to the community. Unfortunately, one out of every three children in our country lives in a home without their biological father, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

How to Spot Drowning: Danger Signs to Look Out for This Summer

Jun 19, 2015

Nearly 400 pool and spa drownings take place each year in the U.S. Here's some tips to keep your kids safe at the pool or near the water this summer.

How to Spot Drowning: Danger Signs to Look Out for This Summer

Jun 19, 2015

Nearly 400 pool and spa drownings take place each year in the U.S. Here's some tips to keep your kids safe at the pool or near the water this summer.

Summer Brain Drain: Educational Apps Kids Will Actually Use

Jun 19, 2015

A long break from learning can cause students to lose some skills from the school year, but there are ways to battle that learning loss.

Have 'Gratuitous' Childhood Graduations Gone Too Far?

Jun 18, 2015

An article on expresses the opinion that the significance of childhood graduations has diminished as children now participate in graduations for everything from nursery school to eighth grade.

How Early Should Toddlers Play with Tablets? Study May Surprise You

Jun 15, 2015

How young is too young for a child to start playing with computer gadgets like the iPad? According to surprising research out of the University of London, the answer is as early as possible.

Teens with Autism 'lmprov' in Second City

Jun 13, 2015

Chicago's famous comedy club, where Tina Fey, Mike Meyers and John Belushi got their start, has become a place for teens with autism to socialize.

How to Keep Kids Busy and Comfortable on Summer Road Trips

Jun 12, 2015's Amy Goodman joins TODAY with tips to get your family to their destination peacefully, including having kids play with a reusable sticker pad, and traveling with neck pillows that will actually work for your children.

Striking Photo Shows All the Bacteria on an 8-Year-Old's Hand

Jun 08, 2015

If ever you needed more motivation to wash your hands, this germy, colorful creation ought to do it. Behold some of the bacteria that grew when an 8-year-old boy who had been playing outside pressed his hand onto a large Petri dish.

'My Kid Would Never…' Get in a Stranger's Car?

Jun 07, 2015

As part of Dateline's series "My Kid Would Never," two parents put their son to the test to see if he will fall for a stranger's act that involves luring their son inside a truck. TODAY's Natalie Morales reports.

Would Your Kid Allow a Stranger Into Your Home? One Boy is Put to the Test

Jun 04, 2015

In Thursday's installment of the series "My Kid Would Never Do That" with Natalie Morales, one boy is put to a hidden-camera test to see who he'd permit to enter his home when his parents are out.

Parenting Hacks for Cars, Hotels, Beaches

Jun 02, 2015

Three contributors to the TODAY Parenting Team share their secrets for parenting on-the-go, with sanity saving tricks for the beach, road trips and hotel stays with kids.

Improving Decision-Making Can Serve as a Child’s First Lesson in Goal Setting

Jun 01, 2015

Properly setting goals adds tremendous value to an individual’s life, and research has found that those who set overarching objectives for what they want to achieve tend to have a greater sense of purpose, maintain better relationships, and may even live longer. When getting your child started with goal setting, there are three tips to keep in mind.

How to Get Kids' Attention? Skype in the Classroom

May 31, 2015

Skype is making waves in the classroom, quickly becoming one of best ways to get kids interested in learning is to make it fun and interactive.

National Spelling Bee Winners Rejoice in Joint Victory: 'Less Hearts Were Broken'

May 29, 2015

For the second year in a row, the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee awarded its championship trophy to two winners after the finalists breezily went through so many words, the judges ran out of them.

Teen Drivers a Risk to Everyone on the Road

May 27, 2015

Motor vehicle crashes have long been one of the primary causes of death and injuries among teen drivers. But a new study by AAA finds that young motorists are also a danger to everyone else on the road.

Teen Drivers a Risk to Everyone on the Road

May 27, 2015

Motor vehicle crashes have long been one of the primary causes of death and injuries among teen drivers. But a new study by AAA finds that young motorists are also a danger to everyone else on the road.

Author Warns of the Perils of Overparenting

May 26, 2015

Author Stefanie Wilder-Taylor joins TODAY to unmask the trend of overparenting, and talks about her new book, "Gummi Bears Should Not Be Organic."

Is This Normal? What To Do About Nose-Picking...And When To Worry

May 26, 2015

Some kids seem like they're digging for gold 24-7 — no matter how many times you tell them to get their finger out of their nose, you turn around and they're at it again. Home… school… church… is this really normal? And how can you get them to stop?

Paralyzed College Student Chris Norton Walks Across Stage at Graduation

May 26, 2015

An Iowa college student left paralyzed after a sports injury during his freshman year thought he had little chance of ever regaining movement below his neck. Still, 23-year-old Chris Norton set a seemingly impossible goal: to walk across the stage at his graduation.

Lessons in Dirt: Using a Green Thumb for Learning At Home

May 25, 2015

Gardening is a great way to get children to connect with nature and learn more about fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy eating. But that’s not all. These gardens also offer children the opportunity to experience hands-on lessons in science, math and language arts.

Seeing Double: 15 Sets Of Twins Set to Graduate

May 22, 2015

Fifteen sets of twins are set to graduate from Iowa's Valley High School this year.

'YouTube Kids' App Criticized Over Content

May 20, 2015

Advocacy groups have filed a complaint with the FTC for what they call "inappropriate content" on some videos available on Google's "YouTube Kids" app.

Boy Scouts of America: Our Ban on Water Gun Fights is Nothing New

May 20, 2015

If you want to be part of the Boy Scouts of America, it's best to leave your water guns at home.

Parental Guidance: How to Get Out the Door, Lickety Split (and Tantrum-Free!)

May 20, 2015

The tears, the yelling, the begging, the pleading, and the endless negotiating. It's a battle that can break the spirit of just about any parent. Megan Colarossi and Willie Geist offer tips for getting kids out the door.

This High School Entrepreneur is 'Baking a Difference' in People's Lives

May 19, 2015

TODAY contributing correspondent Jenna Bush Hager meets Bree Britt, a high school junior who runs her own bakery with three generations of women from her family.

Special Needs Oregon Student Wins Prom Queen Crown in Landslide

May 18, 2015

When a special needs student at an Oregon high school expressed to her friends that she wanted to be nominated for prom queen, they rallied to get her name on the ballot — and the students of the school did her one better and voted in overwhelming numbers to have her crowned on the big night.

Student Turns Down All Eight Ivy League Schools

May 18, 2015

Ronald Nelson was accepted to all eight U.S. Ivy League schools, and he chose to attend none of them in favor of the University of Alabama. Nelson joins Morning Joe to discuss why.

Study: Kids Benefit From Having a Working Mom

May 18, 2015

According to a new study, daughters of working mothers completed more years of education, were more likely to be employed and earned higher incomes.

Are Sports Becoming Too Dangerous for Young Kids?

May 15, 2015

Extreme sports are a multibillion-dollar business worldwide, and more young children are jumping into events that used to be dominated by teens and young adults. NBC's Hallie Jackson reports.

Girls Fight Back Over School Dress Code

May 15, 2015

Some girls are taking on what they say are sexist dress codes. One girl got a detention for wearing a floor-length dress that exposed her back.

Study: Single Parenting takes a Toll Later in Life

May 15, 2015

Being a single parent comes with a number of hurdles and stresses, and new research says it may also have a major impact on health. NBC's Erica Hill reports.

What's the Best Sunscreen? Consumer Reports Reveals Top Picks

May 14, 2015

With beach season just around the corner, people will be stocking up on sunscreen to protect them against burns, skin damage and cancer. But with more than 1,000 sunscreen products on the market, how do you know which ones are the most effective?

Dress Code Drama: Students Protest Crackdown on Prom Dresses Days Before Dance

May 13, 2015

It has been a distracting week for students at a Connecticut high school, trying to focus while a "prom gown panel" meets nearby, judging whether dresses are appropriate for the social event of the season.

Save this for a Rainy Day: 3 Easy, Fun Indoor Crafts for Kids

May 13, 2015

From making goopy, sticky flubber to engineering a giant bubble snake, getting crafty is all about rolling up your sleeves and having fun. The key to a successful day indoors is all about planning, knowing your audience, and preparing to get messy, messy, messy.

'Slow Parenting' on the Rise

May 12, 2015

The Boston Globe has people talking with its story about an increasing number of parents taking it easy when it comes to their kids' activities, focusing on quality versus quantity.

Summer Camps: Finding the Right Fit

May 11, 2015

Believe it or not, it’s time to start planning for summer break! Is your child interested in going to camp? We talked to Dr. Michele Borba for tips on finding the right summer camp fit for every family.

'Goldilocks Syndrome'? Parents Often in Denial About Overweight Kids

May 11, 2015

Most parents incorrectly identified their overweight preschool-age children as being at about the right weight, even as childhood obesity rates rose, according to alarming new research which tracked two sets of kids over separate multi-year periods.

Do Moms Really Worry More Than Dads?

May 11, 2015

The TODAY Show anchors discuss a New York Times op-ed piece called, "Mom: The Designated Worrier," which argues that women worry more about their children than dads.

Study: Impact of Concussions on School Work Revealed

May 11, 2015

Researchers followed about 350 children from kindergarten to twelfth grade who suffered a concussion and found that 88 percent of symptomatic students had problems in school because of headaches, fatigue and concentration issues.

Thinking Outside of the Crayon Box, Adults Use Coloring Books as Stress-Reducer

May 11, 2015

Busy parents and harried business people will go to great lengths to find the newest and best relaxation method, but the stress-reducer that is soaring in popularity is something that most people haven't done since elementary school — coloring.

How to Get Your Teen to Listen

May 08, 2015

Mika Brzezinski talks to Dr. Frances Jensen, the author of "The Teenage Brain" which focuses on raising adolescents and young adults.

Should You Put Being a Mom on Your Resume?

May 08, 2015

The TODAY anchors are divided about whether being a mom should be on your resume. An expert says there's still concern by employers that "parents might be prioritizing family matters over doing their jobs."

5 Easy Mother's Day Crafts for Kids to Make

May 07, 2015

Dads, get the kids involved in these 5 crafty ideas—from Jodi Levine, blogger and author of Candy Aisle Crafts—and you just might salvage mom's special day.

What's the Best (and Worst) Mother's Day Gift? Kids Share Advice

May 06, 2015

In this installment of the TODAY Show's Kidvice series, adorable children offer their tips for how to ace Mother's Day.

How to Turn Test Stress into Studying Success

May 04, 2015

The end of the school year is fast approaching, which means students across the country will be busy taking exams and wrapping up their studies and final projects. While this may be a stressful time, it can also serve as a great opportunity to help children develop useful studying and test preparation strategies.

Parental Guidance: How to Deal with Kids and Tantrums

May 01, 2015

"Kids and tantrums. Ugh. There is nothing like it. When you hear it and then it erupts..there's no stopping it," says Megan Colarossi. "Run for cover." But Team Parental Guidance— Megan, along with Willie Geist—have some ideas.

What Happens When Parents Collide with School Rules?

Apr 30, 2015

Some schools are trying to teach parents a lesson when it comes to such issues as vacations, lunches and dress codes. So who's in charge when your kid's life and the lesson plan collide? NBC national correspondent Craig Melvin reports.

What Happens When Parents Collide with School Rules?

Apr 30, 2015

Some schools are trying to teach parents a lesson when it comes to such issues as vacations, lunches and dress codes. So who's in charge when your kid's life and the lesson plan collide? NBC national correspondent Craig Melvin reports.

Police Target Drivers Who Pass Stopped School Buses

Apr 29, 2015

The Department of Transportation says that 23 million children ride a school bus every day. Now police are using new technology to catch drivers who threaten their safety by passing stopped school buses.

A Win for Everyone: Collaborative Games

Apr 27, 2015

Collaboration skills are essential for lifelong success, and engaging children in enjoyable collaborative activities from an early age can help improve their self-awareness, problem-solving, empathy and nonverbal and verbal communication. Here are some engaging collaborative activities your entire family can enjoy.

Teens Spending Heavily for Perfect Prom Night

Apr 25, 2015

A recent Visa survey shows teens spend an average of $900 dollars on prom night. For TODAY, NBC's Hallie Jackson shows the lavish lengths teens go through to have a perfect night.

Tips on How to Save at Prom

Apr 25, 2015

Seventeen Magazine's Michelle Tan shares some tips on how to save money in the pricey world of prom.

4 Ways to Upcycle Old Items for the Kids Room and Garden

Apr 24, 2015

Art director, decorator and budget design specialist Stacy Nelson shows Kathie Lee and Hoda some simple ways to turn items that you'd normally throw away into creative objects and crafts your family will love.

4 Ways to Upcycle Old Items for the Kids Room and Garden

Apr 24, 2015

Art director, decorator and budget design specialist Stacy Nelson shows Kathie Lee and Hoda some simple ways to turn items that you'd normally throw away into creative objects and crafts your family will love.

Experts Answer Questions About Transgender Kids

Apr 24, 2015

Dr. Michelle Forcier and transgender model Geena Rocero join TODAY to talk about transgender children, and some of the experiences they go through from a very young age.

Family of Transgender Girl, 8, Share Her Journey

Apr 24, 2015

Rep. Mike Honda is the proud grandpa of little Malisa, who was born in a boy's body. Honda says of his granddaughter, "I hope she can feel safe at school without fear of being bullied."

Family of Transgender Girl, 8, Share Her Journey

Apr 24, 2015

Rep. Mike Honda is the proud grandpa of little Malisa, who was born in a boy's body. Honda says of his granddaughter, "I hope she can feel safe at school without fear of being bullied."

How to Get Your Kids Off the Video Games and Outside

Apr 22, 2015

The TODAY Show's Willie Geist and Megan Colarossi have some tips on how to get your children to enjoy the outdoors.

Jacob's Journey: Life as a Transgender 5-Year-Old

Apr 21, 2015

When Jacob was born, his name was Mia. But by the time he was two, he was telling his parents, "I'm a boy." Last year, when he was four, they made a decision: to let him live as he has always identified — as a boy.

Waste Not, Want Not: How to Reduce Food Waste in Your Home

Apr 20, 2015

Earth Day is a great time for your family to talk about food waste and start building habits that can make a valuable impact both on the environment and your family’s budget. Below are 5 ways you can celebrate Earth Day and learn to cutback on food waste at home.

Dinner Conversations Can Help Kids Grasp Math

Apr 20, 2015

A study reveals that moms who talk about basic math with preschoolers at the dinner table were able to improve their children's grasp of the subject a year later.

Writer in NYT Op-Ed: 'Kids, Look At Me When We're Talking'

Apr 20, 2015

In TODAY's Take, Natalie Morales, Tamron Hall and actor Ryan Eggold discuss an op-ed where New York Times family columnist Bruce Feiler writes that when he shakes hands with kids, they often don't look him in the eye. "We've become tech-obsessed," Tamron comments.

E-cig Use Spikes as Traditional Smoking Falls Among U.S. Youth

Apr 16, 2015

Electronic cigarette use among American middle and high school students tripled in 2014 while cigarette use fell to record lows, U.S. health officials reported recently.

From Newborns to Teens: How to Get Your Kids to Sleep

Apr 15, 2015

Are you a tired parent? TODAY's Willie Geist and Megan Colarossi have some helpful tips on getting your kids to bed so you can get sleep too.

Should There be Parental Leave for Kids' Teen Years?

Apr 15, 2015

A New York magazine writer says parents need to take maternity and paternity leave when their kids are adolescents.

These Young Inventors are Driving the Future

Apr 10, 2015

An anti-bullying band. A better bike helmet. Meet the kids that are inventing the future.

This Affordable Kids' Wheelchair Idea Will Make You Smile

Apr 10, 2015

Student engineers from BYU have created a lightweight and affordable wheelchair for children that can be assembled at home.

Meet the Kid Innovators Bringing Ideas to Life

Apr 09, 2015

Our colleagues at the TODAY show launched a "Make the Future" contest and looked across the country for young innovative minds who are dedicated to making great ideas come to life. The series is sponsored by Shell.

Teens Use Variety of Social Media, But Facebook Still Supreme: Pew

Apr 09, 2015

A Pew Research study of teenagers' online habits shows that while just about all teens go online daily, what they do and what apps they use vary widely.

Former Student Sends His ‘Best’ Teacher $10,000

Apr 08, 2015

Thirty-seven years after graduating high school, a man tracked down his home economics teacher, writing her a letter that said how wonderful she was as a teacher. He also enclosed a $10,000 check.

School Tells Gay Student: No Dress, No Prom

Apr 08, 2015

A gay honor student is told that her Louisiana high school won't allow her to wear a tuxedo to prom.

New York Teen Harold Ekeh Gets Accepted to All Eight Ivy League Schools

Apr 07, 2015

A New York high school senior has a big decision to make - he was accepted into not one, but all eight Ivy League schools. A remarkable feat for anyone, but especially for 17-year-old Harold Ekeh, whose parents moved to the U.S. from Nigeria when he was eight.

Eight Ways to Bring Mindfulness into Your Family

Apr 06, 2015

Teaching children to be more mindful can help them to better understand their emotions and manage their reactions.

4 Unconventional Easter Baskets for Your Kids

Apr 03, 2015

Lifestyle expert Robyn Moreno shows off a few unique, last-minute Easter basket ideas.

How to Make Your Children One with Nature

Apr 02, 2015

Paleontologist Scott Sampson joins Tony Dokoupil to discuss his new book, "Wild Child: The Art and Science of Falling in Love with Nature."

Kids Sipping Alcohol Can Lead to Problem Drinking

Mar 31, 2015

Researchers found that kids who taste alcohol before middle school are five times more likely to have a full drink by ninth grade, and four times more likely to get drunk or binge drunk the first semester of high school.

‘Made By Mommy’ Host Makes Easter Treats

Mar 31, 2015

Kim Maycraft from the “Made By Mommy” YouTube channel, joins TODAY to show us some fun DIY activities and treats to make with your children for Easter.

“I Hate Math” – Ways to Instill a Love of Math in Kids

Mar 30, 2015

All children have the potential to achieve success in math if they believe that their perseverance can make them better. Here is some advice on how you can help your children feel confident about their mathematical abilities and develop their appreciation for learning.

Being Poor Affects Kids' Brains, Study Finds

Mar 30, 2015

Children raised in poor households have clear differences in the physical structures of their brains compared to wealthier children, a new study finds.

DIY Easter Crafts for Kids

Mar 30, 2015

Jodi Levine, author of “Candy Aisle Crafts” joins TODAY to share some fun and simple DIY projects that you can do with your kids before the Easter holiday.

Mom Uses Social Media to Correct Daughters’ Bad Behavior

Mar 30, 2015

Kathie Lee and Hoda chat about an Alabama mom who posted on social media to track down a mother and daughter who had a special trip to the movies upset by the disrespectful behavior of her daughters.

Study: Quality Parenting Trumps Quantity

Mar 30, 2015

A new study finds no connection between the amount of time a mother spends with their children from the ages three to 11 and their future success in life. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

Hacking Your Bedroom: Teen Engineers Way into Laid-Back Lifestyle

Mar 27, 2015

Kshitiz Sharma, a self-proclaimed "lazy" senior in high school, rigged up his bedroom so that his blinds are voice-activated and lights will turn on when he walks in.

Is Raising Boys Different than Raising Girls?

Mar 26, 2015

Psychotherapists Abby Rodman and Robi Ludwig give their advice on how parents may need to adjust their parenting style depending on if they’re raising boys or girls.

Teenage Tutor Writes Her Own Workbooks

Mar 25, 2015

In order to help her young cousins with their home, Stephanie Pang created and published her own series of workbooks.

Where Are the Costliest Baby Sitters in the US?

Mar 24, 2015

The national average rate for a babysitter is $13.44 per hour. Parents in San Francisco pay the highest rate in the U.S. at $16.65 per hour.

A+ Nutrition and Its Effect on An A+ Education

Mar 23, 2015

Research shows that without proper nourishment, children perform poorly in school and have lower academic achievement. So what can you do to improve your child's eating habits and prepare her for learning? You may want to try the following strategies.

Take Back Dinnertime: How to Revamp Your Family’s Favorite Meal

Mar 16, 2015

A new NBC News study reveals that 79% of parents surveyed eat dinner together most nights, more than in past decades. Family dinner is worth the trouble, especially when you’re equipped with these tips and strategies.

Is Parenting a Career?

Mar 16, 2015

The TODAY show anchors chat about an op-ed titled “Being a Stay-at-Home Mother Is Not a Job,” where writer Liz Pardue-Schultz says that being able to stay home to raise your kids “is a privilege, and calling it anything else is ignorant and condescending.”

New Kind of Report Card: Kids Rate Parents

Mar 16, 2015

Some parents are asking their children to grade them on their parenting, as a way of learning really matters to their kids. Darlene Rodriguez of WNBC in New York City reports.

Board Game Renaissance in Full Swing

Mar 12, 2015

Sales of classic board games from Operation to Monopoly are booming as the industry has seen a resurgence with sales up 10 percent in 2014.

6 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained Indoors

Mar 12, 2015

With the help of some children, Meredith Sinclair from shows viewers some fun indoor activities and crafts for your family, including homemade puffy paint.

Would You Want Your Child to Join a Frat or Sorority?

Mar 11, 2015

After University of Oklahoma fraternity members were allegedly captured on video leading a racist chant, people on social media weigh in on fraternity and sorority life. Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

Iron Maidens: High School Girls Build Robot in 6 Weeks

Mar 10, 2015

Bronx Science teen Juno Lee is engineering her way into robotics — and gender equality in STEM fields.

8-Year-Old Sells Hot Cocoa to Fight for His Friend

Mar 09, 2015

Tristan Regini is using hot chocolate sales to thank The Children’s Hospital in Colorado for saving the life of his good friend and cancer survivor Cade Humphreys.

Should Kids Register for Birthday Gifts?

Mar 06, 2015

A report reveals there’s an uptick in parents creating registries for their children’s parties. Some people say it gives the kids a sense of entitlement.

Female Exec: ‘Value the Mothers Around You’

Mar 04, 2015

Katharine Zaleski, president of Internet start-up PowerToFly, talks about a Fortune column she wrote that went viral Tuesday, in which she apologized for how she used to treat working moms. She says the birth of her daughter changed her thinking. Reaction to the piece “has been amazing,” she says.

NBC News Launches TODAY's Parenting Team

Mar 03, 2015

Our colleagues at the TODAY Show have created a new forum for parents to share their best advice, toughest questions and cutest photos.

Making an Affordable College Choice

Mar 02, 2015

Understanding how financial aid works and what your family will be responsible for paying is key to finding an affordable college choice for your teen.

Most Doctors Agree to 'Spread Out' Kids' Shots, Survey Finds

Mar 02, 2015

Nearly all pediatricians and family doctors have been asked at least once by parents if they could "space out" the vaccines their children get and most have agreed to do so at some point, a new study finds

Parents Fight Back Against ‘Digital Kidnapping’

Feb 27, 2015

Posting pictures of your kids on social media might seem innocent, but an unsettling new trend has developed: strangers appropriating the images and pretending the children are their own.

Why Parents Should Rethink Allowances

Feb 25, 2015

Slate magazine has issued new advice on allowances, advising that you should give kids an allowance as soon as they start asking about money. Slate’s rule of thumb: Start them at $1 a week and give them a $1 raise for each year they age.

Five Ways to Boost Heart Health

Feb 23, 2015

Eating healthy and exercising can benefit the whole family, and it doesn't have to take all day or break the bank.

‘Girls’ Toys? Group of Women Revolutionize the Toy Aisle

Feb 22, 2015

The TODAY Show's Erica Hill talks with the powerful women behind the newest, innovative next generation of toys for girls.

Girl, 11, Fights for More Female Superheroes

Feb 20, 2015

TODAY Show contributing correspondent Jenna Bush Hager sits down with fifth-grader Rowan Hansen of Illinois, whose letter to DC Comics about the dearth of female spurred an encouraging response.

NYC Teen Starts Lucrative Baby-Sitting Business

Feb 20, 2015

Noa Mintz joins the TODAY Show to talk about starting “Nannies by Noa,” a business that’s set to make millions. Her personal experience with child care has made the 15-year-old into a bona fide Manhattan mogul.

Shuddle Car Service Gives Rides to Kids

Feb 19, 2015

In the San Francisco Bay Area, the new type of car service is generating a lot of buzz among busy families: It’s a kid-friendly version of companies like Uber and Lyft.

The Hottest Toys for 2015

Feb 19, 2015

The Toy Insider’s Laurie Schacht joins TODAY to give a preview of what are set to be the hottest toys next holiday season, including new Care Bears that sing and Laser Pegs, construction toys that light up.

Cabin Fever? Activities to Keep Kids Busy While Stuck Indoors

Feb 18, 2015

TODAY Show contributor Elizabeth Mayhew shares some fun indoor activities to keep your children active and entertained this winter, including creating a relay race with paper airplanes and a bean toss by stuffing your mittens.

5 Tips to Throw a Super Sleepover for Kids

Feb 17, 2015

Mary Giles from FamilyFun magazine shows some fun activities for your child’s next sleepover including playing musical sleeping bags and setting up easy crafts and tasty food that kids can help prepare.

Teen Dads Pass Mutations to Their Kids

Feb 17, 2015

Here's another reason to discourage teen sex: teenage fathers pass along six times as many genetic mutations to their kids as do teenage mothers.

University of Kentucky Has 113 Sets of Twins

Feb 17, 2015

A professor explains that there’s been a 76 percent increase in the birth rate of twins in the U.S. since 1980 – and quite a few of them have chosen to attend college in Lexington.

Reduce Anger in Your Household

Feb 16, 2015

The more stress there is in a family’s life, the greater the chance that angry emotions will spill out. What can families do to reduce angry outbursts?

‘Hey Bae’: Decoding Teen Slang

Feb 16, 2015

Kathie Lee and Hoda discuss the most popular words teenagers use in text messages including “LOL,” “ship” and “53X. They also try to decipher the ever-popular term, “bae.”

Proposed Bill Would Fine Parents for Overweight Children

Feb 13, 2015

A controversial proposed bill in Puerto Rico is aimed at tackling childhood obesity by fining parents up to $800 if their overweight child doesn't lose weight.

Parents Do This Sneaky Behavior in Front of Sons, but Not Daughters: Why?

Feb 11, 2015

When it comes to learning honesty, it seems boys may be getting a different lesson than girls. Parents are more willing to lie in front of their sons than their daughters, according to a recent analysis published by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Valentine’s Day “Kidvice”: Kids Talk About Love

Feb 11, 2015

How do you know when you’re in love? What’s a good gift to get your Valentine? TODAY asks the experts – a group of adorable children – for their “Kidvice.”

Controversial New App Tracks College Students

Feb 09, 2015

Class 120, the brainchild of Jeffrey Whorley, uses GPS signals to track student’s locations, and will send their parents a message if they aren’t in class. Some experts argue that the app could undermine students’ ability to motivate themselves.

Mother Tongue: Toddlers Take Immersion Class for Family Language

Feb 09, 2015

Go inside a New York Mandarin immersion class, part of a growing trend as parents try to deepen their children’s connection to the family’s culture.

The Poster All Overcompetitive Parents Should See

Feb 06, 2015

A hilarious poster at a Kentucky gym reminds parents that “this is a game” and “your child does not play in the NBA.”

DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts to Make with Your Kids

Feb 05, 2015

Lifestyle expert Limor Suss from joins TODAY to show us some fun ways to create unique Valentine’s Day cards with your children.

Parental Guidance: You Can Soothe Your Throat with Marshmallows?

Feb 05, 2015

In the latest episode of 'Parental Guidance,' Willie and Megan share a few tricks to staying healthy using items found around your dorm room or kitchen.

As Injuries Mount, Some Towns Ban Sledding

Feb 03, 2015

Every year, 20,000 children are sent to emergency rooms with sledding injuries, and multimillion-dollar lawsuits sometimes follow. Now towns from Indiana to New Jersey are responding by banning sledding.

How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?

Feb 03, 2015

Dr. Natalie Azar joins TODAY to discuss new recommendations by the National Sleep Foundation that say toddlers should have between 11 to 14 hours of sleep, while adults should have 7 to 9 hours.

Play Brain Games to Help Your Child Learn to Read

Feb 02, 2015

Reading is not a natural process for the human brain. We are born with the brain architecture ready for development of successful verbal communication, but without any blueprint guiding recognition of the printed word.

Should You Tell Your Children How Much You Make?

Jan 30, 2015

A New York Times essay says that money is mysterious to kids, and suggests that by revealing your finances, you help clear things up for them and teach them a valuable lesson.

Football Fun: How to Turn the Super Bowl into a Learning Experience

Jan 26, 2015

It’s that time of the year again when the nation’s top two football teams battle it out on the gridiron in pursuit of the shiny Super Bowl trophy. And while this Sunday may be all about lounging and snacking for many families, there is a way you can help your child find out more about the game by taking inspiration from the field and turning it into a fun educational experience.

Football Fun: How to Turn the Super Bowl into a Learning Experience

Jan 26, 2015

It’s that time of the year again when the nation’s top two football teams battle it out on the gridiron in pursuit of the shiny Super Bowl trophy. And while this Sunday may be all about lounging and snacking for many families, there is a way you can help your child find out more about the game by taking inspiration from the field and turning it into a fun educational experience.

The End of Snow Days for Students?

Jan 25, 2015

A weekday spent home from the classroom and out in the snow with friends may soon not be an option for students not because of the piles of snow, but rather technology. Some students already complete assignments on iPads which means teachers could virtually send them their homework on “snow days.”

Celebrate National Mentoring Month with Acts of Gratitude

Jan 23, 2015

Research has shown that youth who have a mentor growing up are less likely to engage in risky behavior, and more likely to excel in their academics, participate in extracurricular activities and thrive in general. This January, in support of National Mentoring Month, you can help your child show his appreciation to his mentor through simple acts of gratitude.

Should Skipping School for Family Vacation be Illegal?

Jan 21, 2015

The New York Times published a report on whether pulling your kids out of school should be against the law. Some parents say it’s family time and important, but teachers say it creates a burden on them and can be disruptive to a student’s education.

Raising the Next Generation of Good Men

Jan 19, 2015

There exists a gap in the number of mentors that are available and the need that exists in communities across the country, especially for young men. To address this issue, our friends at Esquire Magazine recently launched their own mentoring project as a way to encourage men to get more involved.

Parents Face Backlash for Letting Kids Walk Alone

Jan 19, 2015

A Maryland family is under investigation by Child Protective Services for allowing their 10- and 6-year-old children to walk home unsupervised from a park a mile away.

Parents Risking Kids’ Lives by Forgetting to Buckle Seat Belts

Jan 17, 2015

Police say many parents put their children’s lives at risk when they do not put their kids in seat belts because they are in a rush.

Easy Ways Dads Can Get Involved in Their Child’s Education

Jan 12, 2015

Parents hear a lot these days about the importance of being involved in their children’s education. Unfortunately, dads often view “parent” as a code word for “mom.” Education, they say, is mom’s domain. So when mom steps up to the plate, dad often stays in the dugout. However, research indicates that a father’s involvement is crucial, and that it plays a key role in a child’s success in school and beyond.

Easy Ways Dads Can Get Involved in Their Child’s Education

Jan 12, 2015

Parents hear a lot these days about the importance of being involved in their children’s education. Unfortunately, dads often view “parent” as a code word for “mom.” Education, they say, is mom’s domain. So when mom steps up to the plate, dad often stays in the dugout. However, research indicates that a father’s involvement is crucial, and that it plays a key role in a child’s success in school and beyond.

Community Rallies Around Teen Bullied on Facebook Over Prom Pictures

Jan 12, 2015

A high school senior looking to sell her junior prom dress was bullied on Facebook after posting pictures of herself in the gown. But the encouraging comments from people in her community drowned out the bullies' voices and gave her a boost of confidence.

Vision Council to Digital Users: Beware Eyestrain

Jan 08, 2015

The trade association says that more than 90 percent of Americans are at risk for digital eyestrain. Symptoms include watery and irritated eyes.

Should Kids Be Allowed Cellphones in School?

Jan 07, 2015

New York City is about to lift a ban on children bringing phones to school after parents complained about not being connected to their kids during the school day.

Top Tips to Help Organize All of Your Kids’ Toys

Jan 06, 2015

Parents magazine’s Laura Fenton joins TODAY to offer ideas to help kids and parents keep all of their new toys in order, including using a special backpack to store toy cars, and using a shoe organizer to hold dolls.

Have a Resolution to Lose Weight? How Your Actions Affect Your Child’s Body Image

Jan 05, 2015

Adults often try to lose weight in the New Year, but this common resolution could impact your child much longer than most of us stick with our diets.

Even Smartphone Screens Impact Kids' Sleep, Study Finds

Jan 05, 2015

For tweens who got a tablet or smartphone for the holidays, their new bedtime routine may involve Netflix helping them doze off. But don’t think that's better than watching TV before bed.

Teacher Gives Surprising Lesson on Social Media

Dec 30, 2014

A sixth-grade teacher has received responses from around the world after posting a letter to Facebook about her students’ inappropriate social media sharing. The post was shared in 33 states and four other countries within eight hours, spurring some of her students to delete Facebook posts or even their entire pages.

New Year’s Resolutions - The Quality of the Little Things

Dec 29, 2014

I would like to think that the ending of another year and the beginning of a new one fills me with hope, joy and anticipation but if I am being honest, instead, it fills me with anxiety envisioning many unaccomplished goals. The beginning of the year is an optimal time for reflection, as long as it doesn't include self-flagellation. Researchers assert that when trying to make any changes - major or minor - “It is the quality of the little things that makes all the difference.”

What Kids Really Think About the Holidays

Dec 23, 2014

TODAY lifestyle and fitness correspondent Jenna Wolfe asks some creative kids about how they think certain holiday traditions came to be.

‘Tis the Season to Develop Volunteer Habits for Life

Dec 22, 2014

During the holidays, most families look for opportunities to be together. Children are out of school, vacation plans are in place and the road trips, football, food, music and traditions make it a perfect time to connect with others. But does it all need to be relaxing, kicking back, and endless conversation? There is another “tradition” that can add to the magic of the holidays: volunteering.

3 Tips to Help Your Kids Use Their Manners This Holiday

Dec 22, 2014

Psychotherapist M. Gary Neuman and etiquette author Faye de Muyshondt give advice on how you can teach your kids good manners over the holidays, including how to gratefully receive presents, greet family and sit at the dinner table.

Teen Tackles Cyberbullying

Dec 22, 2014

After a Florida girl committed suicide due to bullying, Trisha Prabhu decided to fight back with an innovative science fair project that earned her national acclaim.

11-Year-Old Spreads Love to Needy Children

Dec 19, 2014

TODAY correspondent Jenna Bush Hager sits down with Samuel Love, a Chicago fifth-grader who started a toy drive for kids affected by Hurricane Sandy and an Arkansas tornado.

Christmas Cookies and Other Tasty Treats You Can Make with the Kids

Dec 19, 2014

For a lot of families, the holidays are all about tradition and a big one is to leave cookies and treats for Santa on Christmas Eve. Deborah Stallings Stumm, founder of shares four festive recipes that your kids will love to make and don't require an oven.

Nearly Half of Teen Driver Deaths in Older Vehicles

Dec 19, 2014

Researchers say that older vehicles often lack key safety features such as electronic stability control, more common on newer models.

Parental Guidance: Teach Your Teen to be Smart About Tech

Dec 17, 2014

In this episode of Parental Guidance TODAY's Willie Geist and best bud Megan Colarossi talk about ways to make sure your teen is smart about tech.

‘Frozen,’ Legos, Tony Hawk: 10 Toy Ideas For Your Kids

Dec 17, 2014

Toy expert Laurie Schacht shows Kathie Lee and Hoda a collection of fun and educational toys your kids will love unwrapping this holiday season.

Mom’s Touching Letter to Daughter’s Stepmom Goes Viral

Dec 16, 2014

The relationship between a birth mom and a stepmom can be rough, but a loving family in Texas is fighting against that stereotype and winning.

Five Ways to Tame Bratty Behavior for the Holidays

Dec 15, 2014

Parents have a lot on their plate, with buying gifts, cooking, cleaning, making lists and checking everything twice, and it can be a challenge to get children to behave appropriately during the festivities. However, the holidays can also be a great opportunity to help improve your child’s social skills and teach the importance of being gracious.

Holiday Baking Recipes for Kids with Allergies

Dec 15, 2014

Kelly Rudnicki, author of “TheFood Allergy Mama’s Easy, Fast Family Meals,” offers some recipes for allergy-friendly cookies for children.

Mark Zuckerberg Has Some Advice for Parents: Don't Ban Facebook

Dec 11, 2014

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has some parenting advice for folks who are raising kids: Don’t ban Facebook.

High Cost of Day Care is Giving Parents Sticker Shock

Dec 10, 2014

A new report says that in 30 states and the District of Columbia, the average cost for infant care is higher than tuition and fees at a four-year public college.

Parental Guidance: Teenage Relationships

Dec 09, 2014

In this episode of Parental Guidance TODAY's Willie Geist and best bud Megan Colarossi share tips for having the old birds and the bees chat with your kids.

Make College Costs Manageable for the Entire Family

Dec 08, 2014

Applying to college can be as daunting for parents as it is for 12th graders–only for different reasons. While students focus on finding a place with the programs and activities they like, as parents we worry about whether we can afford college. We don’t want to let our children down, but we also must live within our family’s budget. Not to worry. There are things we can all do to make college costs manageable.

Study Shows Surge in Toy-Related Injuries

Dec 08, 2014

A new study by Nationwide Children’s Hospital shows a double-digit surge in the number of toy-related injuries among children in the last 22 years, with a 60 percent increase since the start of the study.

Holiday Toy Guide: 3 Ways to Tame Your Child's Gift List

Dec 05, 2014

Letters to Santa are a rite of passage, but sometimes kids can’t help but get crazy with the gift list part of the letter. How can parents help tame the desires for ponies, puppies and plenty of toys, toys, toys?

Why the YouTube CEO Always Tries to Eat Dinner with Her Kids, and 3 More Things to Know

Dec 05, 2014

Susan Wojcicki is a YouTube star without ever appearing in any crazy, viral online clips. She’s the CEO of the popular video-sharing site and she’s also an expectant mom, preparing to give birth to her fifth child while running the multi-billion dollar tech company.

Mom: Why I Cancelled My Kids’ Christmas

Dec 04, 2014

A Utah mom and her husband say they want to break their sons’ sense of entitlement. Instead of getting gifts, their sons will be giving gifts to other people.

Naughty or Nice? Tweens Rate Top Toys

Dec 04, 2014’s Stephanie Oppenheim joins TODAY with some young toy testers to discuss some of hot items on shelves for tweens, including a Lego set and the Sky Viper Quadcopter.

Divorce Rates are Lower, but So Are the Number of People Getting Married

Dec 03, 2014

TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones reports on new findings that suggest the divorce rate, which increased in the 1970s and 1980s, has been dropping for the last 20 years.

Holiday Toy Guide: Follow These 3 Rules to Get the Most Bang for Toy-Buying Bucks

Dec 03, 2014

It’s always good to make those dollars stretch, especially during the holiday season when gift-giving for the kiddos demands dollar after dollar after dollar. So how to get the most of what you are paying for when it comes to toys? Here, 3 strategies to help.

Why Parents Should Apologize When They Lose Their Cool

Dec 01, 2014

We've all been there - your child lets you down or says something that just pushes your buttons. Before you know it, you've said something you regret. How can you make it right? Dr. Maurice Elias explains.

The Kids Want Bikes or Scooters this Year? Buy Them Helmets Too, Docs Suggest

Dec 01, 2014

As kids craft their holiday wish lists, parents should add the gift of head protection, urge the authors of a landmark study released Monday that reveals ride-on toys are fueling a surge in playtime injuries.

6 Ways Parents Can Show Gratitude for the Kids They Have

Nov 26, 2014

While we’re so grateful for our kids deep-down, sometimes actually acting thankful for all the moments — even when your first-grader spills the entire box of cereal right before it’s time to leave for school — can be challenging, to say the least.

Bickering Benefits: Study Says It’s Good for Kids to See Family Arguments

Nov 26, 2014

A new study says that children who witness heated debates at home are better off later in life, and that it teaches them how to handle conflict.

How Many Calories in a Thanksgiving Meal?

Nov 25, 2014

The Rossen Reports team threw an early Thanksgiving dinner for one family, without telling them that every calorie they consumed was being logged and analyzed. The results were startling.

Should You Track Your Kids on Social Media?

Nov 25, 2014

Ninety-seven percent of TODAY viewers surveyed said parents should follow what their children say online. Kelly Ripa said she tracks what her kids post on social media.

The Hottest Toys this Holiday Season are ...

Nov 25, 2014

The Toy Insider’s Laurie Schacht joins TODAY to give us a preview of some of the hottest toys this holiday season that are selling at discount prices.

Keep Your Child’s Mind Active this Holiday Weekend

Nov 24, 2014

While the extra days off from school and the abundance of turkey may make your children tired and less motivated than usual, there are ways that you can keep the learning going throughout the lazy weekend. Here are some interesting facts that can help you make sure that the only potatoes are on your plate, and not on your couch, this Thanksgiving break.

Former ‘Tiger Mom’ Says She Was Wrong

Nov 24, 2014

The trend of “tiger parenting,” strict parents who push their children to achieve big goals, has been a topic of debate among parenting experts recently. One mom says we’re in danger of raising a generation of stressed-out kids if “tiger parenting” continues – she knows because she used to be one.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When You're Buying Toys

Nov 20, 2014

It’s getting to be the time of year when kids make their lists of toys they’d like for the holidays. Eager grandparents, friends, aunts and uncles also want to know what to buy the children in their lives. Here are three common mistakes to avoid when choosing toys.

#ToolkitTalk: Attitude of Gratitude: How to Raise Thankful Kids

Nov 19, 2014

@EducationNation teamed up with Parent Toolkit experts Amy McCready, Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions, and Jennifer Miller, Family & Educational Consultant for a #ToolkitTalk on gratitude. Take a look at what happened during the conversation below and join us next month!

5 Thanksgiving Activities to Keep Kids (and Adults) Entertained

Nov 19, 2014

The turkey needs basting, potatoes need mashing, pies need filling — and kids need to be entertained. Meredith Sinclair, the woman behind the blog Meredith Plays, has Thanksgiving activities that your kids will love — and maybe even the adults will want to join in, too.

Get Grateful! 20 Ways to Teach Kids Gratitude, from Tots to Teens

Nov 19, 2014

Of all the gifts your kids could get their hands on this season, there’s probably only one that will ensure their happiness will outlast a pack of batteries. I’ll give you a clue: It’s nothing you can put a bow on. I’m talking about the gift of a grateful heart.

Soft Drink Firms Still Target Kids, Report Finds

Nov 19, 2014

Soft drink makers have kept some of their promises to cut back marketing to kids, but they’re still spending enormous amounts of money selling sugary drinks, a new study finds.

Boy Sends Christmas Cards to Soldiers Overseas

Nov 18, 2014

Six-year-old Kayden from Meriden, Kansas, is one of the finalists in Spout’s Kindest Kid Contest. He started a project called Operation Christmas Smiles, in which kids make hundreds of Christmas cards and care packages for military men and women who are overseas during the holidays.

Perseverance and Grit Can Be Taught

Nov 17, 2014

The ability to persevere is necessary to develop a mind-set for success because no one, no matter how talented, achieves everything every time. Perseverance is a skill that can be taught. Although most of us learn it through trial and error, it can and should be taught, just like any other key skill or competency.

Little Girl Didn't Want Santa to Eat Alone, So...

Nov 17, 2014

When 3-year-old Gracie Wilson and her family happened upon a man with a white beard, red overalls and a merry twinkle in his eyes eating breakfast by himself at a local restaurant last week, the toddler immediately expressed concern about Santa Claus having no one to talk to.

Teaching the Next Generation of Coders

Nov 17, 2014

Kwame Anku, director of strategic development at #YesWeCode, joins Joy Reid to discuss teaching African-American and disadvantaged youths how to code, joining the tech economy.

Willie Geist and Megan Colarossi Will Teach Your Teen to Drive

Nov 17, 2014

In the newest episode of Parental Guidance, hosts Willie Geist and Megan Colarossi go over some tips for new drivers and recall some of their first experiences behind the wheel.

Snow Days May be Over for Students

Nov 13, 2014

More and more school districts are setting up virtual classrooms and requiring students to work at home on computers during harsh weather.

7 Ways to Unspoil Your Kids this Holiday Season

Nov 12, 2014

This season is all about gratitude—giving thanks for the things we appreciate. But what about when we can’t get our kids to mumble a simple “thanks” for the DVD we just bought them, or for cleaning their room? Is it possible that they’re a little bit…spoiled?

New Book Reveals How to Sharpen Your Mind

Nov 12, 2014

Benedict Carey, author of “How We Learn,” joins to discuss a number of new ways to learn, enhance motor skills, and retain valuable facts.

Truly thankful: 5 Tips to Teach Kids Real Gratitude

Nov 06, 2014

Believe it or not, there's a way to cut through the distractions and foster a spirit of gratitude — during the holidays and all year round. Follow these tips, and your kids might actually start counting their blessings instead of just the items on their wish lists.

Willie Geist and Megan Colarossi Solve Carsickness with a Potato

Nov 06, 2014

In the newest episode of Parental Guidance, host Willie Geist and Megan Colarossi take on the issue of carsickness and come up with some interesting solutions.

Why this Couple Won’t Pay for Kids’ College

Nov 05, 2014

In their new book, “Guerrilla Parenting,” California couple David and Jill argue that their children should figure out a way to pay for college on their own.

Risk-taking and the Teen Brain

Nov 03, 2014

During adolescence, your child’s body matures and she becomes more self-sufficient and independent. These years also bring dramatic hormonal fluctuations, greater peer pressure, increased access to drugs, alcohol, sex, and the risk of unsafe driving practices.

Experts: How, and When, to Talk About Sex with Your Kids

Nov 03, 2014

Psychologist Jennifer Hartstein and TODAY parents contributor Amy McCready discuss how to talk to your kids of all ages about the birds and the bees.

Are You OK, Mommy? Kate Snow on Covering the Ebola Story as a Mom

Oct 30, 2014

The question comes up every few days, but maybe not as often as you’d think. “Mommy — you’re OK, right?” My answer is always the same. “You know I’m not anywhere near Ebola. Mommy is reporting from outside the hospital. The sick people are far away, inside. Mommy won’t go anywhere near someone who has Ebola.”

Should Kids Call Parents by their First Names?

Oct 30, 2014

The Wall Street Journal says a growing number of kids are ditching the words "mom" and "dad," and are calling their parents by their first names. Some people say it’s a sign of closeness; others call it disrespectful.

#ToolkitTalk: Bullying - What Parents Can Do

Oct 29, 2014

@EducationNation teamed up with and renowned education expert and TODAY Show contributor @MicheleBorba for a #ToolkitTalk on bullying and what parents can do to help.

Build Your Child’s Social Skills this Halloween

Oct 27, 2014

Halloween is right around the corner and pretty soon, your child will be out in her best superhero or princess costume, knocking on doors and getting lots of tasty treats. This festive occasion is not all about dressing up, trick or treating or the sugar rushes that will follow, however. The spookiest night of the season can be a good time to build your child’s social graces, as she will be able to practice her skills through several interactions with others. Stellar social skills are just as important on this holiday as they are on any other day, but Halloween can be the perfect opportunity to teach your child about being gracious and about the rewards (candy!) that come from being respectful.

Build Your Child’s Social Skills this Halloween

Oct 27, 2014

Halloween is right around the corner and pretty soon, your child will be out in her best superhero or princess costume, knocking on doors and getting lots of tasty treats. This festive occasion is not all about dressing up, trick or treating or the sugar rushes that will follow, however. The spookiest night of the season can be a good time to build your child’s social graces, as she will be able to practice her skills through several interactions with others. Stellar social skills are just as important on this holiday as they are on any other day, but Halloween can be the perfect opportunity to teach your child about being gracious and about the rewards (candy!) that come from being respectful.

Tough Talks: How to Talk to Your Child About Drugs and Alcohol

Oct 24, 2014

Deciding when and how to talk to kids about alcohol and drug use can be a big decision. With all the other difficult conversations parents have with kids, this one might not be the most pressing on the agenda. But how your child approaches alcohol and drugs can have a life-long effect and serious consequences. To continue our series on these tough talks, we talked to a panel of our Parent Toolkit experts for their advice.

Concerns Grow Over ‘Hallo-Weed’ Candy

Oct 23, 2014

As kids gear up for Halloween, police are warning parents about candy laced with marijuana in states where recreational cannabis is now legal.

Why This Mom Won’t ‘Rescue’ Her Kids

Oct 23, 2014

Could it be a cure for helicopter parenting? Writer Jordana Horn and TODAY’s Matt Lauer discuss her recent article about a “no rescue” approach to parenting, which experts say could help build kids’ sense of responsibility.

Tough Talks: How to Discuss Divorce with Your Child

Oct 21, 2014

We’ve all heard the statistic that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, and while that figure is still not entirely proven to be accurate, the fact remains that many of the children in our country will deal with divorce at some point or another. Divorce can be traumatic for the entire family but there are ways to help children through this difficult time. We asked some of our Parent Toolkit experts for their advice about the best way to help children navigate divorce.

Boo! 5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Kids

Oct 21, 2014

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shows off a few creative ideas to get your kids into the Halloween spirit, including arts and crafts, DIY treats and fun with bubbles.

Mom Offers Free Dance Classes to Special-Needs Kids

Oct 21, 2014

The TODAY series “Hope to It” spotlights North Carolina mom Brenda Miller, who opened DanceAbilities Academy, a studio with free classes for children with special needs.

Tough Talks: Having the "Sex Talk" With Your Child

Oct 20, 2014

It’s a question that can pop up innocently at a young age, “Where do babies come from?” but it can turn into an awkward conversation for all involved rather quickly. The birds and the bees talk may be one of the most important conversations you have with your child, but it can also be one of the hardest. It doesn’t have to be. There are ways to weave the conversation into everyday life. Resources are available to help when you can’t find the right words. We spoke to a panel of our Parent Toolkit experts to get their advice on how to make the sex talk a bit easier.

Are Mom and Dad Responsible for Kids’ Facebook Posts?

Oct 20, 2014

The TODAY Show anchors discuss a court ruling that appears to set a legal precedent about parental responsibility for a child’s online actions after a boy posted a fake Facebook profile to bully a classmate.

New Tech Targets Drivers Who Pass School Buses

Oct 20, 2014

Motorists illegally pass stopped school buses more than 70,000 times a day, endangering the lives of children. Now police are using new technology to catch the lawbreakers.

Mom Takes on Toys ‘R Us for Selling ‘Breaking Bad’ Toys

Oct 19, 2014

One Florida mom launched a petition to stop Toys ‘R Us from selling a line of dolls based on the crystal-meth dealers of “Breaking Bad,” adding that she liked the show and has no problem if the dolls are sold in adult stores.

Al Roker’s Parenting Advice? Here It Is

Oct 17, 2014

From denial to exception-making, Al Roker explains to millennials how they will one day turn into their parents.

How to Manage Your Child's Emotions

Oct 16, 2014

Experts say a child’s emotional intelligence, or EQ, can be more important than their IQ and parenting expert Michele Borba joins the TODAY Show to offer her advice on how to help kids of all ages keep their emotions in check.

Are Your Kids' Halloween Costumes Safe?

Oct 15, 2014

Good Housekeeping’s Meaghan Murphy visits TODAY to reveal results of the magazine’s tests on the flammability of some of the most popular Halloween costumes for kids.

What Can Be Done To Stop Bullying?

Oct 13, 2014

We know bullying is harmful. We know a lot about how to prevent it. But bullying is still common. Why is this and how can we change this?

How Parents Can Help Children Deal with Stress

Oct 10, 2014

When asked if any part of school made them feel worried or stressed, nearly half the surveyed kids said yes. Stress, it turns out, is not exclusively the domain of adults. And the idea of a carefree childhood may be magical thinking. Here are tips--gleaned from experts, parents, and kids themselves--for talking to children about stress.

Here's the Biggest Culprit in Distracted Parenting (According to Kids)

Oct 08, 2014

Christine French Cully from Highlights magazine and parenting expert Michele Borba discuss a “State of The Kid” survey in which many kids say they are stressed out and feel their parents are distracted when they talk to them.

Study: Sexting Not Always Linked to Risky Behavior

Oct 07, 2014

New research finds that sexting isn’t always linked to risky sexual behavior. Instead, it may be part of normal adolescent development.

A Better Version of Yourself

Oct 06, 2014

As parents, we will all have our share of times when we lose our “cool” and are thoroughly uncertain about what to do next. Handling your most heated emotions can be one of the greatest tests of character. But if we have established a plan in advance to deal with anger or anxiety, we will not only act with emotional intelligence, but also model the ways in which we hope to teach our children to handle their emotions.

Phone Distractions Linked to Teen Pedestrian Accidents

Oct 06, 2014

Forty percent of teens surveyed by Safe Kids Worldwide report either being hit by or almost hit by a car, because they’re too distracted by their phones.

High School Quarterback Plays for Opposing Team in Act of Sportsmanship

Oct 04, 2014

When one Mississippi high school football team lost their quarterback for the game due to injury, their opponents offered up their starting quarterback.

Before the Darkness: Family Chases 'Bucket List' of Sights as 9-Year-Old Goes Blind

Oct 02, 2014

Nine-year-old Ben Pierce is slowly, steadily going blind. So his family has embarked on an amazing "bucket list" adventure, trying to pack his mind full of visual memories to last a lifetime.

Is it OK to Discipline Other People’s Kids?

Oct 02, 2014

Natalie Morales, Willie Geist and Tamron Hall discuss a woman griping about sitting near a 2-year-old who threw a tantrum during a flight, and debated whether it’s OK to say something to the parents of a misbehaving child.

Texting While Walking: The Dangerous Traffic Trend for Teens

Oct 01, 2014

Two in five teens say they have been hit or nearly hit by a car, bike or motorcycle while walking, a new report finds. And lot of those scary situations involved electronic devices.

Exercise Shown to Improve Kids’ Brain Function

Sep 29, 2014

Researchers at the University of Illinois found that children they studied who exercised regularly were more fit, had better attention skills and scored twice as high on intellectual tasks as a non-exercise group.

#ToolkitTalk: Developing Healthy Online Behaviors

Sep 25, 2014

@EducationNation teamed up with Parent Toolkit expert Faye de Muyshondt, founder of socialsklz:), for a #ToolkitTalk on developing healthy online behaviors.

CEO Quits After Daughter Shows Him What He Missed

Sep 25, 2014

Mohamed El-Erian quit his job as CEO of PIMCO, an investment fund, after his daughter confronted him, showing him 22 different milestones in her life he had missed.

Keeping Your Kids Organized

Sep 25, 2014

Finding new ways to keep your kid's school work organized can be difficult, but with a few simple tips, you can keep your little scholars work easily accessible while being prepared for any big projects that might come up.

Bullies' Homecoming Prank Backfires

Sep 21, 2014

A homecoming queen offers her crown to a girl who'd been tricked into thinking she was on the court.

Recent NFL Case Brings Focus to Corporal Punishment Debate

Sep 19, 2014

Following Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson’s indictment on charges of abusing his child, there is a renewed debate over how parents discipline their children. Jonathan Capehart and Dr. Stacy Drury discuss.

Rossen Reports: Will Strangers Help a ‘Lost’ Child?

Sep 18, 2014

Would you notice a lost kid wandering around, and would you get involved and help? NBC News national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen reports the surprising results of a social experiment.

Teen Breaks Dangerous Addiction to the Internet

Sep 18, 2014

As TODAY’s “Secret Lives of Teens” series continues, NBC special anchor Maria Shriver presents the story of a teen who broke free of an Internet addiction so powerful it made him stop eating and even led to him flunking out of school.

Kids Open Up About Modern-Day Anxieties

Sep 17, 2014

As part of TODAY’s “Secret Lives of Teens” series, NBC news special anchor Maria Shriver sits down with young people to discuss issues they commonly struggle with – and often keep hidden from their parents.

Being Bullied by a Sibling May Impact Mental Health

Sep 11, 2014

Researchers found that 18-year-olds who were teased or bullied by a sibling were twice as likely as their peers to report depression or attempt self-harm.

3 Things that Stress Moms Out Most

Sep 10, 2014

Former newscaster Carole Sullivan, Rachel Campos-Duffy, a spokeswoman for The LIBRE Initiative, and founder Rene Syler join TODAY to discuss the most stressful situations they encounter as moms, including managing finances and housework.

The Importance of Being an Advocate for Your Child

Sep 08, 2014

Whether it’s bullying or a child who needs extra attention, NBC News National Correspondent Kate Snow knows first-hand the importance of advocating for your child. This week, she shares her story and the lessons she’s learned with the Parent Toolkit.

Is Family Dinner Worth the Stress?

Sep 08, 2014

A new study looks at the stress (on moms in particular) of coordinating family dinners. Researchers say the expectations may cause more harm than good.

How to Get Kids to Open Up About Their School Day

Sep 05, 2014

There are ways to get children to talk about their school day and even give us a clue as to what’s going on in their world. The trick is to use a few different communication strategies.

Children’s Sunglasses Recalled for Excessive Lead

Sep 05, 2014

More than 200,000 sunglasses are being recalled because the surface paint on them contains excessive levels of lead paint.

Not Having Luck Asking the Kids 'So How Was School Today?'

Sep 05, 2014

The start of the school year brings big fanfare from parents, but once kids say goodbye and get to school, what happens? If yours give you a blank stare when you ask about their day, mommy blogger Liz Evans has some tips you might want to try.

‘Helicopter Parents’ Now Hover Over Campus

Sep 04, 2014

Constant communication with “helicopter parents” – moms and dads who hover over their kids, even when they’re away from home – may have a negative effect on college students who need to learn to live on their own.

Helping Kids with Special Needs

Sep 02, 2014

Fred Margolin talks about his company, Robokind, which is revolutionizing the way we engage and teach special needs children – especially those with Autism.

4 Cool Back-to-School Looks for Kids

Sep 01, 2014

Style expert Lilliana Vasquez shows Kathie Lee and Hoda four fall fashions for kids heading back to school.

Martha’s Tips for Getting Kids Organized for Class

Aug 28, 2014

Martha Stewart joins TODAY to offer advice on how parents can help their children stay organized for school, using such items as bins and a label maker.

Must-Have Products to Keep Your Students Safe

Aug 28, 2014

“The Safety Chick” Kathleen Baty joins TODAY to show off some great products for your students, including a Master lock and backpacks that light up.

New Responses to the Age-Old Question ‘Are We There Yet?’

Aug 28, 2014

While they won't speed up you next road trip, these fun responses to the "Are we there yet" question from your little backseat drivers will keep your kids laughing all the way to your destination.

‘Angels For Kids’ Helps Needy Children Head to School

Aug 28, 2014

TODAY’s “Hope to It” series spotlights the Cleveland program “Angels For Kids,” which recently threw its annual back-to-school makeover event for underprivileged children.

How to Get Your Family’s Bedtime Back on Track

Aug 27, 2014

Dr. Carol Ash joins TODAY to offer tips on how to break free of carefree summer schedules and get back into a regular sleep schedule.

Mom Writes Apology Letter to Second Child

Aug 27, 2014

A mother wrote an endearing, tongue-in-cheek letter telling her second child how differently they’ve been treated by their family than the firstborn.

The Parent Toolkit - Now Available On-The-Go!

Aug 26, 2014

Do you love our Parent Toolkit website? Do you wish it was even more personal for you and your family? We’ve got good news! Everything you love about the Parent Toolkit site - like academic benchmarks and health and wellness tips - is now available for your iOS and Android devices.

Back-to-School Tips for Parents & Kids

Aug 25, 2014

Meredith Sinclair of joins TODAY to offer tips that help children make the transition from carefree summer days to hectic school days.

How Much Sleep Should Your Teen Get?

Aug 25, 2014

Dr. Danielle Laraque joins TODAY to talk about a new study suggesting that bad sleep patterns among adolescents are a serious problem that can impact their health and academic success.

Make Long Car Rides Tolerable with a Game of Hink Pink

Aug 22, 2014

Instead of filling time during long car rides with games of I Spy and 20 Questions, try out a round of Hink Pink. It's a fun and clever word game that's good for the whole family.

Save Money with DIY Back-to-School Supplies

Aug 20, 2014

Brit Morin, founder and CEO of Brit + Co., shows TODAY viewers some simple DIY tricks to help save money on everything from pens and pencils to book covers and organizers.

Parenting: When To Push, When Not To & How To Tell the Difference

Aug 18, 2014

It’s a battle many parents face; when to push and when not to. How do you know when your child is really ready to quit? How do you know when you should make him go to practice or let him sit this season out?

Mom Creates App to Get Teens to Return Calls

Aug 18, 2014

A Houston mom created an app called “Ignore No More,” which shuts down kids’ phones when they ignore their parents’ calls or texts.

Top Tips to Save on Back-to-School Shopping

Aug 18, 2014

TODAY’s financial editor Jean Chatzky offers advice on how to save money on clothes and supplies for parents of children who are heading back to school, including taking advantage of tax-free opportunities to shop.

Avoid Turbulence: 3 Tips for Flying with Young Kids

Aug 15, 2014

Air travel with children can be a challenge. Use these shortcuts to help make the flight go smoother for you, the kids and everyone with screaming distance.

Parents Paying Big Bucks for Back-to-School Supplies

Aug 15, 2014

There’s a case of sticker shock over what some moms and dads are calling ridiculously long school-supply lists.

Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles for Kids

Aug 14, 2014

Cozy Friedman, of Cozy’s Cuts for Kids, demonstrates how to give your little one a braided bun, a flip-tail side pony or a spiked haircut to help them look stylish for the school year.

Kids Model Their Favorite Back-to-School Fashions

Aug 14, 2014

Listen up, parents! Your back-to-school clothes shopping just got a little easier. As the summer comes to an end,'s lifestyle editor Chassie Post stopped by TODAY to share chic looks for the upcoming fall season.

Kids Model Their Favorite Back-to-School Fashions

Aug 14, 2014

Listen up, parents! Your back-to-school clothes shopping just got a little easier. As the summer comes to an end,'s lifestyle editor Chassie Post stopped by TODAY to share chic looks for the upcoming fall season.

Guiding Our Children Through School Transitions: Middle School

Aug 12, 2014

Ah, middle school, the time during which every parent gains a full understanding of why some animals eat their young. Seriously, I do love middle school students. They live in a world of black and white. There’s no gray. Things are either a crisis or they are nothing.

School Supplies Cost $20-$100 More This Year

Aug 12, 2014

A survey found that supplies for a middle school student will cost an average of around $312 this fall, up about $100 from last year. Outfitting a student in high school will run about $350, up by about $20.

Guiding Our Children Through School Transitions: Elementary School

Aug 11, 2014

Parents and children deal with a number of school transitions throughout life. As parents, we want the best for our kids, and we want them to be happy, successful and fulfilled during their school life. Parents sometimes struggle with how and what to do to make this possibility more of a reality. Here are a few ideas that might keep everyone smiling.

Parents, Hang Up! Your Call May be Distracting Your Teen Driver

Aug 08, 2014

Worried your child is using a cell phone behind the wheel? You're probably the one they’re talking to, according to a new study on distracted driving and teens.

Things I Wish I'd Known Before My Child Started Kindergarten

Aug 08, 2014

You’re feeling anxious about sending your child off to kindergarten, and rightfully so. Kindergarten is, after all, kind of a big deal.

Your Back-to-School Shopping Cheat Sheet: How to Get the Best In-Store Deals

Aug 08, 2014

This year, the International Council of Shopping Centers reports 90% of shoppers will be lured out of the house and into physical stores by the promise of money-saving sales. Here are a few strategies from the experts to try to save money on all those pencils and Trapper Keepers.

The Best Time to Get Deals on Back-to-School Gear

Aug 07, 2014

Maggie Murphy from Parade magazine explains when you can get the lowest prices on back-to-school items, jeans, outdoor furniture and electronics.

Play and Pay: Parents Criticizing In-App Purchases

Aug 06, 2014

The “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” game for smart devices is growing in popularity, but some parents are criticizing the game’s in-app purchases, saying they take advantage of children.

‘Extreme Parenting’ Star: I Want My Son to be Strong

Aug 06, 2014

The stars of Bravo’s new documentary series “Extreme Guide to Parenting” tell Kathie Lee and Hoda about their unconventional styles of raising their children and explain why they chose to reveal their lives to the world.

Kids and Coding: What Every Parent Can Do

Aug 04, 2014

Teaching children coding is catching on with non-profits, special interest groups, large-scale philanthropies, and the media for a very good reason: kids who code will have a tremendous advantage in the job market.

Why You Should Encourage Kids to Play Video Games

Aug 04, 2014

Video games might actually be good for kids, so long as they play for less than an hour a day, according to a new study.

Mom Punishes Teen by Selling Her Katy Perry Tickets

Aug 02, 2014

When North Dakota mom Cindy Bjerke felt her 18-year-old daughter had misbehaved, she took to Facebook to sell the girl’s Katy Perry concert tickets as punishment.

Summertime is for “Summermind” Math Activities

Jul 28, 2014

Hear the word “summer” and images of sandy beaches, ice cream cones, and campfires come to mind, not multiplication, fractions, and geometry. However, the more relaxed pace of summer is the perfect time to work with your child on building his or her math skills.

Why One Dad Wants to Ban Play Dates

Jul 28, 2014

The play date has become as much a part of childhood as homework and sleepovers. But one dad says the play date is ruining kids and the basic concept of play.

7 Things that Should be on Every Dad's Summer Bucket List

Jul 25, 2014

Summer is going fast, but we've still got time to enjoy it. I asked fellow dads for their favorite summer moments, and they helped illustrate this handy guide to warm weather parenting. Here's what we think every dad should do with his kids this summer.

Play Nice: Ways to Teach Kindness and Raise Kids Who Aren't Jerks

Jul 24, 2014

Every parent has probably said, “play nicely” or “be kind to your sister.” And most of us agree that we want to raise caring children But is kindness something you can really teach?

#ToolkitTalk: Talking to Kids About Drugs

Jul 23, 2014

@EducationNation joined Parent Toolkit expert Dr. Shari Sevier, Chair of the American School Counselors Association, and Stephen Wallace, school psychologist and director of the Center for Adolescent Research and Education (CARE), for a #ToolkitTalk on how parents can talk to their kids about drugs.

Barbie Girl Scout Doll Creates Controversy

Jul 21, 2014

American’s newest Girl Scout is Barbie, who joined the troop as part of a $2 million deal with Mattel. Consumer groups blast the partnership, saying Barbie is a terrible role model for girls.

Barbie Girl Scout Doll Creates Controversy

Jul 21, 2014

American’s newest Girl Scout is Barbie, who joined the troop as part of a $2 million deal with Mattel. Consumer groups blast the partnership, saying Barbie is a terrible role model for girls.

‘Are We There Yet?’ DIY Travel Games For Kids

Jul 18, 2014

Maxwell Ryan from Therapy Media offers parents clever DIY travel games to keep the kids entertained (and quiet) on road trips.

Parental Guidance: What To Do When Your Kid Drops The F-Bomb

Jul 17, 2014

In this episode of "Parental Guidance" Willie Geist and Megan Colarossi discuss ways to keep your child and teen's mouths clean.

Study: Teens’ Cars Aren’t Safe Enough

Jul 16, 2014

With so many teens driving smaller, cheaper cars with little crash protection, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has compiled a list of recommended used cars for teen drivers.

Helping Your Child Build a Strong Vocabulary

Jul 14, 2014

To succeed in school and beyond, children need to build a robust vocabulary. Kids learn a lot from the adults in their lives and there are many ways you can help your child learn new words. We reached out to Parent Toolkit expert and University of Michigan Education Professor Nell Duke for some tips you can use at home to expand your child's vocabulary.

Accidental Overdose: Parents Are Terrible at Measuring Kids' Meds

Jul 14, 2014

Parents aren’t doing a great job measuring out medications for their little ones — and the problem may be that we’re still using the so-called English system rather than switching to the metric system, a new study shows.

Hey, Four Eyes: More Education Leads to Lousy Vision

Jul 11, 2014

Turns out there’s something to that image of the four-eyed nerd: New research suggests that higher levels of education — and more time squinting at that computer screen and textbook — really could make you need glasses.

Should Teen Sexting be a Felony?

Jul 11, 2014

Lawyers of a 17-year-old teen charged with creating child pornography believe that the law should be reserved for those who target children instead of teens voluntarily texting each other.

Make a Rainy Day Fun! 8 Toys to Keep Your Kids Happy and Busy

Jul 09, 2014

Meredith Sinclair, a contributor for, which spotlights toys and reveals where you can buy them, joins TODAY with some fun game and craft ideas for kids.

Screen Time Overload: It's Not All Bad News

Jul 09, 2014

Nearly three quarters of kids aged 12 to 15 spend more than two hours a day in front of a computer or TV screen, according to a new government report.

Why We Ditched the Schedule This Summer

Jul 07, 2014

I've always thought that kids should have freedom and free time. As a young parent, I vowed to never over-schedule our kids. But let's be honest, that's actually a hard thing to achieve in my community. And this spring - wow did we over-schedule our kids. I mean bad.

5 Summer Habits that are Bad for You and Your Kids' Health

Jul 07, 2014

Is it bad to drink from a garden hose? How about eating an ice pop with freezer burn, or driving with those flip-flops? Sara Peterson of HGTV magazine quizzes Kathie Lee and Hoda.

Study: Half of Parents Help Foot College Grads' Bills

Jul 07, 2014

TODAY's financial editor Jean Chatzky offers some sound financial advice to the Costabile family, who join TODAY to talk about having two college grads still living at home with financial support from their parents.

Can Working Parents "Have It All"?

Jul 03, 2014

In the wake of recent frank remarks by Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo CEO and working mom, as well as Matt Lauer’s recent interview with GM CEO Mary Barra, the TODAY anchors and Martha Stewart have a lively and candid discussion about juggling work and parenthood.

Imagining Career Possibilities

Jun 30, 2014

Imagining a career path can be quite hard for some students. To help us understand things parents can do to support their kids’ career exploration, we talked with Tammy Dodson, a Colorado high school counselor. She has 7 ideas to help teach your son or daughter about the variety of careers available after graduation.

11-Year-Old Facing Blindness Aims to Help Others

Jun 30, 2014

Lilly Diuble has a rare genetic condition called Usher Syndrome that will one day leave her blind, but she’s fighting back. She’s raised nearly $100,000 for an annual vision walk coordinated by the Foundation for Fighting Blindness.

Brush Up on Your Water Safety Skills with These Tips

Jun 30, 2014

Before you dive into the pool to cool off this summer, check out our summer safety checklist, with life-saving swimming tips for you and your family.

Free Camp for Sick Kids Grows

Jun 26, 2014

Clea Newman talks about the achievements of the SeriousFun Children’s Network, which is a global community of camps and programs for sick children.

Tips for Helping Kids Avoid Summer Brain Drain

Jun 26, 2014

Katherine Cohen from offers advice for keeping your kids’ minds in learning mode throughout the summer.

When Lice Attack! Willie and Meg Offer Suggestions to Defeat the Little Buggers

Jun 26, 2014

It’s the four letter word that you never want to hear in your house…LICE! Chances are, if you have kids then you will most likely encounter these pesky little buggers at one point or another.

Parents Value Grades Over Kindness, Kids Say in New Study

Jun 25, 2014

A study reveals 80 percent of kids said their parents value happiness and personal success more than being caring. They believe their parents want them to prioritize good grades over being a good person.

Retire Your Referee Whistle, and More Secrets to Stop Summertime Sibling Squabbles

Jun 25, 2014

While most kids count down the days left until summer vacation, parents are often counting down the days until school starts again. If the closeness of summer vacation has ramped up the sibling squabbles, these tips can help restore some harmony.

How to Help Your Kid Make a Good Digital First Impression

Jun 23, 2014

You don't get a second chance to make a digital first impression. You may have taught your kids how to shake hands and look people in the eye, but their social media profile might sabotage their future success.

More College Graduates are Moving Back Home

Jun 23, 2014

Matthew Segal, a millennial and co-founder of, and Jen Hartstein, a family psychologist, join TODAY to discuss the growing number of college graduates moving back in with their parents. They’re being called the “boomerang generation.”

Study: Kids who Play Outside Learn to ‘Set Their Own Goals’

Jun 20, 2014

A new study reveals that children who play outdoors and in less structured environments have higher success rates in the classroom, and think more independently.

The Changing Demographics of Parents

Jun 19, 2014

A new study done at Johns Hopkins shows the changing demographics in parenthood, including more single mothers and the limited amount of time parents have to spend with their children.

Through Snow and Rain, Boy Rides Bike To School For Entire Year

Jun 19, 2014

New Hampshire boy rides his bicycle to school every day, despite snowy winter.

Do Dads Really Matter?

Jun 16, 2014

Paul Raeburn, author of the new book, “Do Fathers Matter?: What Science is Telling Us About the Parent We’ve Overlooked,” joins The Cycle to discuss the evolutionary and psychological impact of fathers.

Letter from Son at Camp to Mom Goes Viral

Jun 16, 2014

A mom posted a letter online that she got from her eight-year-old son, in which he reveals, “I’ve ate [sic] more push pops then [sic] anyone,” and was glad she packed him extra underwear after some uncomfortable mishaps.

Parental Guidance: Willie Geist & Megan Colarossi on How to Enforce a Curfew

Jun 16, 2014

"Since the beginning of time, teenagers have been trying to trick their parents into thinking they were home for curfew," Willie Geist says, as he sits down with friend and fellow parent Megan Colarossi to discuss some of parenting's greatest challenges.

CDC: Fewer Teens Smoke, More Text while Driving

Jun 13, 2014

A report from the Centers for Disease Control on risky behavior in youths says the number of kids smoking is down, but an alarming number are texting while driving, and carrying weapons.

Redefining Fatherhood: What it Means to 'Be a Man’ Today

Jun 10, 2014

What does it mean to be a good dad? Once it might have meant providing for and protecting your family. For a new generation of American fathers, however, the definition of what it means to be a good dad increasingly also includes washing the dishes, making dinner or taking the kids to school.

Summer Bummer: When School's Out, Kids Put on Pounds

Jun 10, 2014

School districts nationwide have been banning sugary drinks and fat-laden lunches to help curb rampant obesity among students, but a new analysis suggests that summer is actually when kids pack on more pounds.

A Gift Parents Can Give Children that Money Can’t Buy

Jun 09, 2014

Across the country, many children are being raised bilingually, and research shows that being bilingual can be beneficial for children. It leads to increased activity in the area of the brain that controls impulses, decision making, and self-awareness.

Do Education Apps Keep Kids Sharp or Just Plugged In?

Jun 05, 2014

Bored kids complaining about how “there’s nothing to do” this summer need look no further than their neighborhood app store.

Slender Man: Do Your Kids Know Him, Too?

Jun 05, 2014

Two 12-year-old girls are accused of attempted homicide after cops say they tried to stab their friend to death to win the fictional character's approval. Parents weigh in on "Slender Man," and whether he poses a threat.

Finding the Right Mentor for Your Child

Jun 02, 2014

It is important that all kids have positive adult role models, besides their parents, throughout their lives. You can help to connect your child with other positive adult influences throughout your community.

Dads Who Do More Raise More Ambitious Kids

Jun 02, 2014

New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees, joins Tamron Hall to discuss balancing being a father, a sports star and helping out at home.

Some Yogurts Have More Sugar than a Twinkie

May 28, 2014

If you’re not reading yogurt nutritional labels closely, you could end up consuming more than your daily allowance of sugar.

How Dads Factor into the Modern Family

May 28, 2014

Clinical psychologist Javier Amador, dad and blogger Jim Lin, and Adam Cohen of DaDaRocks join TODAY to talk about the changing roles of fathers today.

Sleep to Win!

May 19, 2014

Teenagers have no idea how their athletic abilities can dramatically improve over night. All they need to do is get more sleep!

#ToolkitTalk: A Conversation with @MicheleBorba on the Summer Slide

May 12, 2014

@EducationNation and renowned education expert and TODAY Show contributor @MicheleBorba hosted the first-ever #ToolkitTalk on May 9.

Natalie Morales on the Top 10 Surprises About Being a Mom

May 09, 2014

Today Show anchor Natalie Morales shares the top 10 most surprising things about being a mom.

Eat This, Not That: Healthy Swaps to Fuel Your Student for Success

May 05, 2014

Every parent wants to raise healthy and successful children. But by making informed decisions about what to feed your children, you can support your child’s health and help prevent chronic diseases, like diabetes.

How Motherhood Affects our Brains

May 05, 2014

Being a mom may have a significant effect on a woman’s brain. It’s just one fascinating fact researchers are uncovering about how motherhood changes us.

Learn the Secret Word that will get Your Preschooler to Help Clean Up

Apr 29, 2014

Getting kids to put down the toys and help out around the house can feel like a thankless battle. But new research suggests a surprisingly simple solution: just change the way you talk about helping.

New Home of Cyberbullying? Yik Yak Gossip App Takes Off in High Schools

Apr 29, 2014

The smartphone app that launched last December takes cyberbullying to a whole new level, critics say: A growing number of users and a lack of accountability can be a dangerous combination.

How Children's Sleepy Brains Fail Them

Apr 28, 2014

Almost 40 percent of students in kindergarten through fourth grade have trouble sleeping and those poor sleep habits carry over into adolescence. But with a little help, parents can help instill healthy sleeping routines into their kids.

Advice to Parents for Raising Strong Boys

Apr 25, 2014

Meg Meeker, author of “Strong Mothers, Strong Sons” and Leonard Sax, who wrote “Boys Adrift,” discuss how parents can raise strong sons by demonstrating you believe in them.

How Overwhelmed Moms Can Lessen Stress

Apr 23, 2014

Psychologist Jennifer Hartstein and Jessica Lahey, a mother of two kids, give advice on how moms can add downtime to their schedules and establish guidelines for screen time.

Is Your Child College Bound? How Do You Pay for it?

Apr 17, 2014

Millions of college-bound high school seniors are receiving acceptance letters and financial aid award packages this month. Now it's decision time—not only for the student, but for Mom and Dad too—forcing families to grapple with how to pay for it all.

Parents' Aggravation Nearly Doubles In Decade

Apr 09, 2014

That sound of teeth gnashing might be coming from a mom or dad near you as modern parenting takes its toll.The proportion of parents reporting aggravation has “substantially” increased since the late 1990s, according to a new report from Child Trends, a nonprofit that researches the well-being of kids.

10 Moms Tell Why They Choose Home Over Office

Apr 08, 2014

While a new report from the Pew Research Center finds that more moms are staying at home full time with their kids, the revelation was not a surprise to the many SAHMs (stay at home moms) who are part of the TODAY Moms Facebook community. In their stories, they reflect much of what the report found: that the increase in SAHMs is driven by a mix of demographic, economic and societal factors.

Blast From the Past: Teacher Mails Letters Students Wrote Themselves 20 Years Ago

Apr 08, 2014

For nearly 40 years, Bruce Farrer has been part teacher and part detective, tracking down thousands of his former students to give them a blast from their pasts.

Undercover Investigation: 'Stranger Danger' Applies to College Kids, Too

Apr 01, 2014

Last year, 72 young adults aged 18 to 25 were reported abducted by strangers. Surprisingly, it's teenagers, not little kids, who are abducted most often by strangers. And some of those teens are in college.

The Danger of Overprotecting Children

Mar 28, 2014

The Atlantic’s Hanna Rosin joins Morning Joe to discuss the magazine’s latest cover story “The Overprotected Kid,” which looks at how the practice can have a negative impact on children.

Hug More, Scold Less: Strict Parenting Linked to Child Obesity

Mar 19, 2014

Moms and dads whose favorite phrase is, “because I said so,” may want to rethink their parenting style. A new study shows that authoritarian parents are more likely to have obese kids than those who take the time to explain rules.

Is Social Media Killing the School Dance? Schools Cancel Dances as Teens Opt Out

Mar 14, 2014

Ah, the school dance. Generations of kids have found it hard to resist the potent mix of romance, raging hormones and awkward kisses in a darkened gym setting. Until now, that is.

Jane Fonda to Teens: ‘Trust the Person You’re With’

Mar 04, 2014

Actress Jane Fonda joins Matt Lauer to chat about has a new book for teens on sex and identity, called, “Being a Teen.” She also chats about her own struggles growing up.

7 Ways to Help Your Child Get More Sleep

Mar 03, 2014

Let’s face it – the vast majority of our kids are sleep deprived. Though it may appear that they have an overabundance of energy, the 7 or 8 hours that your child is currently getting isn’t enough sleep.

Up All Night: Parents and Kids are Losing Sleep to Their Devices

Mar 03, 2014

Sixteen percent of children said they read emails or text messages after they've already gone to bed, and more than half of the kids who admitted to after-hours texting had a parent who reported doing this as well.

How Vacations Can Make Your Kids Financially Savvy

Feb 27, 2014

Summer vacation season is right around the corner. That means families have an easy opportunity to help their kids become financially savvy, by involving children in planning some of the spending aspects of the getaway.

How to Support Children of Military Families

Feb 24, 2014

There are almost 1.4 million children in the U.S. between the ages of 4 and 18 with a parent serving in the military. That can mean frequent moves and adapting to a new school and new curriculum. Expert Laurie Curtis offers tips to help navigate those changes.

Why Do Children Like Elmo?

Feb 23, 2014

Why are toddlers obsessed with this red Muppet with a high pitched voice and a giggle that annoys most adults. Child psychologist Tovab Klein explains why children relate and see themselves in this innocent little monster.

Teens and Social Media? ‘It’s Complicated’

Feb 20, 2014

It’s tough to deny that teens are extensive users of social media networks, but there’s good news: Most teens do so responsibly.

Two Questions You Should Ask Your Teens About Drugs and Alcohol

Feb 18, 2014

Having "The Talk" with your child doesn't necessarily just mean a conversation about sex. As kids get older, many parents wonder what they should say about drugs and alcohol to help them navigate their teen years.

6 Annoying Things Your Children Do That Are Actually Good for Them

Feb 17, 2014

Your child may yell, scream and work to make themselves the center of attention. But in reality, they are doing exactly what they should be doing to help learn to manage their emotions.

The Timeless Value of Puzzles

Feb 10, 2014

For as much as children’s entertainment has changed over the years, one thing that never seems to change is how much kids love puzzles. Whether it is connecting two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, following the path to the end of a maze, or discovering the hidden banana in a detailed illustration, puzzles entertain and engage kids of all ages in ways that few other activities can.

Parents and the Explicit Instruction of Compassion

Feb 03, 2014

Parents want their children to create lives that are meaningful, productive, and healthy. Scoring well on state tests, developing critical thinking skills, and controlling impulses all play a part in this grand endeavor. Mastering the skill of compassion may also help set your child up for future success.

Emotional Support Helps Teens Overcome Racial Discrimination

Feb 03, 2014

Racial discrimination isn’t just a civil rights issue — it can also affect teenagers’ health, a new study suggests.

Making the Most of Playtime When it Doesn't Come Naturally

Feb 03, 2014

For some parents, playing with their child is the most natural thing on earth. For others, it can be a source of shame and frustration.

The Highs and Lows of Modern Parenting

Feb 03, 2014

Author Jennifer Senior joins Morning Joe to discuss her new book “All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood.”

Dr. Phil: Yelling at Kids Causes 'Shutdown'

Jan 30, 2014

As a new study reveals that parents admit to yelling at their kids once a month, Dr. Phil McGraw tells TODAY that yelling “stops communication.” His suggestion? “Whisper."

Parental Involvement with Young Kids May Help Later Academic Performance

Jan 29, 2014

Parents who are involved in active play with their children during their toddler and preschool years may have better academic performance to look forward to, according to new research.

Parents Need to Get Smart About Educational Media

Jan 27, 2014

More than half of parents feel their children have learned a lot from educational television, apps and games, according to a new national survey.

Texas Parents Sue Over Cyberbulling

Jan 27, 2014

The parents of one teenage victim of cyberbullying have filed a lawsuit against the alleged bullies and their parents.

Meet Sesame Street's Newest Neighbor

Jan 24, 2014

Dr. Valentin Fuster, talks about Sesame Street’s newest neighbor – Dr. Ruster – who is part of a new healthy makeover for the gang.

Could Playing with Knives be Good for Kids?

Jan 14, 2014

If parents eliminate every danger for their kids, how will they learn the right way to handle risks?

Good Praise, Bad Praise

Jan 06, 2014

Parents often fall into pitfalls when praising their children for their performance. Check out this post from Dr. Judy Willis about some best practices for offering sincere praise.

Seventh-Graders Sexting? It Might Be More Common Than You Think

Jan 05, 2014

New research suggests almost of quarter of troubled seventh-graders send sexually suggestive texts or photos.

Family Activities to Promote Learning During the Holidays

Dec 20, 2013

Former New Jersey Department of Education Commissioner Lucille Davy offers ideas to keep your child learning during the holiday break and reflects on her own favorite holiday learning memories.

7 Ways to Integrate Math into the Holidays

Dec 17, 2013

Math expert Bon Crowder has plenty of ideas for how to incorporate math into the holiday traditions. Some of her suggestions are aimed at younger children while others are more appropriate for middle schoolers.

Teen Girls Create 'Beautiful' Film on Eating Disorders

Dec 17, 2013

Two teens turned a school assignment into a public service announcement about eating disorders titled “You Are Beautiful.”

Tips for Feeding Picky Eaters During the Holidays

Dec 17, 2013

Whether your child is allergic to certain foods or is just plain picky, getting through those big holiday meals can be more stressful than joyful.

Maintaining an Active Mind and Spirit Throughout the Holidays

Dec 17, 2013

Parent, volunteer, and advocate Adrienne Kelly-Lumpkin reflects on her family’s holiday traditions and shares some of the ways they make sure to make learning part of the celebrations.

Does My Child Need Glasses?

Dec 05, 2013

Half the children who need glasses don't have them or don't wear them.

"It's a Bumpy Ride": Readers Advise On How to Raise Teens

Dec 04, 2013

Parents of teens react to their children talking about their relationships with their mothers and fathers.

Inside the Teenage Mind: Sex, School and Social Media

Dec 03, 2013

Today’s teenagers are facing many issues their parents couldn't imagine, with social media changing the game in dramatic ways.

Social Media Rallies Around Boy Who Needed Glasses

Dec 02, 2013

After four-year-old Noah Fisher complained about having to wear glasses, his mother took to social media for help, who provided in an unimaginable way.

What to Know About Migraine Headaches in Children

Dec 02, 2013

A migraine headache is the most common acute and recurring headache syndrome that occurs in kids.

Application Angst: Teens' Social Media Can Hurt College Chances

Nov 25, 2013

Colleges are increasingly searching for applicants' names on the Internet as part of their review.

Eating Disorders and Children: the Signs and Prevention

Nov 25, 2013

NBC Latino’s Dr. Joseph Sirven gives parents signs to look for and ways to prevent eating disorders in your children.

10 Fun, Safe Kid Apps for the Holiday Slog Ahead

Nov 22, 2013

It’s the biggest travel week of the year and that means parents everywhere are filling up bags with snacks and distractions — and charging up the tablets — to ensure that the backseaters stay happy. But if you’ve ever seen the glazed-over look of a kid watching a video, you’ll know your tablet of choice has to be good for more than just numbing their minds. The following 10 apps all came out in 2013, have educational and artistic merit, and are free from in-app purchases and other parent traps. They all run on iPads, most also run on iPhones, and some run on Android devices.

Women Can Have It All - But They'll Likely Pay a Mommy Penalty for It

Nov 15, 2013

A new government report finds that women with children under 18 earn less than women without minor children, while for men it is the complete opposite.

Oregon Family Creates Playground for All Kids

Nov 10, 2013

When one family realized their daughter was being left on the sidelines during playtime, they set out to create a more inclusive world.

Can You Tease Your Kids Too Much?

Nov 08, 2013

Kathie Lee and Hoda about how pulling pranks on your kids may have lasting effects, and explain when it’s OK to tease your kids a little bit.

How to Raise Kids in a Smartphone Era

Nov 08, 2013

Author and former Facebook exec. Randi Zuckerberg joins Morning Joe to discuss her book “Dot Complicated” and her children’s book “Dot.”

Should Young Athletes Get 'Participation Trophies'?

Nov 06, 2013

Self-esteem boosters or motivation killers? Parent and coaches debate value of giving kids trophies for just showing up.

Dad Turns Quest to get Kids to Play Outdoors into 'Project Wild Thing'

Nov 04, 2013

When David Bond, a documentary filmmaker from South East London, asked his daughter how much she loved television, her response nearly knocked him off his feet.

Moms and Children Get Honest About Motherhood

Nov 01, 2013

The Elevation Church in North Carolina gave some moms the chance to find out what their kids really think about them, and the result became a moving tribute.

Building the Courage to Fight Bullying

Oct 30, 2013

Hoda and Kathie Lee talk to teen ambassador Alexander Levy about finding the internal and external support to fight against bullies.

Sex Education Mobile Apps Aim to Help Teens Make Right Choices, Reduce Pregnancies

Oct 30, 2013

Planned Parenthood has launched interactive mobile tools designed to help teens stay healthy and better prepare for their futures.

College Student Raising Her Siblings After Losing Parents to Sandy

Oct 29, 2013

A family of four whose mom and dad died during Superstorm Sandy have been making their parents proud by sticking together, with the help of their community.

College Student Raising Her Siblings After Losing Parents to Sandy

Oct 29, 2013

A family of four whose mom and dad died during Superstorm Sandy have been making their parents proud by sticking together, with the help of their community.

Media Addiction in Kids: How to Set Family Limits

Oct 29, 2013

The number of screens available to kids has increased dramatically since 2011. 38% of children under the age of 2 used a mobile device in 2013.

Is Your Child Entering Puberty Early? Here Are the Signs and Ways to Manage

Oct 28, 2013

Here’s a startling fact: our kids are entering puberty earlier than previous generations.

Parents Spend Big Bucks with Hopes of Raising Future Stars

Oct 27, 2013

Family invests in child’s future as a star athlete, despite the odds of actually making it to the pros.

Is Your Child Too Young to Trick-or-Treat? Here's How to Know -- and How to Prepare!

Oct 24, 2013

How young is too young to trick or treat? Here's how to know, and how to prepare your kids this Halloween.

Teacher Loses Bet with Students, Dyes Hair Hot Pink

Oct 23, 2013

Teacher Robbie Robinson talks about dying his hair pink for breast cancer awareness month.

Bullied Teen Helps Others with ‘We Stop Hate’ Videos

Oct 22, 2013

Emily-Anne Riley starts “We Stop Hate,” a community and video project meant to help bullied teens.

Bullied Teen Helps Others with ‘We Stop Hate’ Videos

Oct 22, 2013

Emily-Anne Riley starts “We Stop Hate,” a community and video project meant to help bullied teens.

How to Talk to Kids About the Nevada School Shooting, Age by Age

Oct 21, 2013

Worried about how to explain yet another school shooting to your kids? Our age-by-age guide can help.

5 Signs of Communication Disorders Parents Often Miss

Oct 17, 2013

In their first years, children form foundational communication skills for a lifetime. And there’s a lot more to it than when a child says his or her first word. Knowing what is “typical” versus problematic when it comes to communication can be difficult for parents, especially when it’s a first child.

Darn Those Drop-Off Tears: Helping Preschoolers with Separation Anxiety

Oct 17, 2013

It’s nearly two months into the school year. So, why are your child's drop-off tears still flowing and how do you get them to stop?

Parents: Daughter's Alleged Bullying 'Out of Character'

Oct 17, 2013

A Florida sheriff who arrested an alleged teen bully said he wishes he could charge her parents, too.

Coach Makes Special Needs Students Feel Like Part of the Team

Oct 15, 2013

Before every home game, Georgia high school football coach Scott Hamilton makes sure to add some special players to his roster.

How to Talk to Your Children About Drugs

Oct 14, 2013

According to the recent National Institute on Drug Abuse survey of teen students in the United States, illicit drug use among teenagers has continued at high rates.

Parenting for Brain Development and Prosperity

Oct 14, 2013

Dr. Philip Fisher's cutting-edge research reveals the power of positive interactions between children and caregivers to improve brain development.

Why Connecting African-American Students to the Internet at Home is Essential

Oct 13, 2013

Schools are rapidly embracing the era of the connected classroom. But connected textbooks and classrooms won’t prepare our students for success if they spend the other half of their day completely disconnected from these amazing tools.

'Too Much': Dad Tries to do Daughter's Homework for a Week

Oct 11, 2013

Too much homework! It’s a common complaint heard in nearly every teenage household. But in many homes today, that protest also is coming from parents.

Black Dolls Show Off Natural Looks in New, Custom Collection

Oct 11, 2013

Natural Girls United is launching a new ethnic doll collection that features a vast array of customized black dolls with natural hair done as an Afro, braided, kinky, curly, twisted, highlighted, wrapped, and crowned.

6 Spooky Science Experiments for Halloween

Oct 10, 2013

As classroom parents plan Halloween party activities to occupy the time between the school parade and the night’s sugar rush, it’s a great time to sneak in some wonderfully spooky science experiments.

Dad Uses Kids' Tantrums as Inspiration for Book

Oct 09, 2013

One father is finding opportunity in his sons' outbursts in a way that parents around the world can appreciate.

Long Island Middle School Bans Toys, Games at Recess

Oct 09, 2013

Students at Weber Middle School in New York are no longer allowed to play with footballs, soccer balls, or any other sporting equipment that might cause injuries. The list of banned activities also includes games of tag and cartwheels.

Meet the New Face of the PTA

Oct 08, 2013

Otha Thornton is the PTA’s first male African-American president.

Students Need More Than Parents to Flourish

Oct 08, 2013

Success in school is a team effort between students, parents and instructors. A panel of experts discusses how best to get your children to do their best and flourish.

Bronx School Boosts Girls' Confidence, Creativity

Oct 07, 2013

New York City school Bronx Compass High is helping young girls reach their potential and break barriers by teaching them how to create video games.

Eboni Boykin: Once homeless, now thrives in Ivy League

Oct 07, 2013

Eboni Boykin's youth consisted of a variety of homeless shelters, and one constant goal: an Ivy League education.

Facebook or Homework? How to Resist Distractions

Oct 07, 2013

Psychologist Angela Duckworth and high school seniors Anita Rao and Damani Eubanks speak about the importance of changing your surroundings to help prioritize schoolwork.

Jenna Bush Hager: Why I Love Reading to Baby Mila

Oct 07, 2013

Babies are born ready to learn — and do so quickly and constantly. It’s amazing to me that by the time Mila is 3, her brain will be 80 percent developed.

50 Cent helps students turn their lives around in ‘Dream School’ The Grio

Oct 04, 2013

Rapper/actor 50 Cent has teamed up with the Sundance Channel as executive producer for the unscripted seriesDream School.

Parenting Principles: Earn Respect, Stay Consistent

Oct 03, 2013

Talk to any parent or teacher and they’ll tell you that kids these days have gotten way out of hand. They talk back. They’re disrespectful, even extraordinarily rude.

How to Explain the Government Shutdown to Your Kids

Oct 01, 2013

If there’s one good thing to come out of the current mess over Obamacare (also known as the Affordable Care Act) in Washington, it’s the opportunity to give a civics lesson to your kids.

Childhood Anxiety Disorders on the Rise

Sep 30, 2013

New data from the National Institutes of Mental Health shows that up to a quarter of U.S. kids may meet the criteria for a diagnosable anxiety disorder.

‘Doc McStuffins’ creator explains why show’s lead character is black

Sep 30, 2013

If you’re not familiar with Doc McStuffins — it’s more than likely your children are.That’s because Doc McStuffins is one of TV’s most popular cartoon characters.

‘Doc McStuffins’ creator explains why show’s lead character is black

Sep 30, 2013

If you’re not familiar with Doc McStuffins — it’s more than likely your children are.That’s because Doc McStuffins is one of TV’s most popular cartoon characters.

Helping or Hovering? When 'Helicopter Parenting' Backfires

May 26, 2013

Helicopter parenting could backfire and leave kids feeling insecure and incapable rather than supported or empowered.

Op Ed: Choosing to Be Guided by “Better Angels”

For teachers some of our most important lessons aren’t those that cover learning standards, but lessons which teach students to become better people.

Transitioning Back to School for Children with Special Needs

Transitioning from one grade to the next may cause anxiety, panic, and meltdowns, especially for students who have difficulty expressing their feelings and emotions. Parents can help prepare their children with these few simple steps to help ease some stress and ensure a positive experience for their child. Remember: each child is an individual and special in their own way.

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