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Measles Outbreak in Minnesota Caused by Vaccine Skeptics

May 09, 2017 / NBC News

Doubts about vaccines helped fuel Minnesota's biggest outbreak of measles in decades.


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Young Love & Understanding Middle School Relationships

May 01, 2017 / Michelle Icard, Middle School Author, Speaker, and Educator

Dating in middle school is mostly about asking, “Am I the type of person someone could like?”


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Parents Protest McDonald's Weight-Loss Documentary in Schools

Nov 03, 2015

Concerned parents are calling on fast-food giant McDonald's to stop in-school speaking engagements by a "brand ambassador" - a high school biology teacher who ate nothing but McDonald's for 90 days and lost weight and is pitching the company's menu to students across the country.

Are Kids Biologically Hardwired to Like Sugar?

Aug 12, 2015

Researchers say kids are attracted to foods high in calories, and with sugar everywhere, many parents are struggling to help their kids make healthy choices.

What Does Sugar Do To Your Brain?

Jun 30, 2015

We've all been told that too much sugar is bad for you, but do you know what it can do to your brain? Research suggests too much can be quite harmful.

Study: Many Foods Advertised to Kids Don't Meet Guidelines

Apr 24, 2015

Researchers looked at more than 400 foods commonly advertised to children. Of those foods, 23 percent exceeded the recommended limit for saturated fat, and 32 percent surpassed the limit for sugar.

Five Ways to Boost Heart Health

Feb 23, 2015

Eating healthy and exercising can benefit the whole family, and it doesn't have to take all day or break the bank.

CDC: Many Toddler Snacks High in Sugar, Salt

Feb 02, 2015

The CDC found that about 70 percent of pre-packaged toddler meals have too much salt and that many popular snacks are loaded with extra sugar.

Are Sugary Drinks Linked to Early Puberty in Girls?

Jan 28, 2015

Dr. Natalie Azar joins the TODAY Show to talk about a Harvard study saying sugary drinks could be linked to earlier puberty in girls, saying it’s important to limit sugary drinks to two per week and drink lots of water.

Soft Drink Firms Still Target Kids, Report Finds

Nov 19, 2014

Soft drink makers have kept some of their promises to cut back marketing to kids, but they’re still spending enormous amounts of money selling sugary drinks, a new study finds.

The Myth of the 'Freshman 15': How to Survive the College Diet

Aug 12, 2014

Lucky Charms for every meal? A whole pizza at 3 a.m.? Five energy drinks a day? Ramen noodles for breakfast? Yep, that’s right: the freshman diet.

Cupcake Ban: Schools Crack Down on Sweets

Aug 05, 2014

Ask most any kid: Birthdays are synonymous with cupcakes. But families in Edmonds School District, a suburb of Seattle, have been told they can no longer bring birthday treats to school. Instead, parents are encouraged to distribute appropriate alternatives, like stickers and pencils.

Why You Should Let Your Kids Eat a Little Junk Food

Jun 26, 2014

You want them to eat food that can be peeled, chopped or juiced. They want something with sprinkles, sugar and enough fat to make it gooey and rich.

How Brushing with a Fluoride Toothpaste Can Help Your Child Prevent Tooth Decay

Jun 16, 2014

Preventing tooth decay relies on a number of factors such as healthy eating habits, regular visits to the dentist and brushing teeth with fluoride toothpaste.

Dad Hack: Save Money on Breakfast with 'Sugar Milk'

Jun 13, 2014

I hate seeing food go to waste. So to see about $10 of milk a week being dumped literally down the drain was unacceptable.

Off the Menu: The Demise of Bake Sales

Jun 13, 2014

Jean Chatzky and Leigh Gallagher join Morning Joe to discuss the death of the bake sale at U.S. schools.

Sugar and Low-Calorie Sweeteners 101

May 27, 2014

TODAY health and diet editor Madelyn Fernstrom explains what’s best for you and your family when it comes to sugars and sweeteners.

7 "Healthy" Kids' Foods That Aren't

Mar 17, 2014

Salad bars are incredibly popular right now at restaurants and in some school cafeterias, but it’s important for your child to choose healthy options from the assortment of ingredients.

Big Change May be Coming to Your Food Labels

Feb 27, 2014

The nutrition label on food packages is set to get its first overhaul in over two decades, and NBC News’ Tom Costello reports on what consumers should know about the FDA’s plans.

Helping Kids Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

Jan 17, 2014

Despite the fact that kids are consuming less added sugar, their average added sugar intake hovers around 16% of total calories.

Nutrient-Poor Foods in Kids' Diets: Where Does It Lurk?

Nov 12, 2013

Fast-food is blamed for contributing tons of empty calories to kids’ diets but it’s only one source. Almost a third of the calories come from kids’ school.

The Worst Kids' Foods: Are They in Your Kitchen?

Nov 06, 2013

You know to limit desserts and chips in your kids' diet, but do you know about these other unhealthy kids' foods? Here's what you need to know.

Is Your Child Too Young to Trick-or-Treat? Here's How to Know -- and How to Prepare!

Oct 24, 2013

How young is too young to trick or treat? Here's how to know, and how to prepare your kids this Halloween.

Latino kids consume “above average” amount of sugary drinks

Oct 03, 2013

Latino kids consume more soft drinks, fruit-flavored drinks, and other sugary drinks on average.

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