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Measles Outbreak in Minnesota Caused by Vaccine Skeptics

May 09, 2017 / NBC News

Doubts about vaccines helped fuel Minnesota's biggest outbreak of measles in decades.


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Young Love & Understanding Middle School Relationships

May 01, 2017 / Michelle Icard, Middle School Author, Speaker, and Educator

Dating in middle school is mostly about asking, “Am I the type of person someone could like?”


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Mindfulness Meditation May Help Students Combat High Levels of Stress, Depression

May 16, 2017

When Rob Stephens, a 22-year-old senior, walks into the Mindfulness Room at Carnegie Mellon University, he leaves his homework and stress at the door.

Best Friends Forever… (or Until We Go Off to College?)

May 08, 2017

Changing friendships is just one of many transitions that high school graduates will face; and for many it’s the toughest part of all.

Young Love & Understanding Middle School Relationships

May 01, 2017

Dating in middle school is mostly about asking, “Am I the type of person someone could like?”

One More Cupcake?...Promoting Self-Control Through the Ages

Mar 27, 2017

It’s not just about food. It’s about reaching goals, achievement, and stress management.

Busting the Myth That We Have to Bubble Wrap Our Kids

Mar 13, 2017

Children raised in a culture of fear? Well, that’s just asking for trouble.

How to Utilize Your School Social Worker

Mar 06, 2017

To help you answer “is this normal?” and other important questions about your student.

Nurturing Kids Who Can Cope With Challenges

Feb 20, 2017

Try these tips to help build your kid’s coping skills.

5 Ways to Help Kids Build Healthy Relationships

Feb 13, 2017

How focusing on being themselves may be the most important part.

Inspiring America: Chicago Program Helps Steer Young Men Away From Violence

Feb 10, 2017

'Becoming A Man' seeks to provide a lifeline to young male students before…

Partnership for Student Success

Feb 06, 2017

The school counselor of the year shares how to best utilize your student’s school counselor.

Partnership for Student Success

Feb 06, 2017

The school counselor of the year shares how to best utilize your student’s school counselor.

Debunking the Belief That “Good Job” Is a Good Thing to Say to Kids

Jan 30, 2017

You may think this praise is good for your kid, but this child development expert thinks otherwise.

Youth Survey Finds Post-Election Spike in Bullying, Harassment

Jan 25, 2017

The 2016 presidential election had a "troubling" impact on America's youth.

How to Celebrate MLK Day with Your Kids Today and Everyday

Jan 16, 2017

How you can apply Dr. King’s teachings to your kids’ everyday lives.

France Just Made Spanking Illegal

Jan 06, 2017

Parents throughout France now need to think twice before spanking children who misbehave.

Just One Hour a Day on Social Media Makes Teens Miserable

Dec 30, 2016

Social media sites help us stay connected, but for younger teens, the cost of online connectivity can be steep.

The Totally Doable New Year’s Promise—to Your Kids

Dec 26, 2016

How about a New Year’s resolution you can actually get excited about – like having fun with your kids every day?

How the Holidays Can Teach Your Kids About Consent

Dec 12, 2016

Although Aunt Shirley’s demand for a hug is coming from a place of love, forcing our children to have unwanted contact with another individual is an act of coercion.

"Mom, is Santa real?" How to handle the Santa discussion with your kids

Dec 08, 2016

One mom is sharing a way to break the news about Santa to your children.

4 Big Things NBC’s “This Is Us” Got Right About Parenting

Dec 05, 2016

It’s an emotional, valuable show to binge watch with the entire family during winter break.

What happened when 9 teens gave up their cell phones for a week

Dec 02, 2016

High school sophomores agreed to an experiment — a week without their phones. What happened next took everyone by surprise.

These 3 apps can help you monitor your teens' activities online

Dec 01, 2016

TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen and mom Fabiana Totoli look at apps designed to monitor teens' activities and keep them safe online.

Secret Life of Teens: 8 strategies to be the parent teens will actually talk to

Nov 30, 2016

NBC’s Stephanie Gosk sits down with eight Colorado teenagers for a raw, unfiltered conversation about their lives.

#ShareKindness: How Gold Star Christmas helps children of fallen soldiers

Nov 29, 2016

The American Gold Star Christmas is a generous program that helps provide holiday gifts to children whose parents lost their lives serving our country.

#ShareKindness: Twin brothers, 14, start charity site to break the age barrier

Nov 29, 2016

After being turned down as charity volunteers because they were only 14, twin brothers Max and Jake Klein decided to start a website to break the age barrier.

Week of Giving

Nov 27, 2016

It’s been a week that keeps on giving.

One Teacher’s Pledge to Teach More Than Just Math

Nov 27, 2016

How she’s spreading kindness, and showing her students they can too, one “Blessing Bag” at a time.

3 Ways to Help High Schoolers Find Meaning in Service

Nov 26, 2016

Service looks good on a college application, but this Harvard educator explains why quality is the key.

From Selfie to Selfless: How One Teen is Changing the Digital Language of her Peers

Nov 25, 2016

Miss America’s Outstanding Teen is putting her focus on giving to others.

How to Hear “Me, Me, Me” Less and Teach Young Kids to Give

Nov 24, 2016

Often little kids know one word well: "mine."

Two Inspiring Kids Donate 11,000 Books - and They're Not Done Yet

Nov 23, 2016

“When it comes to kids, you never want to discourage them. They are capable of doing anything.”

What Thanksgiving really means to kids... in their own words

Nov 23, 2016

These adorable kids remind us what Thanksgiving should really be about.

Two Inspiring Kids Donate 11,000 Books – and They’re Not Done Yet

Nov 22, 2016

“When it comes to kids, you never want to discourage them. They are capable of doing anything.”

Why Volunteering on Thanksgiving Isn’t Enough for Your Tweens

Nov 22, 2016

There is something about the one-time visit at the holidays that feels like we’re using other people’s bad circumstances as an analgesic to our gluttony before we feast on decadent meals.

Veteran who stutters reads to his daughter every day

Nov 21, 2016

Lance Lambert, who served two tours of duty in Iraq, is facing one of his biggest fears every night: fighting through his stutter to read bedtime stories to his 6-year-old daughter, Avery.

How to make sure your kid doesn't act like a sullen jerk at family Thanksgiving

Nov 17, 2016

Think your reluctant tween can't be a happy camper when your family celebrates Thanksgiving? These expert tips might help.

Millennials at this company are bringing mom and dad to work. Here's why

Nov 14, 2016

Only 1 in 3 parents of young working men and women get what their kids do to earn their paychecks. Major companies want to change that.

Experts weigh in: How to talk to your kids about the election results

Nov 09, 2016

After a polarized and vitriolic campaign year, children might be feeling fearful and confused about what happens now. Here's how you can talk to them.

'I wanted to help': Girl collects thousands of crayons for pediatric hospital

Nov 08, 2016

She's collected more than 13,000 boxes of crayons for children in pediatric hospitals, but Ella Tryon isn't stopping there.

Debunking the Belief That Sitting Equals Learning

Nov 07, 2016

Is it even fair to ask young kids, who by nature’s design are the most energetic among us, to stay still for what must seem like an eternity?

What parents need to know about social media, academics, money — from a teen

Nov 07, 2016

Sometimes we need to hear it from the experts themselves--our kids!

5 signs your child is being bullied at school

Nov 04, 2016

Because kids can be reluctant to talk about bullying, a pediatrician shares signs parents can look for, and the best ways to help kids cope.

Beyond turkey hands: How to make 'grateful trees' with your family

Nov 02, 2016

Meredith Sinclair of demonstrates a new way to create holiday art using your hands and paint.

Easy, stress-free Thanksgiving crafts to keep the kids busy

Nov 02, 2016

Need something to keep your kid's hands busy while you're preparing the turkey? These will do the trick.

One Week Away: Why You Should Talk to Your Kid About the Election

Oct 31, 2016

Even if you’re sick of it by now.

Mom dresses in costume every day to teach son a lesson about being different

Oct 31, 2016

A mom’s attempt to help her son to have fun and accept himself has turned into a tradition that the entire neighborhood anticipates every year.

Operation Gratitude inspires kids to send Halloween candy to cheer up the troops

Oct 27, 2016

Sometimes a simple pack of Halloween candy is all it takes to put a smile on the face of a soldier thousands of miles from home.

Tannenbaums Win Goal To Be Greater Challenge, Donate $5,000 to World Food Program USA

Oct 24, 2016

“I can make a difference, one kid at a time.”

Family T.A.L.K: Creating a Safe Space for Family Communication

Oct 17, 2016

Tough conversations are never easy to have, but creating a space for healthy communication can strengthen relationships between parents and children.

Mentoring as Student Empowerment

Oct 13, 2016

How two inspiring students mentored other students and learned more than they could have imagined.

How To Be Better Role Models for Your Children

Oct 12, 2016

When children are displaying good behavior, parents are quick to take credit. But the same cannot be said for bad behavior.

Consent, For Kids: Cute Video Aims to Explain and Empower

Oct 11, 2016

The issue of consent, often taught at the college freshman level, begins long before college.

NBC News Anchors and Correspondents Pledge to Make a Difference

Oct 10, 2016

Together we can all give back by setting a Goal to be Greater.

New Survey: Kids Feeling Effects of Volatile Election

Oct 10, 2016

65% of children said they would not want to be president when they grew up, and 41% of children responded the job would be too demanding or stressful.

‘Academic doping’ on the rise: Number of students abusing ADHD drugs increasing

Oct 10, 2016

NBC’s Ronan Farrow digs into a growing problem on campuses nationwide: In the high-pressure world of academic achievement, there is one "fix" students are turning to at an alarming rate to get ahead that some call "academic doping," and experts say it has a very real - and largely ignored - dark side.

Want to Empower Kids? Here’s the One Powerful Question to Ask

Oct 05, 2016

The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans’ David Johns and Andrene Jones-Castro share their experience and recommendations for caring and concerned adults everywhere.

5-year-old Entrepreneur Gives Back to Veterans and His Community

Sep 30, 2016

Who says young kids can’t be business leaders and social change-makers?

5-year-old Entrepreneur Gives Back to Veterans and His Community

Sep 30, 2016

Who says young kids can’t be business leaders and social change-makers?

Teen Invents 'Sit With Us' App So No High Schooler Has To Eat Alone

Sep 30, 2016

The concept is simple: the app allows students to reach out to others and let them know they are welcome to join them at their tables in the school cafeteria.

Want Your Kids to Be Good Citizens? Start with Sports

Sep 26, 2016

You might be surprised how similar the soccer field is to democracy.

10 Ways Your Kids Can Spread Kindness This New School Year

Sep 23, 2016

Get your kids involved in #GoalToBeGreater with these ideas.

#ToolkitTalk: Bigger Than Me: Raising Civic-Minded Kids

Sep 21, 2016

@EducationNation and Parent Toolkit teamed up with Mary Ellen Daneels (@daneels_m), Civics High School Teacher in West Chicago, and Jennifer Miller (@JenniferSMiller), Family and Educational Consultant, to chat about the importance of raising civic-minded kids. Take a look at what happened during the conversation below. Our #ToolkitTalk chats occur monthly. See what's coming up next and catch up on all of the past conversations.

OpEd: We Must Seize This Teachable Moment in Civics

Sep 19, 2016

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor stresses importance of involving kids in American democracy.

How to Spread Kindness in Your Child’s School This Year

Sep 16, 2016

Hint: it starts with you. And a smile.

How to Spread Kindness in Your Child’s School This Year

Sep 16, 2016

Hint: it starts with you. And a smile.

When My Granddaughter Asked for a Donation to Charity Instead of a Birthday Present

Sep 12, 2016

It got me thinking, is she naturally service-minded? Or was she taught? And what does that mean for other parents? Here’s what I found.

We Want to Hear from You! How Will You Make a Difference This Year?

Sep 06, 2016

Whatever you pledge to do, we know that supporting students, empowering our community and making a difference in the world is greater than just one person. #GoalToBeGreater

We Want to Hear from You! How Will You Make a Difference This Year?

Sep 06, 2016

Whatever you pledge to do, we know that supporting students, empowering our community and making a difference in the world is greater than just one person. #GoalToBeGreater

Middle School Mania

Aug 28, 2016

A parent’s middle school survival guide.

Two Questions Your Middle Schooler Has About Puberty and Love (and How to Answer Them)

Aug 27, 2016

As much as we parents may want to wish it away, sexual desire is living large in middle school.

How Kids Really Use Social Media

Aug 26, 2016

How to prepare your tweens for the transition from playdates to smartphones while still building their social skills.

The Neurological Reason Why Your Middle Schooler Acts Like a Toddler

Aug 25, 2016

What is really going on in your tween’s brain (yes they do still have one) -- and what to do about it.

6 Do’s and Don’ts to Prepare Kids for Middle School Frenemies

Aug 22, 2016

The middle school “social blind side” happens to all kids. How you react, and how you don’t, can make all the difference during this difficult social time.

Adding Caring to Your Kid’s College Application

Aug 12, 2016

We chatted with Harvard’s Richard Weissbourd about why the college admissions process is changing and colleges are looking for good citizens over accomplishments.

Who's the Parent Here?

Jul 11, 2016

How to keep your kids from turning into pint-size terrors and in turn, help them become capable adults.

Tiny Terrors, Big Spirits: Meet the Feisty, Fearless Girls of Junior Roller Derby

Jul 11, 2016

The girls — whose derby names include Snow Bite, Pushy Cat, Scary Poppins and more — are just as fierce as their adult counterparts.

14 Ways to Make This The Best Summer Ever

Jul 04, 2016

Don’t let the endless amount of time get you down. Here’s how to make the most of the summer months.

Parents Banish Teen to Backyard Tent for Theft

Jun 30, 2016

Are a New Mexico mom and dad being too strict in punishing their teen son for theft by banishing him to a tent in the backyard?

Debunking the Belief That Earlier Is Better

Jun 27, 2016

Childhood is not a dress rehearsal for adulthood, nor is it a race.

#ToolkitTalk: Unselfie: Encouraging Empathy Every Day

Jun 22, 2016

@EducationNation and Parent Toolkit teamed up with Dr. Michele Borba (@micheleborba), Educational Psychologist and author of "Unselfie" to chat about the importance of encouraging empathy. Take a look at what happened during the conversation below. Our #ToolkitTalk chats occur monthly. See what's coming up next and catch up on all of the past conversations.

From Orlando to Public Bathrooms: How Parents of LGBTQ Kids Can Support Them in Today’s World

Jun 20, 2016

Now, more than ever, parents are faced with conversations surrounding LGBTQ acceptance.

Orlando Massacre Reminds Us Why LGBTQ Youth Advocacy is So Important

Jun 17, 2016

“It shouldn’t be at the point of tragedy that we acknowledge that people are people,” said David Johns.

7 Ways to Help Kids Stay Cool in a Heated Political Climate

Jun 15, 2016

During a heated election year, kids hear more than their share of arguments, mud-slinging and sometimes misinformation dished out in tidal waves. It’s no wonder they’re starting to get in on the action.

First African American LGBTQ Youth Summit Advances the Inclusion Conversation

Jun 10, 2016

African American LGBTQ youth are gathering today in Washington DC to share their experiences at the intersection of black and queer identity.

Here's How to Help Kids Adjust to a New Sibling

Jun 08, 2016

Not everyone is always happy with the news of new sibling. But there are ways to properly introduce a new member of the family without upset cries from their future big brothers and sisters.

Want Happy, Successful Kids? Teach Them Empathy

Jun 07, 2016

"What do kids really need to be happy and successful?" Hundreds of parents have asked me the question, and my response surprises most. "Empathy."

Children of Parents with ALS Get Support, Counseling at Camp Hope Loves Company

Jun 01, 2016

These campers not only get the chance to sleep in log cabins and play outside, but also pick up strategies for coping with the stress that comes from taking care of parents or other family members ALS.

If You Can't Say Anything Nice...Here's What To Say To Your Kids

May 30, 2016

It’s difficult to hear the phrase “Say something nice” without finishing the sentence, “or don’t say anything at all.”

North Carolina School Proposes Ban on Skinny Jeans to Combat 'Bullying'

May 26, 2016

While some say you can never be too skinny, in one North Carolina school, apparently your jeans can be.

The Power of Play: Children’s Museums Offer Unique Opportunities

May 23, 2016

Children’s museums are great resources for both nurturing children’s playful learning experiences and parents’ understanding of how to support their child’s learning through play.

#ThankATeacher: 4 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

May 03, 2016

To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, we talked to some of our Parent Toolkit experts from across the country to hear their ideas for the best ways to celebrate teachers.

Having “The Talk”: What We Say Matters

Apr 25, 2016

Spring is a perfect time for parents to talk with teens about the cycle of life. Buds are popping, trees are blooming, and parents can take their cue from nature to talk with their teens about human nature.

From Orphans to Freshmen: Boys From Mozambique Head to Brigham Young University

Apr 20, 2016

Forced to live in a Mozambique orphanage after AIDS killed their parents, two boys found each other a world away and are now taking another big step together.

Join us for “Supporting Our Students: It Takes Everyone”

Apr 11, 2016

How can parents help their children succeed? Please join us on Thursday, April 14 from 6 – 8 pm EST for a special parenting town hall where we'll talk about all aspects of student development.

Join us for “Supporting Our Students: It Takes Everyone”

Apr 11, 2016

How can parents help their children succeed? Please join us on Thursday, April 14 from 6 – 8 pm EST for a special parenting town hall where we'll talk about all aspects of student development.

8 Things We Learned From a Sleep Expert About Putting Kids To Bed

Apr 05, 2016

Getting kids to sleep consistently and soundly can turn into a nightmare for parents.

Pediatricians Turn to Meditation for Kids in Poor Neighborhoods

Apr 04, 2016

Doctors in Baltimore, Maryland are studying whether a form of meditation could help the city's children cope better with stress, which they say has taken a toll on these kids, who are living in a city filled with violence, poverty and unrest. The hope is to mend minds and hearts in a city that's still healing.

Impress Your College Admissions With An UnSelfie Digital Presence

Mar 28, 2016

In our hyper-connected, social media saturated society, many of us are so obsessed with snapping "selfies" and living a virtual life online that we're forgetting how to care for people who are right in front of us or in our community.

How to Talk to Your Children About Terrorism and Their Resulting Anxieties

Mar 22, 2016

For young children, most of whom don't yet have the experience, perspective, or self-possession to deal with traumatic news stories, such reports can yield far more extreme emotions, including sheer panic.

Why Gifted Children Fail and How to Prevent It

Feb 15, 2016

While a great deal of emphasis is placed on helping students with low grades improve their academic performances, those who are considered gifted are often overlooked.

If a Mom Urged her Child to Shoplift, Would You Intervene?

Feb 15, 2016

Police say a Florida mom was caught on surveillance camera coaching her young daughter to shoplift a bottle of tequila from a liquor store. If a similar scene took place in front of you, would you step in — or step off?

A Critical Teen Relationship: Mentor

Jan 25, 2016

January is National Mentoring Month and the perfect opportunity for you to encourage a teen to become a better friend, listener and ultimately, better person.

Why We’re Playing More This Year (and Why It’s So Hard To Do)

Jan 11, 2016

In her own words, Weekend TODAY Show anchor Erica Hill shares the reason she resolved to play more with her two sons and why it’s harder than she thought it would be.

Process Over Outcome: Goal-Setting with Your Children

Jan 04, 2016

Regardless of their age, it’s important for children to realize that good things don’t happen by accident. We do better and we get better through intention and effort.

TODAY Parenting Team Shares Parenting Resolutions for 2016

Dec 30, 2015

Savannah Guthrie speaks to parent educator Betsy Brown who shares tips that will help you stick to your resolutions once the new year begins.

Second Chances - Teaching Children About Forgiveness

Dec 21, 2015

Forgiveness and rebirth are a shared theme this time of year across many cultures. Use the holiday season to teach your child forgiveness.

Reality Gap Redux

Dec 16, 2015

When it comes to behabior, there is a significatn gap between reality and what parents think their teenagers are doing. Does this “reality gap” have consequences? It sure does.

Social Skills for the Holidays

Dec 14, 2015

Instead of simply assuming that kids will just pick up the ability to converse along the way, parents need to be intentional and teach children this vital skill.

American Academy of Pediatrics Issues New Medical Guidelines for Kids

Dec 07, 2015

The American Academy of Pediatrics is releasing new recommendations urging preventative testing for everything from HIV to cholesterol, depression to drug and alcohol abuse.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Shootings and Terror

Dec 04, 2015

In the wake of mass shootings and other highly-publicized incidents of violence many schools have lockdown drills regularly, and now parents face a dilemma: how to talk to children about what's going on.

These Little Kids Explaining What Kindness Means Will Melt Your Heart

Dec 03, 2015

It's the Season of Kindness! Take these kids' tips on kind acts you can do for others, and what kindness really means.

How to Teach Kids the Gift of Giving During the Holidays

Dec 01, 2015

Janice Kaplan, author of "The Gratitude Diaries," talks to Savannah Guthrie about ways you can encourage your children to embrace the spirit of giving during the holiday season.

Kids Living with Dogs Less Likely to Suffer Anxiety

Nov 30, 2015

Researchers found that children who grow up with a dog are less likely to suffer from childhood anxiety. They say companionship with a pet can alleviate separation anxiety and strengthen attachment.

Promoting a Spirit of Gratefulness in Kids - A Tale of Two Letters

Nov 23, 2015

Gratitude is a way of both thinking and feeling. It can be cultivated if we simply spend time talking about what we appreciate in our lives and why we appreciate it.

Could Delaying Kindergarten Be Good for Children?

Nov 16, 2015

According to a new study from Stanford University, delaying kindergarten for one year reduced inattention and hyperactivity by 73 percent for an average child at age 11. Researchers suggest that children who start school later enter kindergarten with a healthier state of mind.

The Things Your Kids Will Remember About You Are…

Nov 09, 2015

TIME Magazine has compiled a list of the things your kids will always remember about you, including the times you made them feel safe and gave them your undivided attention.

Baton Rouge Man Makes Awesome Bikes For Special Needs Kids

Nov 04, 2015

For kids with special needs riding a bike isn't always an option, but one man has found a way in his spare time to help them enjoy this rite of passage, too.

Will and Kate's New Cause: The Battle Against Cyberbullying

Nov 04, 2015

Now that they're the parents of two young children, Prince William and Duchess Kate have decided to take on a new mission: They want to sit down with social media giants like Facebook and Twitter to talk about what can be done to curb cyberbullying.

Parents Giving 'the Talk,' Counting Calories: Do They Really Work?

Nov 03, 2015

The TODAY anchors play a new game called "Does It Work?" where they weigh in on whether giving kids the "birds and bees" talk makes them more responsible, and experts concur that it is an effective tactic.

The Sex Talk Works, Even if it Makes You Cringe

Nov 02, 2015

Parents, have that sex talk with your kids. It works. Researchers who looked at all the studies that have been done on having "that talk" with kids found that it really can influence teen behavior for the better.

Why Forcing Kids to Say 'I'm Sorry' May be Sending the Wrong Message

Oct 28, 2015

We've all been there: The little one makes a mess or causes a problem, and it's up to you as the parent to remind them to apologize for their wrongdoing. But sorry to be the bearer of bad news: It's not the right way to go, according to one expert.

Want to Prevent Bullying? Start with Kindness

Oct 26, 2015

If we want to prevent bullying, we must do more than teach our kids to be upstanders and not to be bullies. We must start by teaching them to be kind, especially to those different from them in background and character, and to help build caring, inclusive communities.

Obama Administration Tells Schools to Trim Standardized Test Time

Oct 26, 2015

For years, parents, teachers and students have complained about them and now a new study says all those tests don't make kids smarter, it's stressing them out.

Guiding Our Children: A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Oct 05, 2015

In honor of Mental Illness Awareness week, we wanted to talk to Parent Toolkit expert and school counselor Dr. Shari Sevier about how parents can support their children on a topic that is often hard to talk about. She shares with us her personal story and words of wisdom.

6 Ways You Can Reduce Your Middle Schooler’s Stress

Sep 28, 2015

Who among us doesn’t still have the occasional back-to-school nightmare? If you, the parent are stressed, just imagine how those anxious feelings affect your child. By modeling and building your own EQ, you’ll be teaching your tween this skills as well.

'Something Needs to be Done': How a Personal Trainer is Helping Bullied Kids

Sep 28, 2015

A personal trainer in the Detroit area is making it his mission to give kids tools to combat bullies with something besides their fists.

Creating Harmony: How Music Can Support Social Emotional Development

Sep 21, 2015

Making music with your child can be so much fun for both of you, whether you’re singing along to the radio in the car, jamming on plastic bowl “drums,” or dancing to songs on your iPod. The simple and enjoyable act of making music with your child naturally fosters important social and emotional skills, such as self-regulation, self-confidence, leadership skills, social skills, and socio-emotional intelligence.

Who’s in Charge: You or Your Child’s Behavior?

Sep 14, 2015

As a parent you’re always on your toes watching, listening and assessing your children’s needs. You anticipate their needs but also their wants, desires, dislikes and happiness.It can be hard to look at your children’s faces and not cave in. However, here are a couple of ways that you and your children can benefit from having a set of rules in place.

Right Foot Forward: Equipping Kids with Social Confidence This School Year

Aug 24, 2015

It’s back-to-school time and you’re likely in full swing ensuring your child’s reading list has been completed, a new outfit or uniform is laid out and the first day book bag is packed. But, are your children prepared with the vital social skills to kick the year off on the right foot?

Bigger Families are Better, Researchers Find

Aug 18, 2015

Children from families with four or more kids scored higher in self-esteem, resilience and social support in a five-year study in Australia.

The Undeniable Link between Rescuing and Responsibility – What Parents Need to Know This School Year

Aug 17, 2015

As parents we really want to help. But too often we’re the ones getting in the way of all of those things by “helping” too much.

'No Head Trauma Is Good Head Trauma': The Impact Of Tackle Sports On Young Kids

Aug 13, 2015

The age at which boys start playing tackle football may have a big impact on brain health later in life, a new study suggests.

Social Experiment: If A Child Went Wild In Public, Would You Step In Or Step Off?

Aug 10, 2015

If you were in a restaurant and a similar scene was happening next to your table, would you step in — or step off? Rossen Reports hired actors and set up hidden cameras at the Fine Grind in Little Falls, New Jersey, to conduct an intriguing social experiment.

School Start Times Are Too Early And It's Harmful To Kids, CDC Warns

Aug 07, 2015

America's teenagers are starting school too early, in spite of a flurry of studies showing they need more sleep and national recommendations that school days start later, government health experts said Thursday.

This Is The Most Effective Way To Discipline Kids, According To Science

Aug 06, 2015

Getting small kids to behave can be a delicate science for parents. Some worry about being too harsh; others are left exasperated by children who seem out of control. Many try to avoid yelling or spanking, and even time-outs are seen as too strict in some parenting circles.

'Rewards of Hard Work': Teens Are Making More Cash With Summer Jobs, Survey Finds

Aug 05, 2015

According to a recent survey by American Express Spending & Saving Tracker, 36 percent of teens aged 13 to 17 who earn their primary income over the summer — a 19 percent increase over last year.

Princeton Review Says The No. 1 College Is…

Aug 04, 2015

On Tuesday the Princeton Review issued the 2016 edition of its ranking of the top schools in America in a wide variety of categories. Rob Franek, senior vice president and publisher at The Princeton Review, reveals the results on TODAY.

Resolve to be Involved: The Benefits of School Year’s Resolutions

Aug 03, 2015

Join our School Year’s Resolution pledge! It's a great start for parents who want to be more actively engaged with their child’s academic and overall success.

Picky Eating Linked With Psychiatric Problems In Kids, Study Finds

Aug 03, 2015

That untouched plate and look of disgust on your child's face at mealtime might be a sign of much bigger issues.

Revenge Of The Nerds? Cool Kids At 13 Often Uncool At 23

Jul 31, 2015

If you ever sat at the edge of the cafeteria longing to sit with the cool kids, take heart: You may wind up happier than they are.

Gender Bias: New Study Shows Girls Unsupportive of Female Leaders

Jul 28, 2015

It may seem like women are in more leadership positions than ever before in history, but one thing still remains true: the gender gap is still very real, and gender biases still exist across all gender and racial lines.

Why Children Bully Parents And How To Regain Control

Jul 28, 2015

More parents are finding themselves on the receiving end of aggressive behavior from their own children that goes beyond normal childhood outbursts. TODAY special correspondent Jenna Bush Hager talks to Sean Grover, author of the new book "When Kids Call the Shots," as well as to a mother and daughter who have experienced the problem.

A Brain-Owner’s Manual: How To Boost Your Child’s Brain Power

Jul 27, 2015

The human brain is incredible! As the control center for your brain it is in charge of how you respond to your feelings and experiences. Explaining how the brain works is important for children who believe that they are "not smart" and that nothing they do can change that. The realization that they can literally change their brains and build their intelligence, skills, and emotional self-management is extremely powerful.

The Cool Factor: Teens Report Positive Feedback To Using E-Cigarettes

Jul 27, 2015

An estimated 40 percent of teen users of e-cigarettes have never smoked tobacco, a new report finds, adding to the worries that the devices are attracting a whole new group of underage user, not just teens trying to quit regular cigarettes.

How Parents Embarrass Their Kids: Smooches, Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It

Jul 23, 2015

A theme park in Britain asked 2,000 parents what they did to embarrass their kids. The top offenders: trying to use youthful slang, displaying affection in public, and… dancing!

Study: Learning To Share By Kindergarten May Pay Off Later In Life

Jul 17, 2015

Researchers found that those who learned to share and cooperate by kindergarten were more likely to have a college degree and a job 20 years later, and less likely to have drug problems and run-ins with the law.

Too Much TV Time For Toddlers Linked To Risk Of Being Bullied, Study Suggests

Jul 17, 2015

Toddlers who spend a lot of time in front of a TV may be at greater risk of being bullied later in life, a new study suggests.

5 Parenting Styles That Cause Entitlement in Kids — And How to Change Them

Jul 14, 2015

The seeds of entitlement are sown over the years in a million little parenting decisions — all made in the name of love. Sometimes a few tweaks in parenting style can make all the difference

At What Age Should A Kid Get Their Own Cellphone?

Jul 13, 2015

The TODAY anchors discuss a survey in which parents weigh in on the appropriate ages for children to join Facebook, get their own cellphone and other grown-up things.

Miserably Hilarious Letters From Sleepaway Camp

Jul 08, 2015

Camp can be a trying time for kids, but the lost art of letter-writing lets them tell their parents just how much fun they are - or aren't - having.

Understanding The Complexity Of A Mother-Daughter Relationship

Jul 08, 2015

Dr. Janet Taylor, along with mother and daughter duo Cordelia and Olivia Bowe, chat with Hoda and guest co-host Jenna Bush Hager about the special bond mothers and daughters share and the reasons that those relationships are often tested during the teenage years.

More Than a Movie: The Parenting Opportunity of “Inside Out”

Jul 06, 2015

If you haven’t heard already, there’s a new Pixar movie out called “Inside Out.” The movie offers ample opportunity to discuss with our kids the role of emotions in our lives.

Troubled Teens Get Help From an Unlikely Source: Wolves!

Jun 27, 2015

An alternative to more traditional rehabilitation program students at Wolf Connection graduate from an 8-week curriculum that includes emotional healing and job training.

Match Made on Facebook: More College Freshmen Choose Their Own Roommates

Jun 26, 2015

College-bound students across the country are putting themselves out there. They're not looking for love; they're picking who they're going to room with during their freshman year in an increasingly popular process known as roommate self-selection.

'My Kid Would Never' Cyberbully - Or Would They?

Jun 25, 2015

Natalie Morales' "My Kid Would Never Do That" series returns with a look at cyberbullying. Hidden cameras show parents how their children react to a simulated cyberbullying scenario.

'My Kid Would Never' Cyberbully - Or Would They?

Jun 25, 2015

Natalie Morales' "My Kid Would Never Do That" series returns with a look at cyberbullying. Hidden cameras show parents how their children react to a simulated cyberbullying scenario.

Teens with Autism 'lmprov' in Second City

Jun 13, 2015

Chicago's famous comedy club, where Tina Fey, Mike Meyers and John Belushi got their start, has become a place for teens with autism to socialize.

Cyberbullying and Face-to-Face Harassment a Toxic Combination for Kids

Jun 03, 2015

Not all bullying is equal, according to a new study, with the old-fashioned, real-life variety more damaging than the cyber kind. A combination of both, however, could be the real danger to kids.

Improving Decision-Making Can Serve as a Child’s First Lesson in Goal Setting

Jun 01, 2015

Properly setting goals adds tremendous value to an individual’s life, and research has found that those who set overarching objectives for what they want to achieve tend to have a greater sense of purpose, maintain better relationships, and may even live longer. When getting your child started with goal setting, there are three tips to keep in mind.

National Spelling Bee Winners Rejoice in Joint Victory: 'Less Hearts Were Broken'

May 29, 2015

For the second year in a row, the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee awarded its championship trophy to two winners after the finalists breezily went through so many words, the judges ran out of them.

Toddler Throws Tantrum in Front of President Obama

May 25, 2015

A priceless moment was caught on camera when the toddler daughter of journalist Laura Moser threw herself face-down on the carpet of the White House's Red Room, at President Obama's feet.

Parental Guidance: How to Get Out the Door, Lickety Split (and Tantrum-Free!)

May 20, 2015

The tears, the yelling, the begging, the pleading, and the endless negotiating. It's a battle that can break the spirit of just about any parent. Megan Colarossi and Willie Geist offer tips for getting kids out the door.

Special Needs Oregon Student Wins Prom Queen Crown in Landslide

May 18, 2015

When a special needs student at an Oregon high school expressed to her friends that she wanted to be nominated for prom queen, they rallied to get her name on the ballot — and the students of the school did her one better and voted in overwhelming numbers to have her crowned on the big night.

Dress Code Drama: Students Protest Crackdown on Prom Dresses Days Before Dance

May 13, 2015

It has been a distracting week for students at a Connecticut high school, trying to focus while a "prom gown panel" meets nearby, judging whether dresses are appropriate for the social event of the season.

Summer Camps: Finding the Right Fit

May 11, 2015

Believe it or not, it’s time to start planning for summer break! Is your child interested in going to camp? We talked to Dr. Michele Borba for tips on finding the right summer camp fit for every family.

Thinking Outside of the Crayon Box, Adults Use Coloring Books as Stress-Reducer

May 11, 2015

Busy parents and harried business people will go to great lengths to find the newest and best relaxation method, but the stress-reducer that is soaring in popularity is something that most people haven't done since elementary school — coloring.

How to Get Your Teen to Listen

May 08, 2015

Mika Brzezinski talks to Dr. Frances Jensen, the author of "The Teenage Brain" which focuses on raising adolescents and young adults.

Parental Guidance: How to Deal with Kids and Tantrums

May 01, 2015

"Kids and tantrums. Ugh. There is nothing like it. When you hear it and then it erupts..there's no stopping it," says Megan Colarossi. "Run for cover." But Team Parental Guidance— Megan, along with Willie Geist—have some ideas.

A Win for Everyone: Collaborative Games

Apr 27, 2015

Collaboration skills are essential for lifelong success, and engaging children in enjoyable collaborative activities from an early age can help improve their self-awareness, problem-solving, empathy and nonverbal and verbal communication. Here are some engaging collaborative activities your entire family can enjoy.

Teens Spending Heavily for Perfect Prom Night

Apr 25, 2015

A recent Visa survey shows teens spend an average of $900 dollars on prom night. For TODAY, NBC's Hallie Jackson shows the lavish lengths teens go through to have a perfect night.

Tips on How to Save at Prom

Apr 25, 2015

Seventeen Magazine's Michelle Tan shares some tips on how to save money in the pricey world of prom.

Experts Answer Questions About Transgender Kids

Apr 24, 2015

Dr. Michelle Forcier and transgender model Geena Rocero join TODAY to talk about transgender children, and some of the experiences they go through from a very young age.

Family of Transgender Girl, 8, Share Her Journey

Apr 24, 2015

Rep. Mike Honda is the proud grandpa of little Malisa, who was born in a boy's body. Honda says of his granddaughter, "I hope she can feel safe at school without fear of being bullied."

Family of Transgender Girl, 8, Share Her Journey

Apr 24, 2015

Rep. Mike Honda is the proud grandpa of little Malisa, who was born in a boy's body. Honda says of his granddaughter, "I hope she can feel safe at school without fear of being bullied."

Jacob's Journey: Life as a Transgender 5-Year-Old

Apr 21, 2015

When Jacob was born, his name was Mia. But by the time he was two, he was telling his parents, "I'm a boy." Last year, when he was four, they made a decision: to let him live as he has always identified — as a boy.

Writer in NYT Op-Ed: 'Kids, Look At Me When We're Talking'

Apr 20, 2015

In TODAY's Take, Natalie Morales, Tamron Hall and actor Ryan Eggold discuss an op-ed where New York Times family columnist Bruce Feiler writes that when he shakes hands with kids, they often don't look him in the eye. "We've become tech-obsessed," Tamron comments.

Author J.K. Rowling on Failure: It's 'Inevitable'

Apr 13, 2015

J.K. Rowling spent decades writing the Harry Potter series, the last book of which was published in 2007. And the author is still passionate about it — especially when it comes to how it's affected her young readers.

These Young Inventors are Driving the Future

Apr 10, 2015

An anti-bullying band. A better bike helmet. Meet the kids that are inventing the future.

School Tells Gay Student: No Dress, No Prom

Apr 08, 2015

A gay honor student is told that her Louisiana high school won't allow her to wear a tuxedo to prom.

Eight Ways to Bring Mindfulness into Your Family

Apr 06, 2015

Teaching children to be more mindful can help them to better understand their emotions and manage their reactions.

“I Hate Math” – Ways to Instill a Love of Math in Kids

Mar 30, 2015

All children have the potential to achieve success in math if they believe that their perseverance can make them better. Here is some advice on how you can help your children feel confident about their mathematical abilities and develop their appreciation for learning.

School’s Ban on Prom Dress Styles Sparks Outrage

Mar 24, 2015

A Catholic high school in Pennsylvania is taking a hard line against sexy prom dresses. They’ve banned dresses with short hems or nude linings, and say too much cleavage is also banned.

A+ Nutrition and Its Effect on An A+ Education

Mar 23, 2015

Research shows that without proper nourishment, children perform poorly in school and have lower academic achievement. So what can you do to improve your child's eating habits and prepare her for learning? You may want to try the following strategies.

Take Back Dinnertime: How to Revamp Your Family’s Favorite Meal

Mar 16, 2015

A new NBC News study reveals that 79% of parents surveyed eat dinner together most nights, more than in past decades. Family dinner is worth the trouble, especially when you’re equipped with these tips and strategies.

Board Game Renaissance in Full Swing

Mar 12, 2015

Sales of classic board games from Operation to Monopoly are booming as the industry has seen a resurgence with sales up 10 percent in 2014.

8-Year-Old Sells Hot Cocoa to Fight for His Friend

Mar 09, 2015

Tristan Regini is using hot chocolate sales to thank The Children’s Hospital in Colorado for saving the life of his good friend and cancer survivor Cade Humphreys.

Basketball Teams Banned for Both Trying to Throw Same Game

Feb 24, 2015

Two Tennessee high school girls basketball teams reached a new low last weekend by trying to lose the same game, officials said.

Educating Teenagers About Dating Violence

Feb 24, 2015

In recognition of National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention month, several states make a final push to educate teens and young adults about dating violence.

Cabin Fever? Activities to Keep Kids Busy While Stuck Indoors

Feb 18, 2015

TODAY Show contributor Elizabeth Mayhew shares some fun indoor activities to keep your children active and entertained this winter, including creating a relay race with paper airplanes and a bean toss by stuffing your mittens.

Reduce Anger in Your Household

Feb 16, 2015

The more stress there is in a family’s life, the greater the chance that angry emotions will spill out. What can families do to reduce angry outbursts?

Is It OK To Discipline Someone Else’s Child?

Feb 12, 2015

A drama called “The Slap” debuts on NBC Thursday, and it already has people talking. The story centers around a scene at a barbecue where a child is slapped by an adult who is not the child’s parent.

Will This Really Help Kids Improve Their Grades?

Feb 05, 2015

An Atlanta barber is giving free haircuts that make kids look like balding old men. He gave one to his own son for getting bad grades.

Celebrate National Mentoring Month with Acts of Gratitude

Jan 23, 2015

Research has shown that youth who have a mentor growing up are less likely to engage in risky behavior, and more likely to excel in their academics, participate in extracurricular activities and thrive in general. This January, in support of National Mentoring Month, you can help your child show his appreciation to his mentor through simple acts of gratitude.

Raising the Next Generation of Good Men

Jan 19, 2015

There exists a gap in the number of mentors that are available and the need that exists in communities across the country, especially for young men. To address this issue, our friends at Esquire Magazine recently launched their own mentoring project as a way to encourage men to get more involved.

Community Rallies Around Teen Bullied on Facebook Over Prom Pictures

Jan 12, 2015

A high school senior looking to sell her junior prom dress was bullied on Facebook after posting pictures of herself in the gown. But the encouraging comments from people in her community drowned out the bullies' voices and gave her a boost of confidence.

Music Training Can Improve Child’s Emotional Maturity

Jan 09, 2015

Brain scans of over 200 children showed that those who played an instrument the longest had increased development in areas of the brain linked to attention, anxiety management and emotional control.

Have a Resolution to Lose Weight? How Your Actions Affect Your Child’s Body Image

Jan 05, 2015

Adults often try to lose weight in the New Year, but this common resolution could impact your child much longer than most of us stick with our diets.

New Year’s Resolutions - The Quality of the Little Things

Dec 29, 2014

I would like to think that the ending of another year and the beginning of a new one fills me with hope, joy and anticipation but if I am being honest, instead, it fills me with anxiety envisioning many unaccomplished goals. The beginning of the year is an optimal time for reflection, as long as it doesn't include self-flagellation. Researchers assert that when trying to make any changes - major or minor - “It is the quality of the little things that makes all the difference.”

‘Tis the Season to Develop Volunteer Habits for Life

Dec 22, 2014

During the holidays, most families look for opportunities to be together. Children are out of school, vacation plans are in place and the road trips, football, food, music and traditions make it a perfect time to connect with others. But does it all need to be relaxing, kicking back, and endless conversation? There is another “tradition” that can add to the magic of the holidays: volunteering.

Teen Tackles Cyberbullying

Dec 22, 2014

After a Florida girl committed suicide due to bullying, Trisha Prabhu decided to fight back with an innovative science fair project that earned her national acclaim.

Johns Hopkins Mistakenly Sends Acceptance Letters

Dec 17, 2014

The TODAY anchors chat about the university sending out acceptance letters to dozens of students whom they’d already rejected, saying it was “human error.”

Five Ways to Tame Bratty Behavior for the Holidays

Dec 15, 2014

Parents have a lot on their plate, with buying gifts, cooking, cleaning, making lists and checking everything twice, and it can be a challenge to get children to behave appropriately during the festivities. However, the holidays can also be a great opportunity to help improve your child’s social skills and teach the importance of being gracious.

Parental Guidance: Teenage Relationships

Dec 09, 2014

In this episode of Parental Guidance TODAY's Willie Geist and best bud Megan Colarossi share tips for having the old birds and the bees chat with your kids.

Why Parents Should Apologize When They Lose Their Cool

Dec 01, 2014

We've all been there - your child lets you down or says something that just pushes your buttons. Before you know it, you've said something you regret. How can you make it right? Dr. Maurice Elias explains.

6 Ways Parents Can Show Gratitude for the Kids They Have

Nov 26, 2014

While we’re so grateful for our kids deep-down, sometimes actually acting thankful for all the moments — even when your first-grader spills the entire box of cereal right before it’s time to leave for school — can be challenging, to say the least.

Bickering Benefits: Study Says It’s Good for Kids to See Family Arguments

Nov 26, 2014

A new study says that children who witness heated debates at home are better off later in life, and that it teaches them how to handle conflict.

Former ‘Tiger Mom’ Says She Was Wrong

Nov 24, 2014

The trend of “tiger parenting,” strict parents who push their children to achieve big goals, has been a topic of debate among parenting experts recently. One mom says we’re in danger of raising a generation of stressed-out kids if “tiger parenting” continues – she knows because she used to be one.

#ToolkitTalk: Attitude of Gratitude: How to Raise Thankful Kids

Nov 19, 2014

@EducationNation teamed up with Parent Toolkit experts Amy McCready, Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions, and Jennifer Miller, Family & Educational Consultant for a #ToolkitTalk on gratitude. Take a look at what happened during the conversation below and join us next month!

Perseverance and Grit Can Be Taught

Nov 17, 2014

The ability to persevere is necessary to develop a mind-set for success because no one, no matter how talented, achieves everything every time. Perseverance is a skill that can be taught. Although most of us learn it through trial and error, it can and should be taught, just like any other key skill or competency.

New Book Reveals How to Sharpen Your Mind

Nov 12, 2014

Benedict Carey, author of “How We Learn,” joins to discuss a number of new ways to learn, enhance motor skills, and retain valuable facts.

Risk-taking and the Teen Brain

Nov 03, 2014

During adolescence, your child’s body matures and she becomes more self-sufficient and independent. These years also bring dramatic hormonal fluctuations, greater peer pressure, increased access to drugs, alcohol, sex, and the risk of unsafe driving practices.

Are You OK, Mommy? Kate Snow on Covering the Ebola Story as a Mom

Oct 30, 2014

The question comes up every few days, but maybe not as often as you’d think. “Mommy — you’re OK, right?” My answer is always the same. “You know I’m not anywhere near Ebola. Mommy is reporting from outside the hospital. The sick people are far away, inside. Mommy won’t go anywhere near someone who has Ebola.”

#ToolkitTalk: Bullying - What Parents Can Do

Oct 29, 2014

@EducationNation teamed up with and renowned education expert and TODAY Show contributor @MicheleBorba for a #ToolkitTalk on bullying and what parents can do to help.

Build Your Child’s Social Skills this Halloween

Oct 27, 2014

Halloween is right around the corner and pretty soon, your child will be out in her best superhero or princess costume, knocking on doors and getting lots of tasty treats. This festive occasion is not all about dressing up, trick or treating or the sugar rushes that will follow, however. The spookiest night of the season can be a good time to build your child’s social graces, as she will be able to practice her skills through several interactions with others. Stellar social skills are just as important on this holiday as they are on any other day, but Halloween can be the perfect opportunity to teach your child about being gracious and about the rewards (candy!) that come from being respectful.

Build Your Child’s Social Skills this Halloween

Oct 27, 2014

Halloween is right around the corner and pretty soon, your child will be out in her best superhero or princess costume, knocking on doors and getting lots of tasty treats. This festive occasion is not all about dressing up, trick or treating or the sugar rushes that will follow, however. The spookiest night of the season can be a good time to build your child’s social graces, as she will be able to practice her skills through several interactions with others. Stellar social skills are just as important on this holiday as they are on any other day, but Halloween can be the perfect opportunity to teach your child about being gracious and about the rewards (candy!) that come from being respectful.

Bullying in High School Football Locker Rooms Worse Than Many May Think

Oct 25, 2014

Locker-room bullying generated a lot of headlines in the NFL last year, but until recently, the subject has been largely off the public radar’s at the high-school level.

Tough Talks: How to Talk to Your Child About Mental Health

Oct 23, 2014

Mental health is one of those topics that is so broad and so complicated that many parents don’t know where to start when talking to kids. Some parents have family histories and therefore a reference point and example to draw upon when talking, while others must rely on news reports of tragedies. We spoke with a panel of our experts to get their advice on how to talk to kids about mental health, and how to know when to have those discussions. We’ve compiled their advice as part of our ongoing series on tough talks — making difficult conversations a bit easier.

Why This Mom Won’t ‘Rescue’ Her Kids

Oct 23, 2014

Could it be a cure for helicopter parenting? Writer Jordana Horn and TODAY’s Matt Lauer discuss her recent article about a “no rescue” approach to parenting, which experts say could help build kids’ sense of responsibility.

Tough Talks: How to Discuss Divorce with Your Child

Oct 21, 2014

We’ve all heard the statistic that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, and while that figure is still not entirely proven to be accurate, the fact remains that many of the children in our country will deal with divorce at some point or another. Divorce can be traumatic for the entire family but there are ways to help children through this difficult time. We asked some of our Parent Toolkit experts for their advice about the best way to help children navigate divorce.

Tough Talks: Having the "Sex Talk" With Your Child

Oct 20, 2014

It’s a question that can pop up innocently at a young age, “Where do babies come from?” but it can turn into an awkward conversation for all involved rather quickly. The birds and the bees talk may be one of the most important conversations you have with your child, but it can also be one of the hardest. It doesn’t have to be. There are ways to weave the conversation into everyday life. Resources are available to help when you can’t find the right words. We spoke to a panel of our Parent Toolkit experts to get their advice on how to make the sex talk a bit easier.

How to Manage Your Child's Emotions

Oct 16, 2014

Experts say a child’s emotional intelligence, or EQ, can be more important than their IQ and parenting expert Michele Borba joins the TODAY Show to offer her advice on how to help kids of all ages keep their emotions in check.

What Can Be Done To Stop Bullying?

Oct 13, 2014

We know bullying is harmful. We know a lot about how to prevent it. But bullying is still common. Why is this and how can we change this?

Football Hazing Scandal Grows

Oct 13, 2014

Richard Labbe, superintendent of the Sayreville school district, and Kevin E. Ciak, school board president, talk to TODAY about the criminal charges filed against seven high school football players over alleged hazing.

How Parents Can Help Children Deal with Stress

Oct 10, 2014

When asked if any part of school made them feel worried or stressed, nearly half the surveyed kids said yes. Stress, it turns out, is not exclusively the domain of adults. And the idea of a carefree childhood may be magical thinking. Here are tips--gleaned from experts, parents, and kids themselves--for talking to children about stress.

SAT vs. ACT: What’s the Difference?

Oct 08, 2014

The ACT and the SAT are both standardized tests that help colleges evaluate students and are accepted by all schools. So what sets the exams apart?

High School Cancels Football Season Over Hazing

Oct 07, 2014

A New Jersey high school called off the rest of its football season in the wake of widespread allegations of hazing of freshmen by senior team members.

A Better Version of Yourself

Oct 06, 2014

As parents, we will all have our share of times when we lose our “cool” and are thoroughly uncertain about what to do next. Handling your most heated emotions can be one of the greatest tests of character. But if we have established a plan in advance to deal with anger or anxiety, we will not only act with emotional intelligence, but also model the ways in which we hope to teach our children to handle their emotions.

Is it OK to Discipline Other People’s Kids?

Oct 02, 2014

Natalie Morales, Willie Geist and Tamron Hall discuss a woman griping about sitting near a 2-year-old who threw a tantrum during a flight, and debated whether it’s OK to say something to the parents of a misbehaving child.

New Book ‘Positive’ Takes Stand Against Bullying

Sep 29, 2014

The latest selection in TODAY’s Book Club comes from author Paige Rawl, who was born HIV-positive and struggled with bullying. Now she is using her book “positive” to help transform lives.

#ToolkitTalk: Developing Healthy Online Behaviors

Sep 25, 2014

@EducationNation teamed up with Parent Toolkit expert Faye de Muyshondt, founder of socialsklz:), for a #ToolkitTalk on developing healthy online behaviors.

Bullies' Homecoming Prank Backfires

Sep 21, 2014

A homecoming queen offers her crown to a girl who'd been tricked into thinking she was on the court.

Recent NFL Case Brings Focus to Corporal Punishment Debate

Sep 19, 2014

Following Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson’s indictment on charges of abusing his child, there is a renewed debate over how parents discipline their children. Jonathan Capehart and Dr. Stacy Drury discuss.

Kids Open Up About Modern-Day Anxieties

Sep 17, 2014

As part of TODAY’s “Secret Lives of Teens” series, NBC news special anchor Maria Shriver sits down with young people to discuss issues they commonly struggle with – and often keep hidden from their parents.

Being Bullied by a Sibling May Impact Mental Health

Sep 11, 2014

Researchers found that 18-year-olds who were teased or bullied by a sibling were twice as likely as their peers to report depression or attempt self-harm.

3 Things that Stress Moms Out Most

Sep 10, 2014

Former newscaster Carole Sullivan, Rachel Campos-Duffy, a spokeswoman for The LIBRE Initiative, and founder Rene Syler join TODAY to discuss the most stressful situations they encounter as moms, including managing finances and housework.

Is Family Dinner Worth the Stress?

Sep 08, 2014

A new study looks at the stress (on moms in particular) of coordinating family dinners. Researchers say the expectations may cause more harm than good.

Shy Kid, Class Clown: Labels May Be Harmful

Sep 02, 2014

Bettina Bush from Working Mother and psychologist Dr. Eileen Kennedy Moore discuss the positive and negative impacts of giving your kids labels.

Mom Writes Apology Letter to Second Child

Aug 27, 2014

A mother wrote an endearing, tongue-in-cheek letter telling her second child how differently they’ve been treated by their family than the firstborn.

Parenting: When To Push, When Not To & How To Tell the Difference

Aug 18, 2014

It’s a battle many parents face; when to push and when not to. How do you know when your child is really ready to quit? How do you know when you should make him go to practice or let him sit this season out?

Everybody Stay Calm! Ways to Ease Your Kid's Back-to-School Anxiety

Aug 18, 2014

Whether your child's heading to a brand new school (hello, kindergarten!) or just feeling the jitters about the year ahead, these smart tips will help ease any back-to-school anxiety.

Guiding Our Children Through School Transitions: Middle School

Aug 12, 2014

Ah, middle school, the time during which every parent gains a full understanding of why some animals eat their young. Seriously, I do love middle school students. They live in a world of black and white. There’s no gray. Things are either a crisis or they are nothing.

Guiding Our Children Through School Transitions: Elementary School

Aug 11, 2014

Parents and children deal with a number of school transitions throughout life. As parents, we want the best for our kids, and we want them to be happy, successful and fulfilled during their school life. Parents sometimes struggle with how and what to do to make this possibility more of a reality. Here are a few ideas that might keep everyone smiling.

Things I Wish I'd Known Before My Child Started Kindergarten

Aug 08, 2014

You’re feeling anxious about sending your child off to kindergarten, and rightfully so. Kindergarten is, after all, kind of a big deal.

Why You Should Encourage Kids to Play Video Games

Aug 04, 2014

Video games might actually be good for kids, so long as they play for less than an hour a day, according to a new study.

Mom Punishes Teen by Selling Her Katy Perry Tickets

Aug 02, 2014

When North Dakota mom Cindy Bjerke felt her 18-year-old daughter had misbehaved, she took to Facebook to sell the girl’s Katy Perry concert tickets as punishment.

Does Race Matter When Disciplining a Child in School?

Jul 28, 2014

Tunette Powell joins Tamron Hall to discuss her children’s multiple suspensions from pre-school for their bad behavior and whether race was a factor in their punishments.

Why One Dad Wants to Ban Play Dates

Jul 28, 2014

The play date has become as much a part of childhood as homework and sleepovers. But one dad says the play date is ruining kids and the basic concept of play.

Play Nice: Ways to Teach Kindness and Raise Kids Who Aren't Jerks

Jul 24, 2014

Every parent has probably said, “play nicely” or “be kind to your sister.” And most of us agree that we want to raise caring children But is kindness something you can really teach?

Should You Spank Your Child?

Jul 22, 2014

A newspaper story reports on a New York court ruling that a dad who spanked his child for cursing at an adult used reasonable force, dismissing the child-neglect proceeding against him.

Parental Guidance: What To Do When Your Kid Drops The F-Bomb

Jul 17, 2014

In this episode of "Parental Guidance" Willie Geist and Megan Colarossi discuss ways to keep your child and teen's mouths clean.

Why We Ditched the Schedule This Summer

Jul 07, 2014

I've always thought that kids should have freedom and free time. As a young parent, I vowed to never over-schedule our kids. But let's be honest, that's actually a hard thing to achieve in my community. And this spring - wow did we over-schedule our kids. I mean bad.

Parents Value Grades Over Kindness, Kids Say in New Study

Jun 25, 2014

A study reveals 80 percent of kids said their parents value happiness and personal success more than being caring. They believe their parents want them to prioritize good grades over being a good person.

Retire Your Referee Whistle, and More Secrets to Stop Summertime Sibling Squabbles

Jun 25, 2014

While most kids count down the days left until summer vacation, parents are often counting down the days until school starts again. If the closeness of summer vacation has ramped up the sibling squabbles, these tips can help restore some harmony.

How to Help Your Kid Make a Good Digital First Impression

Jun 23, 2014

You don't get a second chance to make a digital first impression. You may have taught your kids how to shake hands and look people in the eye, but their social media profile might sabotage their future success.

'It's Not Too Late to Change': Former Bully, 7, Now Campaigns Against Bullying

Jun 03, 2014

It’s not often you hear about an admitted bully trying to make things right, so a second-grader’s efforts at making amends are getting national attention and melting hearts.

New Home of Cyberbullying? Yik Yak Gossip App Takes Off in High Schools

Apr 29, 2014

The smartphone app that launched last December takes cyberbullying to a whole new level, critics say: A growing number of users and a lack of accountability can be a dangerous combination.

How Overwhelmed Moms Can Lessen Stress

Apr 23, 2014

Psychologist Jennifer Hartstein and Jessica Lahey, a mother of two kids, give advice on how moms can add downtime to their schedules and establish guidelines for screen time.

Parents' Aggravation Nearly Doubles In Decade

Apr 09, 2014

That sound of teeth gnashing might be coming from a mom or dad near you as modern parenting takes its toll.The proportion of parents reporting aggravation has “substantially” increased since the late 1990s, according to a new report from Child Trends, a nonprofit that researches the well-being of kids.

Hug More, Scold Less: Strict Parenting Linked to Child Obesity

Mar 19, 2014

Moms and dads whose favorite phrase is, “because I said so,” may want to rethink their parenting style. A new study shows that authoritarian parents are more likely to have obese kids than those who take the time to explain rules.

Jane Fonda to Teens: ‘Trust the Person You’re With’

Mar 04, 2014

Actress Jane Fonda joins Matt Lauer to chat about has a new book for teens on sex and identity, called, “Being a Teen.” She also chats about her own struggles growing up.

Teens and Social Media? ‘It’s Complicated’

Feb 20, 2014

It’s tough to deny that teens are extensive users of social media networks, but there’s good news: Most teens do so responsibly.

6 Annoying Things Your Children Do That Are Actually Good for Them

Feb 17, 2014

Your child may yell, scream and work to make themselves the center of attention. But in reality, they are doing exactly what they should be doing to help learn to manage their emotions.

Teens More Stressed-Out Than Adults, Survey Shows

Feb 11, 2014

Forget the notion of carefree youth. America’s teens are every bit as stressed as the adults around them — and sometimes even more — according to a new survey that offers a snapshot of adolescent angst.

Parents and the Explicit Instruction of Compassion

Feb 03, 2014

Parents want their children to create lives that are meaningful, productive, and healthy. Scoring well on state tests, developing critical thinking skills, and controlling impulses all play a part in this grand endeavor. Mastering the skill of compassion may also help set your child up for future success.

Emotional Support Helps Teens Overcome Racial Discrimination

Feb 03, 2014

Racial discrimination isn’t just a civil rights issue — it can also affect teenagers’ health, a new study suggests.

Making the Most of Playtime When it Doesn't Come Naturally

Feb 03, 2014

For some parents, playing with their child is the most natural thing on earth. For others, it can be a source of shame and frustration.

Dr. Phil: Yelling at Kids Causes 'Shutdown'

Jan 30, 2014

As a new study reveals that parents admit to yelling at their kids once a month, Dr. Phil McGraw tells TODAY that yelling “stops communication.” His suggestion? “Whisper."

Texas Parents Sue Over Cyberbulling

Jan 27, 2014

The parents of one teenage victim of cyberbullying have filed a lawsuit against the alleged bullies and their parents.

Good Praise, Bad Praise

Jan 06, 2014

Parents often fall into pitfalls when praising their children for their performance. Check out this post from Dr. Judy Willis about some best practices for offering sincere praise.

"It's a Bumpy Ride": Readers Advise On How to Raise Teens

Dec 04, 2013

Parents of teens react to their children talking about their relationships with their mothers and fathers.

2nd-Grader's 'Buddy Bench' Cures Playground Loneliness

Dec 04, 2013

Christian Bucks cam up with an inventive way to help his fellow classmates who feel left out have a place for camaraderie, called the buddy bench.

Inside the Teenage Mind: Sex, School and Social Media

Dec 03, 2013

Today’s teenagers are facing many issues their parents couldn't imagine, with social media changing the game in dramatic ways.

'Crucial First Eight Years': Study Finds Most Poor Children Lag on Cognitive Skills by Age 8

Nov 04, 2013

Only 19 percent of low-income third graders have "age-appropriate cognitive skills," according to a policy report released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Building the Courage to Fight Bullying

Oct 30, 2013

Hoda and Kathie Lee talk to teen ambassador Alexander Levy about finding the internal and external support to fight against bullies.

Sex Education Mobile Apps Aim to Help Teens Make Right Choices, Reduce Pregnancies

Oct 30, 2013

Planned Parenthood has launched interactive mobile tools designed to help teens stay healthy and better prepare for their futures.

Media Addiction in Kids: How to Set Family Limits

Oct 29, 2013

The number of screens available to kids has increased dramatically since 2011. 38% of children under the age of 2 used a mobile device in 2013.

Bullied Teen Helps Others with ‘We Stop Hate’ Videos

Oct 22, 2013

Emily-Anne Riley starts “We Stop Hate,” a community and video project meant to help bullied teens.

Bullied Teen Helps Others with ‘We Stop Hate’ Videos

Oct 22, 2013

Emily-Anne Riley starts “We Stop Hate,” a community and video project meant to help bullied teens.

How to Talk to Kids About the Nevada School Shooting, Age by Age

Oct 21, 2013

Worried about how to explain yet another school shooting to your kids? Our age-by-age guide can help.

Bullied Teen, Mom Battle Back with Anti-Bullying Group

Oct 20, 2013

In the town of Tipton, Iowa, Jacob Stallman is drawing attention for standing up against bullying – something he’s been dealing with since middle school.

Bullied Teen, Mom Battle Back with Anti-Bullying Group

Oct 20, 2013

In the town of Tipton, Iowa, Jacob Stallman is drawing attention for standing up against bullying – something he’s been dealing with since middle school.

Do Girls Need To Be Mean To Be Popular At School?

Oct 18, 2013

Many young girls nowadays believe acting mean is a path to popularity in school, and social media makes it easier than ever.

Darn Those Drop-Off Tears: Helping Preschoolers with Separation Anxiety

Oct 17, 2013

It’s nearly two months into the school year. So, why are your child's drop-off tears still flowing and how do you get them to stop?

Parents: Daughter's Alleged Bullying 'Out of Character'

Oct 17, 2013

A Florida sheriff who arrested an alleged teen bully said he wishes he could charge her parents, too.

Parenting for Brain Development and Prosperity

Oct 14, 2013

Dr. Philip Fisher's cutting-edge research reveals the power of positive interactions between children and caregivers to improve brain development.

'Too Much': Dad Tries to do Daughter's Homework for a Week

Oct 11, 2013

Too much homework! It’s a common complaint heard in nearly every teenage household. But in many homes today, that protest also is coming from parents.

Ethical Parenting: Achievement vs. Morality

Oct 11, 2013

In New York magazine, Lisa Miller wrote about the predicament of "ethical parenting" - the constant moral dilemma parents face about whether to put the interest of their own children ahead of the greater good.

Dad Uses Kids' Tantrums as Inspiration for Book

Oct 09, 2013

One father is finding opportunity in his sons' outbursts in a way that parents around the world can appreciate.

Parenting Principles: Earn Respect, Stay Consistent

Oct 03, 2013

Talk to any parent or teacher and they’ll tell you that kids these days have gotten way out of hand. They talk back. They’re disrespectful, even extraordinarily rude.

Childhood Anxiety Disorders on the Rise

Sep 30, 2013

New data from the National Institutes of Mental Health shows that up to a quarter of U.S. kids may meet the criteria for a diagnosable anxiety disorder.

Kids Under Pressure: How School Has Gotten Too Competitive

Sep 24, 2013

Parent Karl Taro Greenfeld shares his concerns about children spending too much time completing homework assignments, and expresses his belief that teachers should assign less.

Op Ed: Choosing to Be Guided by “Better Angels”

For teachers some of our most important lessons aren’t those that cover learning standards, but lessons which teach students to become better people.

OpEd: We Must Seize This Teachable Moment in Civics

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor stresses importance of involving kids in American democracy.

Transitioning Back to School for Children with Special Needs

Transitioning from one grade to the next may cause anxiety, panic, and meltdowns, especially for students who have difficulty expressing their feelings and emotions. Parents can help prepare their children with these few simple steps to help ease some stress and ensure a positive experience for their child. Remember: each child is an individual and special in their own way.

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